Long Term Relationship Advice: Top 6 Reasons Why People Choose Not to Commit to a Serious Relationship

Long Term Relationship Advice: Top 6 Reasons Why People Choose Not to Commit to a Serious Relationship

Have you ever wondered, why you always shun the idea of getting into a Committed Relationship, even though deep down, you know that your partner is right for you?

Don’t be too hard on yourself though – because surely, there would be an underlying reason behind whatever you’re feeling.

Most of what we refer to as “Commitment Phobia” stems from one of the following 6 reasons … Enjoy the read!


Long Term Relationship Advice


1. Deep-seated insecurity – (Top #1 Long Term Relationship Advice)

Sometimes, people who have commitment phobia have this deep-seated fear that their Exclusive Relationships may end without any rhyme or reason.

They are afraid that their partners may suddenly out of the blue ask for a break-up without showing any signs prior.

Therefore, commitment phobes tend to be extremely worried and overly anxious about having no control over when and where the break-up happens.

They are unable to anticipate when exactly their partners will ask for a break-up or put an end to their Long Term Relationship.


2. Having a warped mentality that “there might be someone better out there” – (Best #2 Long Term Relationship Advice)

Commitment phobes are also worrywarts who cannot stop obsessing about being in the perfect relationship, being with their Mr Right and with their soul mates.

They may not want to waste their time on the wrong romantic partner, or even think that they may be losing their youth or time with someone who isn’t right for them.

They constantly have the fear, that they may not eventually find their knight in shining armor. They do not see each Romantic Relationship as a unique and shared experience.


3. Past traumatic relationship experience(s)

People with commitment issues may have previously been in a detrimental relationship which caused them to lose faith in subsequent Serious Relationships.

Because of the bad experience they have had before, they may have formed a negative impression of Committed Relationships as a whole, and fear entering into one.

For example, she may have been physically abused by her ex-boyfriend(s).

And due to this, she could have the impression that all men are abusive and violent towards women.

Thus, she is afraid of being in another Monogamous Relationship, where she is again treated in this unpleasant manner.


4. Difficulty in trusting others

Victims of commitment phobia, could have developed trust issues because she lives in the shadows of her past Exclusive Relationships as well.

For instance, she was continuously lied to by her ex-husband, who concocted a bunch of lies so that he could sleep with her best friend.

She may become obsessive in checking her partner’s phone and messages, to ensure her current beau does not do the same to her.

She may also develop some distrust towards her current boyfriend (even though he was not unfaithful to her, and the distrust is totally unjustified).


5. Depressive childhood

Commitment phobes may have faced some kind of childhood trauma, to be frightened into entering a healthy Monogamous Relationship.

She may have been sexually abused by her stepfather, and this has caused her to believe that “all men are monsters”.

Inevitably, she is terrified of entering into a Serious Relationship with a man, because she is reminded of her dark past.


6. Weak family nucleus

People suffering from commitment phobia, may also not have a healthy family nucleus when she was growing up, to refer to.

For instance, her mum may have dated and married several men.

Therefore, she as the victim has developed this warped mentality about love, marriage and Long Term Relationships, resulting in her being commitment phobic.


Concluding Long Term Relationship Advice

There’re many reasons, why some people are especially fearful of getting into a long term commitment.

At times, it really isn’t their choice.

Whatever fears or insecurities need to be dealt with first before these individuals are able to finally trust someone.

A little patience with them would surely go a long way.


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