Being A Sugar Baby: How to Be a Sugar Baby & The Life of a Sugar Baby

Being a Sugar Baby: Here’s How to Be a Sugar Baby & the Life of a Sugar Baby

Being a Sugar Baby is akin to playing a game. You need to know how to play it, and you need to play it well. With this game, you either play the game or you get played – your choice … *okie, we are just kidding!*

Jokes aside, being a Sugar Baby is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. You not only get financial and emotional support. You also gain valuable career mentoring and life advice, build social/professional networks and life experiences, get to travel around the world, savor romance, have fun and adventure, and who knows, even find your long term or lifelong relationship partner.

And as with every game, there are rules, guidelines, best practices and strategies to follow. So, what are the golden relationship secrets of Being a Successful Sugar Baby?

We have done extensive research. Based on our vast experience and expertise in the Sugar Dating niche, here they are …


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Being a Sugar Baby - How to Be a Sugar Baby - Life of a Sugar Baby

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1. Rule #1 of Being a Sugar Baby – Know Your Place

The rule which you must constantly keep in mind is that you’re not an essential part of your sugar daddy’s life. You are an addition, not a permanent fixture. You aren’t his family, spouse or even girlfriend, and I can’t stress more the importance of never inferring that you can assume any of these roles unless your daddy explicitly states so. That’s certainly quite a mouthful to read, but it’s something you, as a sugar baby, needs to understand.

He is a busy man, with duties to fulfill and a well-established role to play in his own life before you came along. You are a mere passer-by in his life, and his life will go on even without you. Your job is to assimilate yourself into his life without disrupting any part of his previous lifestyle. Therefore, you have to manage life such that you have enough room to shift things around to make your schedule versatile enough to fit your daddy’s whenever he has the free time. You also have to be accommodating when he cancels on you. He isn’t your boyfriend, he is not accountable to date you on a regular schedule. Throw a tantrum if you must, but do it in private, and keep your spirits high in front of your daddy.

Remember that you do not take precedence over anything in his life. You are literally being paid to give up a fragment of your time for him, so treat it like you would a real job and “work” seriously if you want a lasting Sugar Relationship.


2. Rule #2 – Be the Apple of Your Sugar Daddy’s Eye

Aim to be a ray of light in your Sugar Daddy’s life, the happy virus which infects him after a gloomy, hard day at work. Make him look forward to seeing you every time because he knows for sure that you can cheer him up.

Knowing the triggers to his smiles is no easy feat, it’ll take some time for you to figure out how since every man is different. You’ll have to talk to him to find out what makes him tick. Learn what helps him relax and unwind after a long day and find a way to incorporate yourself so that he will associate you as his stress remedy.

Don’t add to his stress if he decides to meet you after work; even if he asks, “how are you”, assume it as a formality and don’t take it as a cue to blabber on about the problems in your life. A listening ear is a valuable tool to have in the presence of your sugar daddy; you can save your troubles for sleepovers with your besties. If he suggests going out somewhere, go with him. If he wants to do something, accompany him.

These little incorporations of yourself into his routine will help you to find your way into more aspects of his life, and as such, he’ll find you to be more indispensable to his life.


3. Rule #3 to Be a Sugar Baby – Be Well Groomed at All Times

Keep yourself in tip top shape from head to toe. Remember the first time your Sugar Daddy saw you? You were perfectly styled from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes. Your outfit was chosen carefully way in advance and ironed neatly. This is how you should keep yourself maintained. He can only see this side of you or better unless he says otherwise.

Plan a few outfits ahead of time as an emergency backup closet, for when your Sugar Daddy calls you on short notice and you have to quickly throw something on. Having outfits ready for each occasion saves you time choosing what to wear, and you can invest all the extra time into carefully applying your makeup, styling your hair and double checking the fine little details to ensure everything is perfect.

You have set the bar at a certain level for yourself, and that is why your Sugar Daddy chose you above all the other candidates. You may want to invest some of your Sugar Dating cash into upgrading your appearance, be it regular trips to the hair or nail salon or the spa or gym. Whatever it is, you cannot fall below the bar you have set, you can only go higher.

Ask him what kind of appearance he prefers on a girl/guy or show him a few celebrities and scrutinize his pick to see the type of women he favors, then try to emulate the look. All men have different tastes, you have to be flexible and step out of your comfort zone in altering your go-to look that you’ve perhaps kept the same for years.

Trust us, all this extra effort won’t go unnoticed and will be justly rewarded.


4. Rule #4 – Be Ambitious and Driven

A Sugar Baby who has goals in life is very attractive in the eyes of a Sugar Daddy. A man who has worked hard to get to where he is in life will appreciate seeing the drive he had as a young man reflected in his Sugar Baby. A Sugar Baby who sees sugaring as her/his end goal is short-sighted, as a woman/man can’t stay a Sugar Baby for life, the sugar lifestyle is short-lived and temporary.

If your Sugar Daddy sees that you’re using the extra income to work towards your next station in life, he will want to work with you in realizing your dreams. Don’t fake ambition, it is something which is really hard to do. Besides, sugaring might seem like an easy lifestyle to lead for now but think about where you’ll be when you’re forced to quit the sugar bowl when age catches up and your appearance fails you.

Having your Sugar Daddy by your side when you’re trying a new business venture or learning something new is actually reassuring since he’s probably been through all this before you and can guide you through the process. Make use of this golden opportunity at bettering yourself while you have someone to lead the way for you.

Share your ambitions with your Sugar Daddy when there’s a lull in the conversation, or you’re doing something together which reminds you of it. For example, you’re having dinner together and you’ve always wanted to break into the food industry; You can casually mention that you’ve always dreamed of opening your own cafe. Your sugar daddy probably has the means and connections to make it happen.


5. Rule #5 – Don’t Stop Learning as a Sugar Baby

Prior to dating your Sugar Daddy, the two of you probably lived in very different worlds. You have to step out of your comfort zone and educate yourself in things which are unfamiliar to you so that you won’t be stuck in an awkward predicament when the time comes.

For example, if you’re used to eating a one course meal with one set of cutlery, and your Sugar Daddy informs you that your next date is at a ritzy restaurant, you should learn the placement of the cutlery on the table and when to use which set during the course of the dinner. Read the menu just in case it isn’t in English and save yourself from the embarrassment during the night itself.

If he decides to bring you to parties, pay attention to the invitation which will outline the dress code, time of day which it is taking place, and the event venue. These will help you choose what to wear so that you’ll not look out of place and embarrass your Sugar Daddy.

There are lots of things which school has never taught you and never will. The onus is on you to educate yourself so that you will seem a worthy companion beside your Sugar Daddy. When you’re at a loss of what to do, you can always seek advice from your Sugar Daddy; he likely will gladly teach you and the process can even become a positive bonding experience between the two of you.


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