How to Accelerate Your Future Success Whilst Still in College

Are you keen to Accelerate Your Success in College?

HOPELESSNESS: Quite often, young adults finish College feeling lost, directionless, anxious, depressed and laden with (college loan) debt, wondering what life ahead in the cold, real corporate world out there holds for them.

Do you need to feel the same way? The answer is a clear “NO”!

College is a very critical time of your life. Spent wisely, you can propel yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your peers into a bright future filled with success, happiness, fulfilment and material well-being.

To enjoy the lifestyle you aspire for, you need to set yourself on a path that leads you towards “Success” during your College years:-

(a) Have a (Clear) Plan
(b) Start Networking
(c) Find a Good Mentor
(d) Date Wisely – Choose the Right Relationships
(e) Build New Skills and Work Experiences

1. Have a (Clear) Plan

Nothing happens by chance, Sorry. Success does not come easy.

Whilst in college, there are some specific goals you can set and put yourself on a track toward Success.

Pen down your College Goals, Financial Goals, Career Goals and Future Goals, and commit diligently to making them become REALITY:-

(i) College Goals – eg. excel in academics, focus on your health, learn to self-advocate and fight your own battles.
(ii) Financial Goals – eg. don’t get into debt, borrow only what you need, find part-time work to earn some income, strive for scholarships and grants.
(iii) Career Goals – eg. set your career goals, start networking, being researching careers, commit to internships, learn useful skills and knowledge, gather relevant job experience.
(iv) Future Goals – eg. choose a career for advancement, own (not rent) your property, start saving to settle down (and even plan for retirement).

2. Start Networking

Network widely. Build the Right Connections.

Brand yourself. Start using social media to make professional contacts, including LinkedIn. Collect emails and business cards from

professionals you meet and work with. Those contacts will be useful when you begin your job search.

Seeking Millionaire – Know where rich and successful people hang out – meet up and interact with them.

Enough said, “Your network determines your net worth”.

3. Find a Good Mentor

You can short-cut your journey to success significantly by learning from and having Successful People mentor you.

A good Mentor shortens your learning curve and helps you avoid making mistakes you would otherwise have made.

Meet up with potential Sponsors who have achieved in their careers or business, in fields that you are interested in. They can offer you their valuable perspectives on career choice, internships, job searching, continuing education and professional advancement.

4. Date Wisely – Choose the Right Relationships

Many ladies date guys around their age in college, whom they usually do not end up marrying. Quite often, the ladies lament that younger guys are immature, demanding, and lack direction and purpose in life. Such guys are unable to lead them, give them a sense of security and provide for them both emotionally and financially.

It is no wonder that Modern Dating (where one chooses the Type of Relationship and Who one wants to Date) has now become the new normal for attractive college undergrads and young working adults. Clearly, youth and beauty are valuable assets, and can help propel one’s career and future lifestyle forward by leaps and bounds. Older men ooze significant appeal due to their confidence, rich life experiences, charisma, stability in relationships and material wealth.

In particular, Sugar Arrangements where a young lady finds a successful Sugar Daddy to be her mentor, romantic partner and help her with her college loans/lifestyle expenses has taken off all over the world for practical reasons.

5. Build New Skills and Work Experiences

The modern world is ever changing and rapidly advancing, and the only way to keep up is always be at the cutting-edge.

Critical thinking, creative problem solving, a vast array of both hard and soft skills, knowledge creation, an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership mentality are all required to take you to the top.


As daunting as it sounds, we encourage you to start early and work towards achieving your career goals in college by travelling widely, networking professionally, finding a mentor, taking up internships, embarking on research opportunities and focusing on experiential learning.

In so doing, you make the right connections and engage with the real world, which will help you develop the necessary skills and strong mindset that will position you well for “SUCCESS” later in life.


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