Asian Sugar Baby: Here's 3 Exclusive Secrets to Find Your Dream Asian Sugar Babies

Are You Seeking an Asian Sugar Baby? Here’s our Top 3 Proven Tips on How to Find and Attract Gorgeous Asian Sugar Babies

Are you interested in an Asian woman, or are in an arrangement with one? Do you find that you inexplicably strike out whenever you flirt with Asian women or they just don’t get along with you somehow? If any of the above describes you or you wish to avoid such situations, read on for some helpful pointers in interacting with an Asian woman.

There are many such guides readily available online, but several them simultaneously fetish-ize Asian women by portraying them in a certain manner. No one is at fault for this really. Caricatures and stereotypes of Asians are learnt from the media, which everyone is exposed to at an early age today. However, the onus is on you to learn more about your potential partner so that the relationship is smooth sailing in the days to come.


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1. Choice of Words When You’re With an Asian Sugar Baby

First off, ask yourself and answer honestly: do you like this woman who also happens to be Asian? Or do you like her because she is Asian? The answer does not make you a better or worse person, and there is nothing wrong with preferring a race or appearance. If your answer was the latter, you just need to be more aware in the way you phrase your words. For example, telling her “I love Asian women!” or “I always wanted to date an Asian woman!” might have the opposite effect on her as what you desired since it makes her feel like she isn’t anything special to you save for her race.

Telling your sugar baby “I love the shape of your eyes” would be a much better option than saying “I love your Asian eyes”. Asia is not a single region with a homogenous culture with people of identical appearance. Your words need to reflect your awareness of this fact. Many Asians don’t like to be lumped under one category – for example, assuming that all Asians somehow came from China ancestrally. Don’t make conversations revolve around how “Asian” she is. If you have never thought of placing a filter over things you say, that might have been a cause for strikeouts in your past endeavors.

Race and ethnicity is an essential element of who an individual is, but they’re not the sole determinants of who a person turns out to be. Talking about it is not necessarily a bad thing; but when it becomes the soul and life of a conversation and you start making assumptions and generalizations will shut you off from aspects of her which will otherwise make the relationship intimate and enjoyable. Don’t assume your sugar baby likes or hates something just because they’re Asian; ask them. communication is key.


2. Assumptions of Asian Sugar Babies based on Appearance or Country of Origin

Stop guessing where she is from. If you are curious, ask directly. Don’t make silly guesses based on appearance, or worse, make comments about their appearance after they tell you where they’re really from.

Consider this scenario: you say, “Oh you’re really beautiful. Are you Korean? Japanese? OH, I know, CHINA?! Ni Hao.” and she says “No, I’m ethnically Vietnamese”. And you go, “REALLY? I thought all southeast Asians were tanned. How are you so fair? Did you do eye surgery? You have big eyes despite being Asian. Say something in your language.” Congratulations, you’ve just made a list of offensive and misinformed generalizations!

You don’t want to be in the situation whereby 5 minutes into the conversation you find out that your sugar baby grew up in America, same as you, and doesn’t speak her mother tongue very well because English is her first language. If you are able to speak the language of the country she originates from, and she speaks it well herself, props on you; but if the only thing you know is “Hello” and some vulgarities, just stand down and stick to English.

Her skin is fair because there are many Southeast Asians who’re naturally fair skinned. Her skin might be tanned even though she’s East Asian because she loves the outdoors. Many Asians also have natural double eyelids which make their eyes “bigger”, it is not necessarily a result of surgery. Now how silly do you feel?

Before saying anything involving race, run it once through your head and imagine yourself in her shoes. If it sounds like something from a bad sitcom, or you feel like it might be offensive, avoid saying it.


3. Don’t Try Too Hard to Identify with an Asian Sugar Baby

If it’s the first time that you’re meeting them, and they didn’t ask, or the topic of exes never came up in the flow of the conversation, don’t list the number of Asian girls you’ve dated in the past out of the blue. Having dated Asians before doesn’t give you an edge over anyone else. In fact, it seems patronizing, like as though Asians are a pet or a breed of something rather than an individual.

Don’t namedrop random Asian dishes that you love, or Asian countries you’ve been to, even if she is from the country you mentioned. “Oh, you’re Thai? I love Pad Thai.” Or, “Oh you’re Malaysian, I’ve hiked mount Kinabalu once. I’ve also been to Cambodia to build wells.” Loving a well-known dish from a country does not make you any more knowledgeable than anyone else. Imagine a tourist going up to you and saying, “American! I love hamburgers. I’ve also been to Switzerland!” You’d be confused, or even offended or you might laugh it off. Same as with your sugar baby, you won’t know what her reaction will be.

Also, imagine if she didn’t enjoy the dish which you just mentioned. That would be like throwing an awkward spanner in the works of your conversation. She might be from a particular country, but that doesn’t mean that she’s been to every single place in there so mentioning a random place out of context would make you look really silly. Even if you are well versed in the culture of a particular country and have immersed yourself amongst the people for years, avoid making the conversation revolve around it. Do not forcefully insert nuggets of your “Asian-ness” into the conversation but rather let it flow naturally.


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