Rebound Relationship: Top 4 Sensible Steps to Avoid Picking Up a Rebound Boyfriend After a Breakup

Rebound Relationship: Top 4 Sensible Steps to Avoid Picking Up a Rebound Boyfriend After a Breakup

It’s ridiculously easy to ‘fall in love’ with someone when most of the time it’s an illusion; a surge of emotions that overwhelm you especially when you’re in an emotionally fragile state.

That’s how rebound sex happens (or even rebound boyfriends / girlfriends). And for most cases, things associated with ‘rebounds’ hardly turn out well.

To avoid going down that treacherous path, these are the Top 4 Essential Things you could consider and reflect on.


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Rebound Relationship


1. Understand yourself first (#1 Top Rebound Relationship Advice)

So did you just get out of a terrible break-up?

Are you looking for a substitute to make you forget about your ex-boyfriend?

Or have you been too busy to be in a real relationship?

Ask yourself these crucial questions, before deciding if a serious and Committed Relationship is what you really want.

Don’t simply dive into one, just because you are pressured to do so.

Sometimes when you see all your friends happily settled into Serious Relationships, and some are even getting engaged and married, your biological alarm clock becomes on high alert and you do things that you wouldn’t imagine doing.

Always be in tune with what you want, because at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to be wasting your own time.


2. Meeting a casual fling for the first time ≠ first date

Don’t, we repeat, don’t scare off your Casual Fling, by acting like you are his girlfriend right on your very first date.

The both of you may not be on the same page about dating and relationships – he may want a Casual Hookup, and nothing more.

So, save yourself the embarrassment, and observe if he is interested in something more with you.

It would be pretty obvious, as he would probably schedule another date with you, if he is interested in pursuing things further.

Also, ask yourself if he is dateable material (have some standards, my gal!).

If he is a nice person, and both of you have similar interests and topics to talk about, it is worth considering.

If he is negative, and acts like a douche bag half the time, we say don’t waste your time with this bugger.


3. If you’re REALLY certain it’s not a rebound, talk it out

Once you have ascertained if he is worth dating, be straightforward.

Ask him during one of your conversation, if he would like to take your current Dating Relationship to a more serious level.

If he says “Yes”, score!

If he says “No”, don’t take it personally, and see if time will let nature take its course.

If not, there are plenty of fishes in the sea (he’s not the only man out there.). Move on!


4. Actions speak louder than words

Let your feelings translate into actions.

Show that you actually care about him; text and ask him how his day was.

When he said he’s had a bad day, head out with him for a breather and be his listening ear.

Be there for him to celebrate his triumphs (i.e. his job promotion, his team win etc).

Let your relationship gradually take its course and eventually, you both may realize that you are actually in love… Good luck!


Concluding Insights on Rebound Relationship

The important thing here is to make sure you’re not making decisions rashly.

Take some time to be alone if you need it because that always helps to clear up your mind.

Don’t be in a hurry to get together with someone.

In fact, you should embrace singlehood for a while, and enjoy things that you never had a chance to when you were attached.

Who knows, you might find your true love in the process of discovering yourself?


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