How to Become a Male Sugar Baby: Here's 4 Exclusive Secrets to Be a Male Sugar Baby

How to Become a Male Sugar Baby: Here’s our 4 Exclusive Secrets to Be a Male Sugar Baby and Find Your Dream Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma

First things first! Before you can charm your Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy, you first need to be a Male Sugar Baby and have a Sugar Mama/Sugar Daddy!

Sugar Mommas and Sugar Daddies are not far and few between. In fact, they are out there. You just need to know where to find them.

The easiest way would be for you to sign up for famous and established Sugar Dating Apps and Dating Sites. Once you’ve registered and populated your account, monitor it regularly and interact with Sugar Mommy/Sugar Daddy profiles which are of interest to you. Arrangement to meet up with those that you can connect with, and you’re on your way to becoming a Male Sugar Baby!


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How to Become a Male Sugar Baby - Male Sugar Baby - Be a Male Sugar Baby

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Do also check out the HappyMatches blog, other sugaring blogs, websites and forums to gather lots of useful and valuable information on being a Sugar Baby. You will learn immensely from the vast experiences of past Male Sugar Babies before you. This helps you know what to expect, how to have an amazing and fulfilling Sugar Relationship, and importantly, how to stay safe.

Now that that’s all done and dusted, we arrive at the main point of this article: How to Charm your Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy. It is noteworthy that you can’t fake your way through your sugar date since more mature women/men are adept at spotting liars.

You will need practice and lots of it; but this article will help you at least in knowing what to practice and what to avoid at all costs. Let’s get started!


1. How to Become a Male Sugar Baby: The TRUTH about “Charisma”

Hearing the word “charisma”, most people instantly think of someone who has many tricks up their sleeves to make themselves irresistible to everyone. Strangely enough, that is not quite true. Having charisma is not putting yourself on the throne and tooting your own horn; rather it is about letting your Sugar Parent feel appreciated and feel that their presence is wanted. You want them to feel like a million dollars during your conversation and long after it has ended.

This certainly sounds like a tough job, and how in the world are you supposed to do this without coming off as a fake or a try hard? Things just get infinitely harder when the person you have to charm is years older than you and has probably seen every trick in the book, rendering them unaffected by the same things which would make a teenage girl swoon.

The answer to this is simple, but doing it effortlessly requires expertise honed by hours of practice. What you need to do to charm an older woman/man is to pour every ounce of effort you have in your body (and a little of what you don’t have), into turning them into the center of your attention, for the entire length of your interaction.

Having charisma does not mean that you need to start off as an extroverted social butterfly. An introvert who spends all his time and focus on one person out of a crowd instead of every other person within that crowd, is more likely to make the focus of his attention feel just that much more special. This works out well for you since your intention is to charm your one special Sugar Mummy/Sugar Daddy.


2. Being a Male Sugar Baby: Starting Yourself Off on the “Right Foot”

Don’t let your mind wander. Once that happens, consider your charismatic presence gone. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul for a good reason; once you let your train of thought go off track from what your Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy is saying. She/He will literally see the light in your eyes flicker off.

If you sense that your focus is wavering, try this tip: shift your attention temporarily to sensory perceptions which you normally disregard. This could include your breathing pattern, or the feeling of a part of your body touching something else; The ground, the chair, the table, anything. This action is not one to be overdone though, which brings us to the next point.

Don’t focus upon your sensations to the point that you’re not aware of unconscious movements you make. Fidgeting gives off the vibe that you’d rather not be in their presence and would prefer to be off doing something else or want to be elsewhere. Avoid following the movement of objects in the distance with your eyes, since this will confer you a shifty gaze which is not at all attractive. Tapping your foot, shaking your leg, drumming the table or randomly pressing buttons on your phone is distracting and really quite annoying.

