How to Become a Sugar Baby: Being A Sugar Baby & The Life of a Sugar Baby

How to Become a Sugar Baby: What’s it like Being a Sugar Baby & What’s the Life of a Sugar Baby?

How does one become a Sugar Baby? Just what do Sugar Babies do? What’s it like being a Sugar Baby? We’re certain that these are questions on your mind as you wonder what to expect from your mutually beneficial relationship with a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma.


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How to Become a Sugar Baby - Being a Sugar Baby - Life of a Sugar Baby

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1. Know What You Want as a Sugar Baby

Ask yourself, why are you looking for a Sugar Relationship? What are you here for? And what do you want to achieve?

What are your personal dreams and aspirations? And what are your personal plans now and for the future?

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement after all. What do you want out of it? What will make you happy?

How much monthly monetary allowance and financial support are you seeking?

Are you looking for a life coach and career mentor?

Are you here for the luxurious lifestyle (eg. fine dining,

Are you here to travel the world and experience new and exotic places, cultures and adventure?

What sort of arrangement partner and type of sugar relationship do you want?

What level of affection and emotional connection are you looking for? Are you seeking a companion, and something more like a platonic and no-strings attached relationship? Or more a romantic partner, and even a serious (and exclusive) dating relationship?

Are you (and to what extent) are you comfortable with sex and physical intimacy with your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy?


2. Being a Sugar Baby

Be drama free. Let things be straightforward in your Sugar Arrangement.

It saves both parties so much time and hassle in the relationship, don’t you agree?

Of course, being a pretty/handsome face for your Sugar Dad/Sugar Mom is excellent.

But beyond looks, be their wonderful companion. Charm and mesmerize them with your wit and humor. People say a pretty/handsome face is dangerous, but we say that intelligence is lethal! ROFL!

Being a Sugar Baby, you can (and will now have greater means) to continue to pursue your own lifestyle, hobbies, passions, dreams and aspirations.

Be it to excel in what you are studying in college. To pursue a post-graduate or professional degree. To pursue a second degree or even take up a foreign language or course/activity/hobby you are interested in.

Sugar Dating exposes you to a lot more in life: you get to learn new languages, be exposed to new cultures, meet new people, and expand your personal and professional connections.

In the past, your passport was ready. You wanted to experience so much more in life. But you didn’t have the funds nor the time to do so. Simply because you had to juggle part-time work/your career, life commitments, your college education and other things. Your dreams could only remain dreams.

So now, being a Sugar Baby, fulfill your dreams, see the world, experience the finest that life can offer, and make the most of your excellent and charming Sugar Companion & Partner.


3. How to Be a Sugar Baby?

Seriously, the rule of thumb:  Just Be Yourself. Being entirely and 101% yourself is the Best Way to be a genuine and authentic Sugar Baby.

Remember, you don’t have to be in a particular Sugar Baby relationship if this is not what you want. You don’t have to go into it with any Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy you don’t feel happy or comfortable with. If you’re currently in one, you can stop the arrangement anytime.

Of course, you can (and in fact should!) do things to please your Sugar Parent and to make them happy. Be attentive, dress up for them, treat them well, give them surprises and make time for him/her. All relationships are a “two-way street” – you need to do your part to make it work!

Exercise your right to choose what works for you. This is why it’s extremely important to know what you want from your Mutually Beneficial Arrangement right from the start.

No point trying to put up a fake front just to please your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama. You wouldn’t be happy and your Sugar Arrangement will not last long.

Modern Sugar Relationships are exciting, fun, romantic, fulfilling and meaningful. You are not a slave, prostitute or an escort. You are an equal and just as important to your Sugar Romance which is made up of the “both of you”.


4. Life of a Sugar Baby

Enjoy. Have fun. Make the most of your time as a Sugar Baby.

Explore the world together. Experience life and luxury like you’ve never experienced before. Accelerate your career with the networks, guidance and mentoring of your Glucose Guardian.

Learn as much as you can from your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy. Get them to share their life/career/business experiences with you. Pick up valuable skills, knowledge and experiences in the midst. Give yourself a head-start over your peers.

It takes two hands to clap to create and sustain a beautiful and amazing “Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy – Sugar Baby” arrangement.

Be a great partner and a fantastic companion and friend to your Sugar Dad/Sugar Mom.

Be their emotional support and relationship companion. Be committed and aim to please (and be pleased).

Do interesting activities together with your Sugar Parent, and create incredible Sugar Dating memories.

Importantly, affection and physical intimacy/sex depends on your comfort level with your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma. Such closeness should come naturally and out of a happy and comfortable relationship – NOT because you are being coerced or forced into doing them. Know your personal rights and do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of at all times!


5. How Much Allowance Do Sugar Babies Get?

The answer is “It Depends” – on you and on your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma.

Know what your expectations are – after evaluating your living costs and personal wants. Know whether you want cash, gifts/shopping, travel or other benefits-in-kind.

Understand the designation & occupation, income sources and estimated annual income of your Sugar Parent. Knowing your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama’s family background, their financial commitments and lifestyle spending habits is invariably useful. This will give you an idea of the maximum amount of Sugar Daddy Allowance and gifts you can ask for.

Be reasonable in your asking though, unless you want to be left on the “Sugar Bowl” shelf for being unrealistic and overly-demanding in your Sugar Baby Allowance request.

Remember too that monetary benefits and financial support is only one aspect of a Sugar Arrangement. There is so much more to it – don’t compromise intangible benefits (like romance, love, affection, physical intimacy, adventure, fun, companionship, professional networks, mentoring, travel opportunities, lifestyle experiences, life coaching, career development, learning new things, long term relationship, marriage, etc.) simply because you over-focus on money.


6. How to Become a Sugar Baby?

To become a Sugar Baby, you first need to find a suitable Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma to enter into a Sugar Romance with.

Knowing where to search for your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama is extremely important.

Don’t waste precious time going in fruitless circles. Go straight to where the “fish” are.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to register your “Sugar Baby” account with established Sugar Baby Dating Apps and Dating Sites. You will be able to interact with thousands of eligible and charming Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies and find the Sugar Dating arrangements you are looking for.


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