Millionaire Dating: Here's the 9 Most Well-Kept Secrets of Dating Rich Men

Millionaire Dating: Here’s the 9 Most Well-Kept Secrets of Dating Rich Men

Where there is human life, you can surely find someone who has aspired to roll in riches. Clothed in extravagant clothes, draping themselves in jewelry which the average salaried man will take years to afford, driving cars with wheels which cost more than the average person’s car. Going on holidays to the most expensive locations and only staying in the poshest hotels. Being able to live life to its fullest without worrying about paying for life’s most basic necessities. Such a life is without a doubt the envy and goals of many.

Now, you no longer have to restrict such wishes to your imagination. You can make your wildest dreams come true with a little help and a click of a button. There is a phenomena which is up and rising – the rise of sugar dating as a commodity of the rich.

You should never be embarrassed at taking what you want from life, especially if your partner has the same idea in mind. Successful professionals are increasingly appreciative of time saving means while still getting what they want. As such, sugar dating sites are becoming more of a go to sanctuary for these rich men. If you desire more out of your man than cheesy movie dates and plastic flowers, it is time for you to take a step towards bringing a high flyer into your life.


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(A) Steps to Attract a Millionaire

What can you offer to someone who has everything? Millionaires are used to getting what they want because money talks – the best things in life, at the time and place of their choosing. To convince him that he needs you in his life, you must demonstrate your worth – that you’re irreplaceable and in high demand. You need to look good for him to show off and you must be able to keep him entertained.

Here are 6 essential pointers for Millionaire Dating to take note of to help you out:-

#1: Attitude matters. No one else believes in you more than yourself. If you lack confidence and give off negative vibes that you’re unattractive, other people are likely to feel the same. Confidence is sexy!

#2: Only use pictures of good quality on your profile. Grainy, blurred pictures are a no-no and cheapen your overall image.

#3: Don’t make yourself an open book. Keep them guessing. Flaunt what you have, but don’t go overboard. It’s a fine line between being a tease and looking cheap.

#4: Invest in your appearance. Keep a portion of your allowance for grooming yourself. There may be may girls cuter and younger, but the effort you put into a polished appearance will put you above them and in a class of your own.

#5: Do your research. Find out his field of work and read up on current events so that your conversations will never end up in an awkward standstill.

#6: Show interest but hold yourself back. Never throw yourself at a man, but you do have to let him know that you’re interested!


(B) Keeping Him Happy

Frankly, it is not difficult at all to score a few first dates with a millionaire. It is keeping him around that’s difficult. Captivating a man who has everything he could ever want at his fingertips can be a daunting task. Rich men can spot a gold digger from a mile away, and you don’t want to be mistaken for one. You need to show your sugar daddy that while you truly appreciate the perks of dating someone wealthy, you are with him because you truly are interested in him as a person and not just his wallet.


Millionaire Dating Tip #1: Be honest

Find out more about him and bring up areas of his life which you have in common, be it sports, food or travel. You shouldn’t fake being interested in something you aren’t because no one gets successful in life without being able to read people. Your sugar daddy will know when you’re faking it.

Not only do you have to be honest to your Sugar Daddy, you have to be honest to yourself too. This means taking a step back and leaving if you find that you have no chemistry with your Sugar Daddy. Don’t waste your time and his by prolonging a relationship which will never work when you’re both better off with someone else.


Millionaire Dating Tip #2: Let him educate you

Your Sugar Daddy didn’t achieve his millionaire status as a fluke. He has a wealth of information and experience at his disposal, and it’d do you good to make use of that. Let him guide you on your way be it starting a business or etiquette at your first Michelin dining experience. It can be intimidating to date someone so successful especially when you’re used to much less but steel your nerves and make everything into a positive learning experience.

Don’t be daunted when he’s too busy to teach you at times; he didn’t get to where he is by lazing around. Take up every opportunity to be by his side when he has time to spare.


Millionaire Dating Tip #3: Let someone with more experience take the reins

Your Sugar Daddy might suggest having dates in places which are out of your comfort zone because you’ve never been to and could never afford such places. On the other hand, your millionaire partner is probably used to such luxuries. He is also used to a position of power and being the decision maker. Let him maintain that position with you since it is something he obviously loves.

Instead of turning him down in favor of the ease of staying in your little box of comfort, you should let him take you to places and grasp the opportunity of being introduced to influential people who could help you out in your future ventures.


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