This brings up another pointer, which is smartphones. They don’t need to be seen nor heard by your companion during your entire meeting with your Sugar Mama/Sugar Daddy. Mute it and keep it in your pocket. Fiddling with your device shows disinterest and detachment. If you can’t see your phone, it will also prevent you from checking out of reflex when a notification blinks.

Next, you need to ensure that your physical condition is in its prime when you meet your Sugar Mommy/Sugar Daddy. This would include preparations prior to the meetup, such as having sufficient rest the night before, choosing clothes which suit your physique and the location of the meet. Uncomfortable clothes or trying to fight sleep during the conversation will make you fidgety and shorten your attention span. In other words, make sure you’re as comfortable in your skin as possible on the day of the meet.


3. Being a Good Male Sugar Baby: The Importance of Verbal & Non-Verbal Cues

Eye contact is of monumental importance when trying to charm your Sugar Mummy/Sugar Daddy. People associate increased eye contact with various positive traits such as affability, integrity, trustworthiness and capability. In addition to making you undoubtedly alluring to those you correspond with, eye contact boosts the caliber of said correspondence. Eye contact lends a feeling of familiarity and affection to the conversation, which allows it to flow more smoothly. Your Sugar Parent will open up to you more easily, leaving less inhibitions and an overall more pleasant, comfortable exchange of thoughts.

Next, as a Male Sugar Baby, you have to learn to express subtle body language cues to convey that you’re listening, not just hearing what the other party is saying. Note that there’s a huge difference between the two. An easy one to start with would be nodding. Don’t just nod whenever you feel like it or keep nodding non-stop. Either would yield an effect opposite to what you’re trying to achieve.

Listen hard, assimilate the information, then nod at parts where it’s called for. Ask your Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy questions relevant to the conversation topic and take note of the tone of voice you’re using. You can also use relevant nonverbal cues to express your feelings in the matter. For example, if she/he was talking about something sad, you can place your hand on her shoulder while wearing a sympathetic expression on your face. These actions won’t come to you automatically at first, but you’ll get better with practice. Consider practicing in a mirror before your first physical encounter.

Don’t clutter up your thinking space by concentrating on an awesome comeback to whatever your Sugar Mama/Sugar Daddy is saying; Or worse, try to one-up their story. There is really no need to fill up every pause in the conversation. We all want to avoid that awkward lull especially when you’re in the company of someone new. Think about conversations with your best friends – are you constantly on edge trying to think of topics and comebacks? Is either person constantly talking? The very likely answer to these questions is a resounding no.

There is value in being comfortable in the company of the other person even if no one is talking, often endearingly termed a companionable silence. This moment also exists for both parties to digest what has been said, analyse possible errors accidentally made, and provides a chance to correct misunderstandings within the next few sentences. As such, the rule of thumb is to pause and count to two before countering. An immediate reply is a non-verbal cue which indicates that you weren’t really listening; You were just looking for an answer to fill the next predicted break in the conversation, and this is by no means attractive.


4. Characteristics of a Good Male Sugar Baby

To succeed as a Male Sugar Baby, you need to be a partner, companion and friend to your Sugar Mommy/Sugar Daddy. You should be romantic, spontaneous, fun to be with, empathetic and adventurous. Understand and do your best to meet the companionship, emotional and physical needs and wants of your Sugar Mummy/Sugar Daddy.

Never allow your Sugar Romance to turn stale or boring. Always try to inject in surprises, activities, romance, things to do and enjoy together. Plan outings, trips, dinners, exercise, drinks and other fun stuff. Tease each other and be playful. Be there for your her/him, as she/he is there for you. Avoid being rude, demanding, or acting like someone spoilt or childish. Always keep a cool, calm and collected demeanor – never let your emotions get the better of you. A shouting match will only hurt both of you. You need to remain matured and sensible at all times.

Be a sensitive lover and caring friend – your Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy will really appreciate you for this. Bearing in mind the important pointers above will lead you towards lasting and remarkable Sugar Relationships (and perhaps even something deeper!)


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