Long Distance Relationship Advice: Top 4 Important Considerations Before You Find a Long Distance Relationship Casual Fling

Long Distance Relationship Advice: Top 4 Important Considerations Before You Find a Long Distance Relationship Casual Fling

Sick and tired of your local Flings and One Night Stands, and wondering if the sex would be any better outside?

That’s a perfectly understandable consideration, especially if you’ve been in the Casual Dating scene long enough.

You start to wonder, how it would be like to be Hooking Up with someone of a different ethnicity, culture, or even just a different outlook in life.


Long Distance Relationship Advice for Casual Fling

Before you start making rash decisions, stop and consider these Top 4 Casual Hook Up Advice & Tips first … Enjoy!


1. Check your bank account – (#1 Top Long Distance Relationship Advice)

Tried it, but didn’t quite fancy it?

You may feel, like you are not getting what you want, from your local Casual Hookups.

Perhaps you are considering, that it’s time to venture out, to seek for new and exciting Casual Encounters overseas.

However, you may want to carefully ponder about the state of your finances first, when considering it.

For instance, are you able to afford the long-distance Casual Relationship?

Getting a hotel and traveling to the location to meet her, may be quite a stretch if you are tight on your budget.

Especially if the distance is far from where you are, and you would have to fly to meet.

If a booty call happens often enough, this may not only take a toll on your bank account.

But you also waste a lot of time traveling, just to have sex with your f*ck buddy. Ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Even if you drive, there are also things to consider such as gas, and the time and energy spent driving; it adds up after a while.

Make sure you are not spending beyond your means.

As such, remember to weigh the pros and cons carefully, before getting involved in a long-distance NSA Relationship.


2. Consider cyber sex

There are tonnes of Hookup Apps and Hookup Websites, that allow you to meet individuals from all over the world online.

So, you don’t have to be confined to just the ones, in your local pub. Thankfully with technology, even meeting a person is just a click away.

Nowadays, many Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites, allow you to chat someone up. And, you could end up having cyber-sex (via chat or video function) with them.

These kinds of cybering can be a kind of foreplay, and it arouses and tantalizes you both.

If this is up your alley, and you found the right lady online, go right on and have fun with it.

It is definitely a great way to get to know potential Hook Ups, before you decide to delve into a casual Long Distance Relationship with one.

If she’s not open to cybering with you, it is likely that she would not be that bold and adventurous, to having sex with a man she’s met online.


3. Make it a worthwhile trip (if you’re really going)

If you have excess money to spare, why not consider traveling to where she lives.

And taking a holiday vacation at the same time?

You can take it, as a break away from your mundane life. And also, a breather away from the rigors of work.

This will allow you ample time to get to know each other. And to determine if she is a Casual Encounter or Fling partner, worth your while investing your time and effort in.

A definite win-win situation, we think.


4. Stay vigilant

Having a long distance Short Term Relationship fling, may have its pros and cons.

However, be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Because, Long Distance Relationships may not be great for everyone, as they may be costly, and be stressful to maintain.

Besides, you don’t know much about your Casual Dating fling in a foreign place, and you never know what hidden agenda she might have.

Be discerning in your (online and offline) interactions with her. Suss out whether or not she is a suitable Casual Relationship partner for you.

In this way, you can best reap the benefits of the right Hook Up Relationships, without compromising on your safety.

You also don’t end up making wasted long distance trips to visit her – only to realize that your hopes of a fulfilling One Night Stand, Open Relationship, or Friends With Benefits dating, are absolutely dashed when you arrive!


Concluding Insights on Long Distance Relationship Advice for a Casual Fling

We know that things have started to become predictable and mundane, even though you’re f*cking a different lady every night.

But just remember to consider all the above carefully, before you arrive at any decision, to pursue a Long Distance Casual Hook Up!

Good luck, and have a most fun and fulfilling time if you do proceed!


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