Sugar Baby 101: Top 5 Exclusive Secrets on How to Be a Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby 101 … Top 5 Exclusive Secrets on How to Be a Sugar Baby

Today, we share with you 5 Exclusive Secrets that ALL Sugar Babies (new and existing) should know before you enter into the sugar bowl, and to succeed in your mutually beneficial relationships with your Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas …


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1. Are You Ready to Be a Sugar Baby?

What is Sugar Dating? To cut a long story short, it is receiving compensation in exchange for the time and effort you put into meeting your sugar daddy. The magnitude of your gifts is (not surprisingly) influenced by how much “sugar” you give your daddy.

“Sugar” varies for each Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma, and if you’re new to the sugaring game it’s best you set your limits and do not be pressured into Sugar Arrangements which cross your comfort boundaries. There is no lack of Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas out there so it’s best for you to be patient instead of doing things you’ll regret out of desperation.


2. Take Time to Know Your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy

Don’t rush into a Sugar Arrangement!

Most Sugar Relationships these days start online via websites or apps, and it is wise to talk to your potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy for a while before you decide to meet in real life.

The first date is really quite important because first impressions (eg. physical attraction, chemistry, ease of communication, meeting of expectations) will decide if your potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma wishes to see you again and proceed into a mutually beneficial arrangement. And vice versa.

Make sure you know what you’re expecting and communicate with your potential Daddy/Mama prior to the first date, so both of you are on the same page and no one receives an unwanted rude shock.


3. Are You Comfortable with Physical Intimacy or Not?

Two words: Physical Intimacy. If you’re okay with the idea of intimacy and sex with your Sugar Parent, you’ll naturally find it much easier to find a suitable and fulfilling Sugar Romance.

If you don’t, don’t despair. You just need to be more patient in your search. Yes, Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommies who are merely seeking platonic companionship do exist, but they tend to be fewer and a smaller percentage. Many Sugar Babies before you in the sugar bowl have had meaningful mutually beneficial relationships and regular dates without getting overly physical.

For those who are comfortable, you also have to consider if you can detach your personal emotions from sexual acts since not every Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy is looking to enter into a de facto relationship with you. If no, no worries – you just need to be more selective and find someone who’s looking for a stronger emotional connection as well.

One additional question you need to ask yourself is: Are you able to have sex and enjoy it or at least pretend to – with someone you aren’t attracted to? Somewhat a trick question, the simple answer is to find a glucose guardian whom you are attracted to and have chemistry with before you even proceed to sugar date, whether in a NSA relationship or something closer.

Answering “yes” to the above 3 questions gives you more options than most Sugar Babies starting out. Answering “no” is great too since you now know yourself and your wants/dislikes clearly. Use this criterion to help you refine your search for that ideal sugar partner. Good Job, either way!


4. Knowing Your Comfort Zones & Personal Situation

Another 2 words: Comfort Zones. Different people have different levels at which they feel comfortable. It is okay for you to stay within your safe zone. In fact, it’s better that you stay true to yourself instead of breaking all your personal codes of conduct and regretting it later.

One thing you have to consider is Infidelity. A good number of Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommies are married or in a relationship. Of course, there are many too who would divorced, separated, widowed or single, so they are not rare. You just need to know your own moral compass, and when your moral alarm bells go off. There’s no absolute “right” or “wrong”. You decide for yourself what suits you and what does not.

Another thing you have to consider is Fetishes. The occasional Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mamas may have a fetish (or two), and expect you to indulge them. It’s always good to clarify upfront whether they have any special requirements. If any of these fetishes make you cringe, it’s best that you make it known to them before you meet up.

Last but not least, it is important to know Where You Stand Financially. Ask yourself whether you need someone to provide even your basic daily necessities, or whether you can still manage paying your own basics (even if stretched) without any help. Be more cautious if you are absolutely reliant financially on your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy, as this may tie you unnecessarily to him/her, and put you at a disadvantage when negotiating your arrangement terms. You can consider looking for some form of employment to earn a supplementary income. Or, if you already have a job which helps cover your dailies, that’s great!


5. Safety, Safety & Still Safety

We cannot emphasize the importance of your safety enough … this is true of for all your dating endeavors, not just for Sugar Dating.


(A) Use an alias and a messaging app which does not divulge your phone number or email.

Yes, trust is important in relationships but first and foremost you have to protect yourself. In case the arrangement doesn’t work out, you want to be able to rest easy at night knowing that your information cannot be used to stalk or threaten you. Pick a name which is believable and easy to remember.


(B) Beware of free rides.

This statement sounds really ominous, but it is something quite important.

If your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy is giving/sending you a ride to pick you up (Grab, taxi/cab, car, etc), make sure you choose a public pick up point instead of your actual home address.

It might feel kind of inconvenient, but it is safer for you that you don’t reveal your home address. Also, ensure that you’re punctual so that you don’t waste your daddy’s precious time nor give him room to question your pick-up location.

For the same reason, it is best not to invite your sugar daddies back home, or at least until you have established some level of trust. In the end, rely on your gut instinct but keep in mind that they will always know where to find you if you invite them home and the relationship goes sour.


(C) Consider how discreet your sugar relationship needs to be.

If you want to keep your sugar life a secret and have to be seen in public with your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma, avoid locations near your usual hangouts and work place. It’s obviously easier to avoid probing questions if no one asks.

This next point might seem contradictory, but you need to have a safety contact who you trust to bail you out in case you get into a sticky situation. Someone needs to know at all times where you are and in what frame of time to expect you back.


(D) Try not to give (too much) before receiving.

Sounds really selfish, but you should never give (too much) before receiving. It is for your own well-being.

If it is your first date and your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama asks you to foot the bill for (food, the hotel room, anything costly!), and claims he/she will pay you back, don’t do it. Just don’t.

It is the fastest and surest way to get scammed since there are plenty of snakes hiding in sugar dating apps. If he doesn’t pay for it, assume he doesn’t have the money to.

Along the same lines, do not do anything for him without something in return. It is not uncommon for Sugar Babies to have “trial” sex with their Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommies on the first date and have the man/woman perform a disappearing act thereafter.

You should also not expect anything much in return for introductory dates whereby you first meet to get to know each other, other than perhaps a free meal, desserts or drinks. Focus on finding a proper mid to long-term sugar relationship, and not so much a one-off or short-term arrangement (unless this is what you want).


(E) Be safe, not sorry.

Last but not least, condoms. Whatever his reasons or any you can think of, get him to use it.

Get yourself tested regularly for STDs and consider going on birth control pills in case the condoms have been tampered with.


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