Sugar Baby Dating: 5 Exclusive Secrets for our Sugar Daddy First Date Advice

Sugar Baby Dating: Looking to Impress Your Potential Sugar Baby? Here’s our 5 Exclusive Secrets for our Sugar Daddy First Date Advice …

Sugar Dating is like a playful dance between predator (Sugar Daddy) and prey (Sugar Baby). And the ting is, the alluring lady actually wants to be “caught and devoured” by the right matured and charming man.

Whilst Sugar Daddies are looking for certain qualities and characteristics within their Sugar Baby, similarly, a Sugar Baby is also instinctively searching for certain traits and requirements within their potential Sugar Daddy which gives her the comfort level to be with him.

So importantly, all you as a Sugar Daddy needs to do, is to know what these things that your gorgeous Sugar Baby is looking for, and how to embody them so that you can attract her enough to want to know you deeper and enter into a Sugar Relationship with you.

Today, drawing from our rich insights having interacted with thousands of attractive Sugar Babies, we will be sharing with you our 5 Exclusive Secrets: being our Sugar Daddy First Date Advice, and in fact this advice will remain relevant and useful throughout your Sugar Romance journey.

We have painstakingly compiled these precious tips to help you understand what Sugar Babies instantly look for when going on a first date with a potential Sugar Daddy. You will therefore learn how to appeal to her as a more desirable and confident man, and to stand out from your other potential Sugar Daddy competitors who are also interested in the same alluring ladies.

You will therefore learn how to appeal to her as a more desirable and confident man, and to stand out from your other potential Sugar Daddy competitors who are also interested in the same alluring ladies.


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Sugar Baby Dating - Sugar Daddy First Date Advice

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Sugar Baby Dating: First Impressions of a Potential Sugar Daddy on a First Date

We already know that “first dates really matter” – it’s your “make” or “break” with your potential Sugar Baby. Screw it up, and she’ll strike you out and consider another eligible Sugar Daddy instead. First impressions when Sugar Baby Dating are extremely important, because you want to make sure that you (as her potential Sugar Daddy) know exactly what it is that she (your potential Sugar Baby) is looking for, so that you tap into it and get the attraction with and response from her that you want.

Culminating from our research on Sugar Baby Dating, we know exactly what it is that Sugar Babies really want, look for, and are attracted to, in their potential Sugar Daddies. This will determine whether they will say “yes” to even go out on a first date with you, or “yes” to another date with you and to enter into an amazing Sugar Romance with you.

So, don’t rush or brush over these important Sugar Daddy Dating Tips and to really take mental notes. Without further ado, let’s jump right straight into these Top Five Sugar Daddy Advice right now …


1. Confidence is a Game Changer

We hear that ladies love this trait in guys they date all the time! But before you switch off, know that you’re here for a reason. ���Confidence” to a Sugar Baby, is akin to “Sex Appeal” to a Sugar Daddy. Every lady irresistibly desires and are attracted to Men who have confidence. Importantly, we should not confuse confidence with ego. If you come for a date with a Sugar Baby, and you’ve got your strong ego attached to who you are and you want to push your own agenda on her, you’ll soon realize that it’s going to be a real turn-off for her.

Confidence to a Sugar Baby, is more about representing that, you as a potential Sugar Daddy know who you are, that you have direction in life, and that you can be there for her. This gives the lady the sense that you’re also able to lead her. Instinctively, as a woman, Sugar Babies are highly attracted to men who are confident because it makes them feel more safe. It also makes her believe that you’re able to be in control of a situation. This really helps her step into who she is as a woman.

You may even hear that a Sugar Daddy’s confidence is more important than his looks to a Sugar Baby. Even if you’re not the typical good-looking and handsome guy, she’s more likely to date (and enter into a Sugar Arrangement) with you if you are able to exude the confidence she is looking for. Contrast this with a physically really attractive Sugar Daddy who just doesn’t have the same sort of confidence about him.

The reason why we mentioned this characteristic first, is because “Confidence” really is the first thing that Sugar Babies are absolutely drawn to. If you are in her presence – and you’re able to hold your own self, have the right body posture, have an energy that exudes the fact that you know you are worthy and who it is you are, and that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone – plus you’re actually humble, down-to-earth and gentlemanly, then any Sugar Baby is naturally going to be drawn deeply to you. Confidence to ladies is a massive magnet! It will literally change the Sugar Dating game for you.


2. Decisiveness – Women Want to be Led

Let us say this, guys. When Sugar Baby Dating, there’s nothing sexier than “A MAN With A PLAN”. A Sugar Daddy who is able to actually take control and make a decision, and have a clear direction about his life, about that date, about what he’s doing tomorrow.

Such a man makes a Sugar Baby believe that he has the future in mind. What Sugar Babies really want as women is to be led. She is drawn to Sugar Daddies who can step up and show the qualities of a leader. What this does is trigger a response within her to follow you and be led by you almost as that damsel.

This does not mean that she wants you to be a hero. Trust us, women want more of a partner than a hero. This is all about you showing that you can take control of a situation, that you can be decisive about what you want. This makes a Sugar Baby feel safe in your presence. Whether it is right now, or when things happen later down the road.

A great way to show your Sugar Baby that you’re a man with “the plan” is to put some thought into the date. Don’t just ask her what it is that she wants and be wishy-washy about everything. Make sure that your answers and your responses have some sort of finality to them.

