Open Marriage Rules: What is an Open Relationship or Non Monogamous Relationship (Plus 8 Exclusive Secrets for their Success)

Open Marriage Rules: What is an Open Relationship or Non Monogamous Relationship (Plus 8 Exclusive Secrets for their Success)

An Open Marriage might be a topic of taboo about twenty years ago, but these days, people are more accepting of it because it’s getting increasingly common.

If you find that such an Open Relationship will work for you, why should you even care what other people think?

If you’re considering a Non Monogamous Relationship in your marriage, it is perfectly okay.

However, if you want to maintain the integrity of your marriage, there is much much more to it, than just simply deciding whether a Non Exclusive Relationship is what you want.

To do that, you need to know sufficiently about what is an open marriage, and the Open Marriage Rules surrounding it, in order to maintain a healthy and fulfilling marriage (amidst opening up your marital and sexual relationships to other third parties, beyond just your spouse).


Open Marriage Rules

What is an Open Marriage, and What are the Considerations and Factors Essential for its Success?

Understand the Open Relationship Definition and Non Monogamous Relationship Meaning, and our Top 8 Proprietary Dating Tips to help you achieve a Happy and Fulfilling Open Marriage … Enjoy!


(A) What is an Open Marriage?

That, my dear friend, is something you should ask yourself.

An Open Marriage, by the most basic definition is a marriage in which you agree to see other people (and/or agree to your spouse seeing other people), coupled with the sexual relationships, casual hookups, friends with benefits, casual flings and one night stands that flow from such an Open Relationship.

However, the Dating Rules and Dating Boundaries which govern this Non Monogamous Relationship, will be decided upon and agreed between you and your partner.

If you’ve both decided to have such a Non Exclusive Relationship in your marriage, the next step should be laying it all out in the open, and discussing which boundaries to stay within and which you can freely cross over.

These rules are unique to every Open Dating Relationship – for example, some couples might be okay with their partner having sex with someone else, but for other couples, the line is drawn at dating and flirting.

An Open Marriage sounds pretty dandy right? You get the stability of a committed Romantic Relationship, and the fun and excitement of seeing new people all the time.

Not exactly – even though it was stated earlier that the rules are decided upon by the couple, there remains some key considerations which apply to everyone.

These are what you need to read up on and know the answer to before deciding that you want – or are able to successfully maintain an Open Relationship for your marriage.


(B) Secret Recipe & Considerations for a Successful Open Marriage


1. Not everyone can do it

There are people who thrive in Open Marriages, and there are those whose marriages are broken down by it.

Which type are you? Which type is your partner?

You better carefully find out the answers to these questions, before you even propose going into such an Open Relationship with your spouse.

Not being able to handle it does not mean that you or your spouse is a better or worse person.

It just means that an Non Exclusive Marriage Relationship, isn’t for you.

Don’t force or guilt trip yourself or your spouse into agreeing to an Open Marriage, just because the other person wants it. It will lead to nowhere, except disappointment and pain (and a likely divorce or separation).

Make sure you talk it out amicably, and that both of you are fully agreeable and comfortable to proceed, without feeling any undue pressure from the other party.

If you’re unable to do so with just the two of you, it is possible to engage the services of a counselor, as a go-between to help the two of you communicate what you’re really feeling inside.


2. Be truthful

You need to keep your partner in the loop about what you’re up to.

There’s no need to go into the extreme graphic details, but your partner needs to know if you’re dating five people when you agreed on one other person.

You’ll need to tell your partner if you’re not okay with something they’re doing, and you need to tell them if you accidentally broke one of the rules you’ve both set up together.

If you start loving a third party more than your current partner, you need to tell them too.

The third parties involved also need to know about your relationship status, before you start anything with them.

If you’re someone who’s poor at communicating, or too shy to be honest about the current state of things, then clearly, an Open Marriage is not for you, simply because you’ll end up in a very messy situation, and a lot of people will get hurt in the process.


3. Don’t use an open marriage as a form of escapism

If your current marriage is already on the rocks, and you think proposing an Open Marriage will let your marriage fix itself, you can’t be any more wrong.

An Open Marriage is only for married couples, who are confident in their love and care for their marital spouse, while other Dating Relationships are only there for the excitement and physical gratification.

If you’re trying to escape from your current marriage, then an Open Relationship in any non exclusive form, is certainly not right for you.


4. Stay safe when having casual sex

Always use protection. If you don’t use condoms and end up harboring diseases or creating a new life, it’s completely unfair for your current spouse.

Of course, all couples have their own levels of comfort, but it is just smart to stay safe for the sake of everyone involved.

If you’ve discussed it and deem that certain things are unnecessary, then by all means carry out the Non Monogamous Relationship as you see most fitting.


5. Don’t get any mutual friends involved

Some people may find that jumping into an Open Marriage, is the best opportunity for them to get frisky with that hot friend or colleague, whom you’ve both known for ages.

No matter what the prior agreement between you and your spouse is, this is never a good idea.

Mutual friends are people whom the two of you will have to meet at some point in the future – together.

It’ll just make things unnecessary awkward and strange, and especially difficult to unwind should some feelings and emotions start to develop between you with such person.


6. Don’t lie

Even though it’s previously stated that the rules of an Open Marriage are all up to you, it refers to both you and your partner agreeing on the same set of rules.

Don’t go behind their back and do things that you’ve both agreed not to do.

Whatever you’re going to say to defend yourself, the fact remains – you’re cheating on your spouse.


7. Your current spouse still comes first

An Open Marriage does not mean, that you start acting like you’re both divorced (or separated) but just still living together.

No. you’ve still got to love your current spouse, and they’ve got to come before everyone else.

You still need to go on dates, spend quality time together, and have romantic sex.

Your wedded life should not undergo any major changes, just because of the introduction of a couple of new players.


8. Be prepared for change

Though we stated earlier that your relationship should not undergo major changes after transitioning into an Open Marriage, some things will still inevitably change in one form or other.

You may decide that an Open Relationship is not for the two of you. Or you could both fall in love with someone else.

Whatever it is, you need to keep your marriage partner informed.


Concluding Insights on Open Marriage Rules

An Open Marriage can be one of the hardest things for a couple to manage, but with good communication skills and trust in each other, it’ll work out.

On the other hand, if you’ve both given it a try and decide that in the end it’s not for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with turning your marriage back into a closed one.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to the two of you! Do what you think fits the both of you best, and don’t get influenced by what others think or say about a Non Monogamous Relationship.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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