NSA Hookup App: Top 7 Best Casual Fling Apps & One Night Stand Websites of 2020 to Get Your Local Hook Up Tonight

NSA Hookup App: Top 7 Best Casual Fling Apps & One Night Stand Websites of 2020 to Get Your Local Hook Up Tonight

Looking for some no strings attached fun, but bombarded with irrelevant dating apps promising you ‘true love,’ ‘a soul mate’ or even a ‘happily ever after’?

We’ve all been through that and trust us- we know you’re not looking for anything serious right now.

For that reason, you’d be glad you came across this list because one of them here is going to get you laid tonight –


NSA Hookup App

Here are 5 Best Casual Fling Apps of 2020 that will help you find amazing dates in your locality and get you laid tonight … Enjoy!


1. Tonight (https://www.thetonightapp.com/)

Rejoice New Yorkers because there is a new up and coming app in town.

Aptly named, Tonight is an app that helps you find a date for that night. Basically, you are matched with potential hookups, flings or even a real date on that night itself.

All you have to do is to select your preferences, so that this Online Dating App can find you another member that wants the same thing that you do (booty call, casual sex, a committed relationship or just companionship).

The intention behind Tonight is to eliminate chances of people chatting with you for weeks on end and not meeting you in real life. Well, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Tonight dramatically increases your chances of finding yourself a match that night by linking you up with active users who are also looking for company that very evening.

The aim is to ‘get off your phone and meet in real life!’.


2. Feeld (https://feeld.co/)

Made for open-minded and polyamorous people, Feeld is a kinky location based social networking site that links couples who want to find someone to join in for a threesome, or for an individual to find a couple to enjoy a romp with.

Lesbians, gays, queer and straight people are welcome here! In fact, you get to select from 20 plus sexual and gender identities on this app. How great is that!

Privacy is highly prized here so you don’t have to worry about exposing your kinks, fantasies and desires to your Facebook friends (basically, you are incognito).

Ultimately, you get to search and browse around for likeminded humans like yourself. Enjoy.


3. Whiplr (https://www.whiplr.com)

Here at Whiplr, it is fetish galore!

You would be pleased to know that with 2 million users (also known as kinksters) here on this Casual Dating App, you would be certain to find someone who enjoys the same kind of fantasies that you do!

Sex is quite high on the priority list for kinksters on this app, so if that’s what you are in for, you’d get it on Whiplr!

Upload your most promiscuous photos and look sexy for the camera because you can limit the access for kinksters you’ve taken an interest on too!

Knowing that sometimes people get tongue tied when meeting new hot people, Whiplr assists with pick-up lines and icebreakers to get the conversation started.

You should definitely give this a try because this app seems to know the tips and tricks to get people all hot and bothered!


4. Pure (https://pure.dating/)

Touted as the best hook-up app for one-night stands, Pure is the epitome of a casual fling.

Quite simply, you log-in to your account, upload a photo and browse around for the next hour for a potential f*ck buddy.

And after that, BAM, your account gets wiped off the face of the Dating App.

This anonymity helps if you don’t want to be traced (say by your boss or your girlfriend on Google).

However, because of this you may not know who you are meeting up with exactly. So, be smart about it and meet somewhere public before diving into the sheets.

Because, who knows if he/she is the person on the photo. Stay safe and have fun!


5. HappyMatches

Simply the most effective Casual Relationship App and Casual Hookup Site in the World.

Try it, and you’ll BELIEVE IT! Use HappyMatches right away!


Concluding Insights on NSA Hookup App

Sometimes, the search engines just offer a little more than what we’re looking for.

Can’t blame them; they’re machines after all.

That���s why we’re here to help.

Start with HappyMatches.com – you can’t go far wrong with the World’s No. 1 Hookup App and Hookup Site.

Then continue to explore the other options if you still wish to … Happy “hunting” for your NSA booty calls.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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