Gold Digger: Why a Genuine Sugar Baby is Not a Gold Digger

Gold Digger: Difference between a Genuine Sugar Baby and a Gold Digger

A Sugar Baby is a person, male or female, who is in a mutually beneficial relationship with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma. The terms are laid out in a transparent manner so that both parties know what to expect out of the Sugar Romance. There should be no evidence of hidden agendas or playing psychological games in a Sugar Dating relationship. From the outset, the arrangement seeker parties involved are completely honest with each other about what they can offer and what they want in return. Both parties determine the type and details of the Sugar Relationship they want, and also their expectations of the sugar benefactor they want to be with.

Sugar Babies are not sex workers who get paid for offering their services. Rather, they receive gifts in exchange for the happiness and companionship they provide their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mamma with. Of course, receiving an allowance is not unheard of, but this money is not given in exchange for services, but rather because the Sugar Baby prefers cash gifts.

Sugar Arrangements are often discreet and both parties frequently keep the Sugar Arrangement a secret from friends, family and social media.


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Gold Digger - Sugar Baby - Sugar Baby vs Gold Digger

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1. Sugar Babies Are NOT Gold Diggers

Sugar Babies are sincerely seeking a connection with a successful older person (i.e. their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy), and they make their intentions clear from the get go and want a sustainable and healthy relationship. Whilst financial support is important, what is even more important to them is to have a sincere and genuine companion and relationship partner. Someone whom they can share and enjoy time, affection, romance, emotional connection, travel, different activities, and even intimacy with.

On the other side of the coin, a gold digger shrouds her/his intentions in layers upon layers of deception and is only looking for an affluent person to milk them dry of their wealth. Gold diggers are not looking for a long-term relationship. They want to get their money as quickly as possible and then disappear from the other party’s lives. They usually prey on multiple victims and would have perfected the art of manipulation from past experiences.

Once they get their hands on as much cash as they deem they can get, gold diggers will ghost the person they’ve sucked dry of money, because they never had the intention for an extended relationship. Another reason why their deception doesn’t prevail is that most wealthy people are not dumb enough to lie in their web of lies for long. The rich usually figure out pretty quick that they’re being duped, which is why gold diggers’ modus operandi is to get in there and leave with their loot ASAP.

A typical gold digger “stumbles upon” an affluent person accidentally-on-purpose. They then proceed to act like they don’t know the wealthy person’s net worth even though they have probably done extensive background research on said person. They don’t ever explicitly state that they have material needs, but their victim will find themselves using their money to “save” the gold digger from situations involving a lack of finances. They will seem air-headed since their minds are occupied with hatching ploys to quickly leech off the wealthy person’s money. They don’t care about anyone’s well-being except their own and value nothing but material goods or cash.


2. Traits of a Sugar Baby – Different from a Gold Digger

A Sugar Baby thrives in the company of their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy, and deeply value the guidance and mentorship their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy can provide for them. They respect the fact that their Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas got where they were through hard work and works hard themselves to make meetings memorable and fun-filled. They ask what they can give their Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas, not what they can get.

A Sugar Baby’s eyes are brimming with dreams and often shares their aspirations with their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama. They are well aware that their Sugar Daddies’/Sugar Mommy’s life experience and advice is worth much more than their net worth and will go a long way in propelling them to success through their own hard work. Sugar Babies have a goal they are working towards, and though they wish to stand on equal footing with their Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas one day, they will never do so at their sugar benefactors’ expense.

Even though a Sugar Baby might come from a humble background, they are classy individuals who are well aware of their limits and self-worth. They have morals to uphold and will not be shaken no matter the magnitude of the gift enticing them since their end goal is greater than earning a few thousand dollars of petty cash. A Sugar Baby cannot be “bought” and will not tolerate abusive behavior for the sake of a few extra dollars. They seek a Sugar Relationship where mutual respect can be found. As such, they will respect the wishes of their Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy if they wish for the Sugar Arrangement to be kept a secret. A Sugar Baby is good at time management and is able to juggle their daily lives effectively such that they can cater to their Sugar Daddy’s/Sugar Momma’s busy schedules.

The takeaway message of being in a Sugar Relationship is that the ground rules of the Sugar Arrangement are formed on the basis of mutual respect, sincerity, and emotional, sometimes even physical chemistry. In contrast, a gold digger is on a one-sided conquest to bleed their wealthy hosts of all their money, and only looks out for themselves whilst pretending to care for others in a web of never-ending lies.

The difference between a dirty gold panning liar and a sweet Sugar Baby can be easily spotted when the wealthy person involved withdraws all financial benefits momentarily. The gold digger’s interest will immediately wane into nothingness whereas a Sugar Baby will show understanding when given a plausible reason. If the person vanishes together with the cessation of monetary gifts or seems disinterested in other facets of the relationship other than the cash, then they are a gold digger who is not looking for a Sugar Arrangement, but rather a rich victim to leech off.


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