Obviously, you don’t want to be coming across as too pushy or too controlling. At the same time, if you’re able to already organize things in place for the date (whether it’s the restaurant, the order, the wine), you step into the role of being the one to lead the way that the date is going. Honestly, your gorgeous Sugar Date is going to be pleasantly surprised and be in awe of you.


3. Security – Making Her “Feel Safe”

Besides confidence, “Security” is another mega criterion and probably the other most important requirement of a Sugar Daddy that Sugar Babies really want. She needs to know that she can feel safe in your presence – not only safe to be who she is as a woman, without fear of being compared to another woman. But also safe that you are not going to take advantage of her, and that you are able to protect her.

Sugar Babies as women, always have this kind of a nurturing side to them. And part of this nurturing element within her means that she’s actually yearning to know that the Sugar Daddy she has in her life is able to take care of her. Beyond just financially, but if there’s danger out there, you’re able to step up and defend her. This doesn’t mean you have to become aggressive, turn into a superhero or flash your ninja moves, or anything like that.

Sugar Daddies, you can make your Sugar Baby feel safe simply by the way you respond to the environment that you take her to. By choosing a safe environment, by listening to what she says, being there for her and reassuring her when she’s anxious about something. Put her mind at ease.

A simple way to make her feel safe is to stand next to her so that your Sugar Baby can actually feel your energy if you’re both in a situation, where maybe, there’s lots of other guys around or it’s a bit of a rowdy crowd. Another way to make her feel safe is simply by asking her “Are you okay?” “Do you want to go somewhere else?” “Is this alright?” By actually putting her concerns first, she’s really going to feel not only prioritized, but also valued by you.

Feeling safe around you is a major thing that a Sugar Baby wants to have from you on the very first date. If she does not feel safe in your presence because you are either too intimidating, comparing her against other ladies, or have no concern for her safety in the environment you’ve taken her to, chances are you’ll never hear from her again. 


4. Listening Skills

We all know that most ladies love to talk and talk and talk. It is Science! Studies show that women talk like 13,000 more words than men every single day. You can’t beat her, so you might as well know how to accommodate her and use this to your advantage. And the way you do so is simply by sitting back and listening to your Sugar Baby.

Now this isn’t about being a passive listener. This is about active listening, and using what she’s saying to engage her in interactive conversation down the line. So if she says: “I’ve got family. I’ve got brothers and sisters.” You can ask: “What are their names?” And she can then go into her story.

If you want to show that you’re really actively listening, then ask her questions … The good thing is because you’re being present in that conversation and you are asking questions, you’re going to retain what she is saying a little bit more plus get to know more about your Sugar Baby. You’re then able to use whatever information that she’s feeding you on other dates with her. For instance, if she mentions that she’s allergic to fish, you know not to take her to a seafood restaurant for the next date. Or if she mentions that she loves sunflowers, then on the next date you may want to surprise her with a sunflower since it’s her favorite flower.

When a Sugar Daddy listens to his Sugar Baby, especially from the first date (because that’s when she’s starting to evaluate whether or not she wants to go on subsequent dates with you), it signals to her that you are making her your priority, and that you value her enough for the person that she is and what she has to say. It makes her feel excited, and it sets you apart from other Sugar Daddy competitors.


5. Chivalry

That’s right! Don’t think that you guys can get away with not being romantic.

Sugar Babies are women – she craves romance. Let’s be honest: it does not seem like there are a lot of gentleman Sugar Daddies out there. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, then come across as a true gentleman.

If you are dating a potential Sugar Baby, it’s not about getting to second base as fast as you can. If you want to accelerate and escalate the date and Sugar Relationship with her, you’re going to get there faster if you act like a gentleman, rather than a man who wants a quick fix.

A gentleman is someone who is kind and considerate. He does not swear as much, opens the car door, pulls out the chair, who pays for the date bills. If you’re not paying the bill on the first date as a potential Sugar Daddy, we’re sorry but you’ve seriously discredited yourself. And most ladies will advise their lady friends not to date you. It’s not about her “taking your money” nor her “trying to use you” or “take advantage of you”, it’s actually your opportunity to be able to step up and show her that you’re really able to take care of her as your Sugar Baby and be a gentleman.

Even though we live in an age of feminism, women still have this desire within them which is triggered by certain actions in a man. So if you want to be with a Sugar Baby who is able to respond to you being a gentleman, the only way you’re going to know is if you actually put those actions into place. Chivalry will never go out of style, my friends! The more you start to invest in wooing your lady, old school courting her, show that you are someone who is able to take it slow, and make her feel special, then hands down, she’ll agree to begin the Sugar Romance.


Tapping into what it is that a Sugar Baby really craves for as a woman, is going to make her want to have a second date and consider a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship with you. You want to leave her at the end of the night truly desiring you, being crazy about you, and thinking about you – because you really like her as well.

We promise you that if you put these 5 things into practice, you’re going to make an awesome impression on her for your first date. Your consistency is key thereafter as you go on more dates and enter into that special Sugar Arrangement with her. You also need to make sure your subsequent dates with her are constantly progressing to a level where it gets beyond platonic, where you’re able to feel that chemistry with her. Where you’re able to show that you can take control, make a decision and lead the date and relationship the way you want it to go.

With that, we wish you success in your Sugar Dating, and in finding an awesome arrangement partner for a fulfilling and fun-filled relationship through Sugar Baby sites/apps (like, and


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