How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work: Best Guide & Top 5 Proven Advice to Survive a Distance Relationship

Wondering how to make a long distance relationship work? Here’s our top 5 proven advice on how to survive a distance relationship

Long distance relationships – it almost seems like a rite of passage for couples, a test to determine their commitment and faithfulness to each other.

In any case if you’re up for the challenge (or if circumstances leave you with no choice), here’s your top guide to surviving an LDR … Enjoy!


How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


1. Honesty is Always the best policy

Make it a point to be open and honest with each other. It is common to have feelings of jealousy, uncertainty, self-doubt, fear and insecurity about your relationship taking a turn for the worst.

Take time to speak to your partner truthfully about your feelings and to be there to support one another.

Don’t let things spiral out of control or sweep things under the rug because these negative emotions would build up and cause irreparable damage to your distance relationship.

Honesty is truly the best policy during this point of your Romantic Relationship.


2. Be in contact as much as possible

Put in the extra effort and video call your beau whenever it’s possible.

Yes, we know you text each other pretty often and talk on the phone too, but video calling allows her to see you in the flesh.

Creating the opportunity for her to hear your voice and also see you in person (with all the expressions, eye contact and lovey dovey gestures and all) just makes her feel that you are not too far away for that moment.

With advancements of technology and a myriad of social platforms (Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more…) providing free video call services, staying in close contact isn’t too hard to do nowadays!


3. Look on the bright side of things

The rule of thumb of a long-distance relationship is to stay positive always.

Recognize that yes, the wait may be arduous and painful, but it is definitely worth it when you both are finally reunited!

Always look forward and anticipate the days when you would both eventually meet.

One very good way to stay positive is to live in the present and be grateful and contented about the things you have.

For instance, you can be thankful that you have someone to love and this person loves you back too.

You can also be appreciative about the fact that you both are healthy and safe; or even be grateful to receive his hand-written letter which has traveled miles to you!

When we really look, there’s so much to be grateful and thankful about.


4. Sometimes, being traditional is better

Surprise her with flowers sent to her apartment or office during Valentine’s day.

Send her postcards from your travels or even where you live. Instead of sending her emails or ecards, pen her letters and snail mail it to her.

Celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions by sending her a thoughtful gift across the globe.

These are just small acts that show that you are thinking of her and she would most certainly be blushing in delight upon receiving them.


5. Never start a LDR without leaving each other a memento

Research has shown that there is power in memento.

This could be a pendant, a keychain, a soft toy or even a bottle of fragrance.

More often than not, we attach meaning to everyday items so we can reminisce and store our memories in these physical objects.

Which is why some items may have little meaning to others but is extremely meaningful to ourselves.

Since you are both living far apart, you could gift her an item that reminds her of you. So that whenever she misses you, she would always have that physical item by her side.


Concluding Insights on How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

LDRs have been known to break hearts as not many couples are able to go through this fiery ring of fire.

You can definitely brave through this, but only if you both are willing to be completely committed in each other.

Are you both really up for this? Better to talk it out than to risk a heartbreak later!

Clearly, it is NOT fun to experience that in a foreign land!


(Last Updated: 7 June 2020)


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