Rebound Relationship Signs: Top 9 Obvious & Proven Hints on How to Know If You're Stuck in a Rebound Relationship

Rebound Relationship Signs: Top 9 Obvious & Proven Hints on How to Know If You’re Stuck in a Rebound Relationship

A Rebound Relationship is one in which you’re getting together with someone for the sake of getting over an old flame.

While it can possibly end in a happily-ever-after, the knowledge that you’re in a Rebound, or that you’re being used in one, can make you feel rather vulnerable.

However, it won’t be easy to know right out if you’re in such a relationship.

How can you figure it out? Here are signs which’ll guide you through the process …


Rebound Relationship Signs

How to figure out if you’re stuck in a Rebound Relationship?

Consider these 9 Tell-Tale Signs carefully, and you’ll be able to discern for yourself … Enjoy!


1. You just got out of a relationship

You (or them) have broken up with someone very recently.

You may give excuses such as not being very invested in your last relationship – thus getting over it quicker, but a rebound is a rebound.

You might not think it is one, but it might still be, which is very unfair for your partner.


2. You constantly think of your ex while you’re with your new partner

If you find your thoughts meandering over to your ex all the time, even when you’re out having a lovely time with your new “love”, your feelings might be a sham and you’ve just fallen into a rebound relationship.

Thinking about your ex isn’t your fault – it’s bound to happen if you’ve newly broken up.

However, the blame of irresponsibly jumping into a relationship does fall on you.

The same applies to your new partner if they’ve just gotten out of a relationship very recently.


3. You got onto a relationship express train

Think about the progression of this new relationship – did it give off the feeling of being rushed?

Like, there’s none or very little of that getting-to-know you stage, and it went into a full-blown passionate exclusive relationship immediately?

It’s easy to resume whatever you were doing just a while ago, albeit with a different person.

You might very well be in a rebound.


4. There is no connection except for a sexual one

Having sex makes one feel loved and attractive.

When you’re hurting after a breakup, especially if being cheated on was the cause of that break, you want to have sex (i.e. Rebound Sex) to reassure yourself that you’re still wanted, that you’re still sexy and hot as f***.

If you find that your new relationship revolves around nothing but sex, you could have just stepped into a rebound relationship.

It could be you or them who’s rebounding, but don’t take this as the sole indicator of a Rebound Relationship.


5. They keep mum on the ex-talk

There could be one of two reasons, that your new beau isn’t telling you about their past lovers.

First off, it could be that all of their past relationships have ended badly.

This should trigger some warning bells in your head already.

Alternatively, they don’t want you to know that they’ve just broken up last week.

Or yesterday – and that you’re obviously their rebound.


6. They can’t stop talking about their ex

Okay… we’ve just established that not wanting to talk about exes is a strong indicator of a Rebound.

On the other end of the spectrum, the same might hold true if they can’t stop talking about their ex – be it trash talking them or constantly comparing you to their ex.

If you or them have the constant need to talk about an ex, it only means one thing – that person is not over their past love yet, and the other person is just a rebound.


7. You’ve never met anyone important to each other

You don’t know any of their close friends nor family.

The only time you interact, it’s just the two of you and no one else.

While this is perfectly fine when you first start out in a committed relationship, it is not okay when the Committed Relationship progresses and this continues to recur.


8. You aren’t serious about it

You don’t see this person in your future.

The person being used as a rebound might want to talk about the future and want to make plans together, but the person using them will not want to, because, they don’t see the relationship progressing beyond anything other than a Fling or Friends With Benefits.

The person in the rebound, doesn’t really care about the emotional well-being of the person being used.


9. Intuition

If something feels strange in your Romantic Relationship, something is probably not right that’s triggering those feelings.

The fact that you’re searching for articles online to confirm your suspicions proves this.

When you’re unhappy in some form or other in your Serious Relationship, you need to find the root cause – in this case you might be the victim of a rebound relationship.


Concluding Insights on Rebound Relationship Signs

If a few of the signs above apply to you, chances are, you’re in a rebound relationship.

Now that you have this information on hand, it’s up to you to decide what to do about your situation.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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