Sugar Baby Confessions: This Man Earns $4,000 a Month Sugar Baby Allowance

Sugar Baby Confessions … This Man Earns $4,000 a Month Sugar Baby Allowance as a Sugar Baby

Are you curious about the Life of a Sugar Baby? How is it like, and what does Being a Sugar Baby in a Sugar Arrangement entail?

Sugar Babies are young and attractive man and women who are cared for and pampered financially by an older and richer Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma. These mature men and women genuinely enjoy the companionship of a confident and charming Sugar Boy or Sugar Babe.

Traditionally, Sugar Relationships have been mistakenly perceived as a “pure exchange of time for money“. With changing societal attitudes towards Modern Sugar Dating, people now readily accept the mutually beneficial arrangement nature of Sugar Arrangements to find genuine dates and companions amidst a busy lifestyle, with many of them blossoming into longer term romances (and even marriages for some).


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sugar baby confessions - sugar baby allowance

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HappyMatches chats with David Jenkins, a 26 year-old college undergraduate living in the United States. As a young and handsome young American adult, he’s been through 3 Sugar Relationships (2 with a Sugar Momma, and his current arrangement is with a Sugar Daddy). He makes $4,000 a month as a Sugar Baby.


sugar baby confessions - sugar baby allowance


# Life of a Sugar Baby – Sugar Baby Confessions #

David shares with us his genuine Sugar Baby Confessions and heartfelt personal experiences in the Sugar Bowl as follows …


1. What is the Most Expensive Gift You have Received as a Sugar Baby?

David: The best gift I’ve received from a Sugar Parent to date was a branded watch worth over $2,500. And that was after my 3rd date with my rich Sugar Mama.


2. Tell Us More About Your Sugar Dating Journey So Far

I was 18 years old, and I had just graduated from High School in Texas. Coming from a very average family, I started to look for a job and opportunities to make money to help my family.

I started working in a cafe at first, and also did some part time and odd jobs to supplement my income.

One evening after work, a childhood friend shared with me about the possibility of having a regular Sugar Daddy Allowance. He told me to consider trying Sugar Dating arrangements, and to sign up to Sugar Daddy Websites and Sugar Momma Websites. .

I was quite skeptical at first. I was on Facebook and Twitter and there were people who were making jokes about it.

This pipped my curiosity as I was like, hey – what is this “Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby” thing about?

I began to search the internet to read up more about Sugar Dating relationships. I saw that it could provide me with financial support to help my family and start saving for college. And that’s when I started to take Sugar Arrangements more seriously.

That’s basically how I got started.


3. How Did You Meet Your Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas?

I discovered a few free Sugar Baby sites and Sugar Daddy apps online.

One of those that really impressed me was, an arrangement seeking site that matches Sugar Babies with potential Sugar Mommies and Sugar Daddies.

I immediately registered and created my “Sugar Baby” account. It allows me to create my profile, what I’m looking for, height, body type, ethnicity, what I do, a description of me, and other stuff.

Once my Sugar Baby profile was completed, I could easily message Sugar Dad and Sugar Mum profiles I was interested in, and they could do the same as well.

This is where I met my first Sugar Momma and started receiving my Sugar Baby Allowance. We met up in person after chatting briefly over a few days on the site.

After my first Sugar Momma arrangement ended, I came back to the site to search again for potential Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas. In my case, the search process for a mutually beneficial relationship (inclusive of meet ups) usually takes within a week or two (if fast), to a couple of weeks.

HappyMatches has a rapidly growing database of thousands of active Sugar Arrangement seekers. It’s predominant market is the U.S., but the site is gaining popularity rapidly in the U.K., Canada and Australia, plus all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It is the most recommended Sugar Dating Site to find your ideal Sugar Relationships in the United States.


4. Do You Worry that such Sugar Arrangement Sites are Illegal?

In case you’re wondering if having a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy may be illegal. Or if getting a Sugar Baby Allowance or Sugar Daddy Allowance is against the law. You will find out that Sugar Daddy Sites focus on REAL Relationships. They always state explicitly and make it clear that a Sugar Arrangement is not a prostitution or an escort service. And rightfully so for that matter.

Also, such Sugar Daddy Websites and Sugar Baby Apps do not permit prostitutes and escorts from using their platforms for their illegal commercial transactions and personal gain. Any account profiles which violate the rules can be reported by other members, and will be immediately banned and removed after investigations by the site’s admin team.

In any case, being in a mutually beneficial relationship is absolutely legal, legitimate and different from being an escort or a prostitute because Sugar Dating is more of a lifestyle choice and a romantic relationship. Your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma will take you out for dinner and events, to travel and shop with them, to mentor you and guide you in life and in your career, chill and relax with you, be your companion, romantic partner and confidant, and stuff like that.

Prostitution and Escorting is more artificial and transactional like you just meet up, have sex, and leave. And you never see or spend quality time with them again in a proper relationship outside of that.


5. Do You Still See Yourself Sugar Dating in the Next 5 to 10 years?

No one knows. But ideally, David says that he doesn’t plan on being in a Sugar Arrangement forever.

Who knows, he may end up meeting the “right one” – a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy whom he would like to marry and settle down with.

For now, at the least, with the attractive Sugar Daddy Allowance he is receiving, David looks forward to finishing his college degree in business administration. And to start working and establish his career in the corporate world, with the guidance and social/professional networks of his current wealthy Sugar Daddy.

He feels that one’s youth is passing. No one is going to remain so good-looking all the time. You’re only going to be young once, so in his words, why not take advantage of one’s youth and looks to make the most of it while you can?


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