Life Of A Sugar Baby: Peek into the Exciting Sugar Baby Lifestyle of 3 Sugar Babies

Life of a Sugar Baby: Here’s an Exclusive Peek into the Exciting & Fulfilling Sugar Baby Lifestyle of 3 Sugar Babies

When you come across the term “Sugar Baby”, there are probably a few generalizations which flash across your mind. Depending on the exposure you’ve had to the world of Sugar Dating, there might be a diversity of perceptions which you associate with being a Sugar Baby, ranging from a life of glamour to that of a glorified prostitute.

So, what is it like really, being a Sugar Baby? Here’s a peek into the Sugar Baby Lifestyle. We talk to some real Sugar Babies from various walks of life to gain a little insight into their world. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.


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Life of a Sugar Baby - Sugar Baby Lifestyle

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1. Tabitha – An Atypical Sugar Relationship

How old should a Sugar Baby be? Are you too old to be a Sugar Baby? Or should you lower your “selling price” since you’re past your “prime”? While it is true that most Sugar Daddies seek a beautiful girl, who is preferably way younger, there is no limit on how old “young” is.

Tabitha (38), reveals that her Sugar Daddy Greg (52), specifically searches for women above the age of 30. He is far too busy with work and simply seeks a companion to talk to without bringing up business talk. He also finds that he connects better with women who are more mature; thus, his search criteria.

A typical date Tabitha has with her Sugar Daddy consists of meeting at a restaurant or bar designated by him for dinner or drinks, depending on how much time he has available. “The meetups are usually really short, and all he requires of me is to listen and have meals or drinks with him. It’s really pleasant since Greg’s a great conversationalist and I get a better view of the world through his stories.” Tabitha says.

She is aware that the relationship she has with her Sugar Daddy is atypical, but she is extremely grateful for that since she won’t be comfortable if intimacy were to be required since she is married, with 2 children. Her Sugar Daddy doesn’t seem to mind this fact since their relationship centers more around friendly companionship. “If someone told me at this time last year that I’d be a Sugar Baby, I’d tell them they’re crazy. But I’ve been able to provide for my kids the little luxuries that I’d never have been able to without Greg.”

She says that she can’t stress the importance of being on time. “These affluent men are extremely busy, often they have appointments before and after their meeting with you and it would be rude to make them wait. Be punctual. Be early if you must.” She advises.


2. Cindy – A Dream Come True

Cindy (20) falls into the age demographic of the average sugar baby. She is a beautiful redhead aspiring to be a doctor. She comes from a humble family, but she has always done well in school. She was elated when she was accepted into medical school, but soon experienced burnout trying to juggle the intensive curriculum and 2 part-time jobs. That was when she was introduced to sugar dating sites by someone at work. Not long after signing up, Cindy met James (30), a charming and successful man.

Having heard of unpleasant stories with regards to sugar dating, Cindy was appalled at how attractive and “normal” James was. After a few dates, she finally mustered the courage to ask him why he was on a sugar dating site when he could very easily get any woman he wanted off site. He laughed and told her that he was sick of women trying to get closer to him with a hidden agenda. At least on the site things are more transparent. He was also stressed from work and didn’t need the additional pressure and drama which he experienced from past relationships.

“To be honest this relationship feels like any other I’ve had before,” Cindy ponders out loud. After a short pause she continued, “Except that he’s way more capable financially compared to guys my age. I’m able to enjoy fine dining and trips which people my age could never afford on their own.

Yes, we do have sex, but it isn’t of a transactional nature. He has never pressured me into it and it happened naturally since we’re both attracted to each other.” He loves that she’s not entitled and cares for him beyond his wallet. He calls her his happy pill and finds comfort in her company when he’s under pressure at work.

When asked about the age gap, Cindy claims she doesn’t feel it. She gave a giggle and joked that men mature later than women anyway. James has since offered to pay for her education and daily needs so that she could focus on her studies. He valued that she had lofty aspirations despite the hardships she knows she would experience to obtain her dreams.


3. Kimberly – A Perfect Emotional and Physical Connection

Kim (26), as her friends call her, had just gotten out of a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. She was successful in her career and didn’t need financial assistance. She simply wanted a good lover. Kim had impulsively signed up for a Sugar Dating Account since she reasons that sugar daddies are obliged to treat their woman well. It was there that she met Paul (33).

“He was shy and reserved when we first met,” Kim recalls. I thought that perhaps he was on a Sugar Dating Site due to his introverted nature. A mere 3 dates later, Kim found that Paul was the funniest man she had ever met. There was never a moment of boredom when she was with him. He had an odd-ball sense of humor which Kim never knew she liked in a man. He seemed to know the best places to eat, from high end restaurants to the corner pushcart. As a foodie herself, Kim found this aspect of him extremely appealing.

“I was quite reluctant to receive lavish gifts from him and having him pay for everything when we’re out since I was not really strapped for cash. Later, I found out that he enjoys pampering his woman and would do these things just to see the smile on my face.” Kim then started fidgeting with her hands and blushed; “I used to date younger men or those the same age as me since I liked their youthful energy. But it just seems that older men know exactly what they’re doing in bed and aren’t lacking in stamina either.”

Kim found great comfort in having found someone who could relate to the pressure she experienced at work and provide constructive advice. They would spend hours talking and just enjoying each other’s’ company. He loved that she was strong willed and was unafraid to voice her opinions instead of relenting to his every whim like other women he used to date.

He said that it was refreshing finding a partner he could bounce ideas off.
She has since quit the Sugar Dating Site since she feels like she has found what she wanted. “I thought I would share my experience with other women since Sugar Dating is usually viewed in a very negative light. Maybe I am just lucky, but I’ve really enjoyed my sugar lifestyle experience,” she reveals.


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