Millionaire Match: Top 8 Exclusive & Proprietary Seeking Millionaire Dating Secrets, Advice & Tips to Find & Attract Rich Men

Millionaire Match: Top 8 Exclusive & Proprietary Seeking Millionaire Dating Secrets, Advice & Tips to Find & Attract Rich Men

Do you dream of a Millionaire Match? A Rich Man to date and marry? Or a Wealthy Millionaire Partner to enjoy a fulfilling and amazing Dating Relationship.

Either way, you need to understand more about Millionaire Dating: How wealthy men are like and what they look for in women, to give yourself the best chance of attracting your charming and successful partner.

Inevitably, many other women also desire a Millionaire Match. To rise above your competition, be prepared to make adjustments to your appearance, dressing, lifestyle, habits and even how you carry yourself.

Obviously, you’ll need to know where to meet rich men. So, this article will also guide you on the best places to meet rich men, and the best websites to meet rich men.


Millionaire Match: Seeking a Millionaire – Learn How to Find & Date Rich Men Who are Millionaires


1. Understand What Rich Millionaire Men Are Like – (Top #1 Millionaire Match Secret)

The number of millionaires all over the world is rapidly growing. An increasing percentage of these rich men are multi-millionaires or even billionaires.

Even the U.S. alone has over 11,000 households in 2017 with more than $1 million investible assets, which omits the primary residence.

Aptly said, “money begets money, wealth begets wealth” – many of us also aspire to join the “millionaire” club, hopefully sooner rather than later in our lives.

Being financially very savvy, rich millionaire men have made their mark in their businesses, careers and investments.

They easily earn large annual incomes and salaries upwards of $500,000 per year.

These millionaires are generally very talented and highly motivated entrepreneurs, investors, working professionals, artistes, sports personalities, politicians and corporate management.

Besides the usual successes in real estate, tech, media, entertainment, oil & gas, sports, education, gaming and manufacturing industries, many of these dynamic individuals have also excelled with their professional skills in the areas of law, medicine, dentistry, life sciences, construction, agriculture and engineering.

Whilst some have more carefree lifestyles, many successful self-made men continue to push themselves with demanding 60 to 80-hour work weeks.

They’re visionaries, ambitious, highly energetic, and bubbling with charisma and confidence.

It’s no wonder they attract gorgeous ladies easily since they embody the characteristics which attracts most women to men.


2. What a Millionaire Match Wants in His Woman

Whilst beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there’s usual certain commonalities in what millionaire men look for in a lady.

They are generally attracted to younger women who are youthful, attractive, alluring, well-dressed, and complete with a bubbly personality. Physical attributes of their “arm candy” can vary widely from man to man: Some prefer a tall lady with pretty face and slim physique, others prefer a girl-next-door or sexy look.

Yet others are drawn to a more curvaceous figure, a sporty outlook, or someone more petite, sweet and cute. Whilst looks remain important, more high-achieving men are shifting their focus to brains over beauty – they want an intelligent lady with a mind of her own.

Other men on the other hand might prefer a successful or more matured lady, whether around their age or even older. Kindness, humor, affection and a good temperament are qualities that are important.

Different Rich Men look for different types of relationships with a lady: whilst some are looking for longer term serious relationships (and even potential marriage partners), many others are looking for more casual dating, a travel companion, friends or someone to mentor.

With the prevalence of modern dating these days, others prefer to start with a more straightforward mutually beneficial relationship like a self-defined relationship, and let nature take its course to see what it develops into.

Using Millionaire Dating sites (like, and helps you refine your Millionaire Match search effectively, since it helps you focus and specifically target the potential Rich Millionaire partners you are searching for.


3. Find Out Where Your Potential Millionaire Match Lives

Online relationships or long-distance relationships with Rich Millionaires are theoretically possible, but practically speaking, few will last (even if it starts) if both parties do not meet up regularly.

Whilst Millionaire Men may exist in every location, you can increase your chances greatly of finding that special someone by focusing on cities which are bigger and known to have a larger population of Rich Men.

Consider cities (and even countries) closer to you, unless you are willing to uproot and relocate to a faraway place.

In the U.S., it’s well-known that many Millionaire Men are concentrated in (or near to, eg. Fairfield County) the vibrant metropolitan areas of big cities like New York City, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles and others.

With the advancements of Communication Technology these days, you can use Online Dating sites for Rich Men Dating (like,, and to interact with Rich Men living in the cities and countries of your choice.

Chat online to get to know them better first. Advance to video/voice chats when you are comfortable.

Arrange a short trip for him to meet you in person, and more trips thereafter, when things start to get serious.

You do not need to relocate yourself physically and settle into a new city until you both are in a committed dating relationship.


4. Moving Close to Where Your Millionaire Dating Partner Lives

Despite the increasing popularity of Rich Men Dating Sites, some of you might actually prefer to relocate closer to where your potential Millionaire Match lives. Nothing wrong – just different strokes for different folks.

With some resourcefulness, you can always find affordable accommodation not far from the exclusive neighborhoods or buildings. Consider staying with a friend or relative, renting just a room or settling for a shoebox unit, to live within your means. See if you can find a new job in the vicinity as well.

Being where Millionaire Men live makes it much easier for you to get noticed. You can now “meet” them and soak in the Rich Men culture whilst having coffee, doing grocery shopping, walking your dog, running errands or even jogging around the estate.

Should relocation not be feasible, you can always just take a drive on weekends to upscale neighborhoods just to have your coffee, morning jog, walk your dog, buy your grocery or run errands. Never know when your lucky stars might shine on you.


5.  Dress Up & Do Your Part – Look Stunning, Elegant & Alluring

You need to be noticed by Rich Men – so you need to look the part. Few men will be able to resist looking at a stunning lady who crosses their path.

It’s not about wearing pricey and branded outfits and accessories which you cannot afford. Rather, find affordable fashion that makes you look classy, sweet and approachable at the same time.

Certain colors (especially bright ones) tend to attract the eye’s attention. Avoid looking sleazy or appearing overly seductive as you will invite the wrong attention, and create a wrong impression of yourself.

Wearing a flowery scented perfume adds to your allure. Maintain a mild and gentle demeanor always.

A genuine smile, an appreciative “thank you”, and being polite to servers and everyone around, will enhance the positive vibes which people have of you.

No right-minded Millionaire will want to date a haughty and bitchy lady, even if she looks every bit a princess otherwise.

Not a must, but some ladies go to the extent of investing in a few branded clothing pieces and a versatile designer handbag (or two), to create that sophisticated and upmarket look.

Cheaper ones can be bought from  consignment shops, online websites like eBay, or even leased from fashion rental startups these days.

Our simple advice is: Bring up your dressing and appearance a notch or two, but most importantly, just be yourself and be comfortable. Simply because one’s confidence is sexy, and oozes charisma and the right sexual appeal.


6. Speak Intelligently & With Poise for a Millionaire Match

Whilst looking good is a pre-requisite, being able to engage in intelligent conversations helps you build rapport and appear interesting to your Millionaire Match.

You will stand out from other ladies, and your potential partners will want to interact more to know you better.

Being through college, or being able to communicate effectively, already qualifies you as being someone intelligent.

To speak freely with them, you just need to do some homework to learn more and keep updated about what Rich Men talk about: business, politics, current affairs, travel, cuisines, wine, fashion, cars, the arts, etc.

Online lifestyle magazines, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are useful starting points.

Beyond trying to sound sophisticated, what will endear you more to your Millionaire Date is your interest and enthusiasm in what he is saying, and your willingness to learn.

This is obvious from your body language when you engage in conversations with him.

He’ll probably not expect you to be extremely savvy with the topics discussed, but he’ll really appreciate that he has a listening ear, and a fun and bubbly companion to chill and exchange friendly and playful banter with.

It’s clearly a “No-No” to dwell too much on the size of his wealth (eg. how much he has in his bank accounts, how much he earns a year, etc.). He might mistake you as a “gold-digger”, and raise his defensive antennas right away.

Steer clear from this sensitive “taboo” topics in your first few interactions with him. He’ll naturally share these with you along the way when he feels that the trust and closeness with you has been built.


7. Meet Your Potential Millionaire Match Rich Men Dates at Work, Networking or Social Events

(a) The Right Jobs

Since many Rich Men spend many hours at work, have you considered working in the same organizations, working near them, or even working with them?

Since Millionaire Men love to spend their money on luxury goods, you will get to meet them if you work for companies that deal with luxury cars, homes, travel, private jets, yachts, fashion, watches, art, liquor and antiques.

Other jobs where you can interact with Rich Men include jobs at charity organizations and country clubs, interior design and architecture, personal trainer, and even nursing at private clinics and hospitals.


(b) Charity Events

Charity Events are always a great place to network with Millionaires.

Wherever possible, attend the golf tournaments, auctions, charity dinners and balls, or polo matches, organized for the well-heeled.

Offer to volunteer for charity fundraising activities to help you gain access to the closed-door events.


(c) Sports Events

Consider attending Sports Events too. Being at motor car racing (eg. Formula 1), horse racing, sailing, golf, polo, skiing and tennis events, is a common pastime of Wealthy Men.

You should familiarize yourself with some of these sports – including how they are played, the top players and clubs, prominent events and locations, and what’s hot in the news for such sports.


(d) Exhibitions, Gallery Openings & Auctions

Exhibitions, Gallery Openings and Auctions for Art and Antiques attract Millionaires looking for investments and to adorn their homes.

High-end watches and luxury car exhibitions are obvious events to network too.

Start by attending free openings, getting invites, and gradually upgrade to paid memberships (which are frequently still affordable).


(c) Do Volunteer Activities

Just like charities, being a Volunteer at Strategic Places like non-profit and political organizations, hospitals (private and public) and museums, enables you to meet successful people like doctors, politicians and businessmen.

The added benefit is such men are likely to be persons with a kind heart too!


8. Millionaire Dating Sites & Millionaire Matchmaking Services to Find Rich Men

A few “Millionaire Matchmakers” dating agencies have started to cater to the luxury clientele dating market.

Their dating consultants will meet you in person, do a detailed personal profiling, and set you up on dates with carefully selected Millionaire clients of theirs based on both person’s profiles and preferences.

Worth a try if you don’t mind paying the matchmaking fee (or if ladies get to use such matchmaking services for free)!

A better and cheaper option will be to enroll a “FREE” account on an established Rich Men Dating Site like,, and

Simply fill up an interesting description of yourself, state what you are looking for, upload your most attractive personal pictures, and you are on your way to your Millionaire Match dating wonderland!


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