Sugar Baby Profile: Top 7 Exclusive Secrets to Create an Exciting & Irresistible Sugar Baby Bio

Sugar Baby Profile … Here’s the Top 7 Exclusive Secrets to Create an Exciting & Irresistible Sugar Baby Bio

Are you new to Sugar Daddy Websites/Apps and have no idea why your Sugar Baby Profile isn’t getting many hits and views?

Or has it been ages since you joined, and you haven’t gotten the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma you want?

Well maybe you need to revisit your sugar profile to see if it is one which optimally attracts Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mummies!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list with our 7 Proprietary Secrets, which can help you create a much more attractive Sugar Baby Bio to stand out from the crowd!


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1. Choosing Profile Pictures for Your Sugar Baby Profile

Never underestimate the importance of the pictures you post on your Sugar Baby Profile, especially the one which shows up as your icon or main profile picture. Pictures are likely the first thing potential Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas look at before even clicking on and reading a Sugar Baby’s detailed profile information.

If you don’t have a specific type of Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama which you’re targeting, changing your profile pics often would be a good idea. Different men/women find different types of girls/guys attractive, so changing up the “flavors” of your pictures is a good bet to attract as many men/women as possible.

Take note of which set of pictures garner the most attention in terms of messages and profile visits so that you have a good idea of what Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mummies find attractive. Leave a set of pictures up long enough, so that you’ll know for sure which pictures are found attractive.

In this day and age, it is rare or impossible to find a girl/guy who doesn’t edit her pictures before uploading them. After all, we want the world to see us at our best. Editing is fine, but keep in mind that the pictures you upload will be the benchmark for what a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy expects to see in person.

Do not overly edit your pictures into an ethereal beauty whom your potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma won’t recognize when you meet up with him/her.


2. Form an Identity for Your Sugar Baby Bio

Next, you have to choose an identity to center your Sugar Baby Profile around. By this, it doesn’t mean that you choose a perfect persona out of a romance novel or fairy tale who you want to be; you have to choose an aspect of your real personality and play it up.

Don’t fake a persona who you want to become since this will be taxing on yourself in the long run. Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas aren’t stupid either, he/she will easily pick out a fake.

For example, you prefer to dress down and spend your free time quietly at home, rather than be out and about breaking men’s/women’s hearts. You have to bring that across in your profile, so that your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy won’t be expecting a femme fatale to show up.

Be consistent in your profile and in messages which you exchange with your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy, as compared to what you can portray comfortably in real life.

Now that you’ve decided on an identity, it is time to move on to writing up your Sugar Baby Description.


3. Writing Up Your Sugar Baby Description

What is the difference between a Sugar Baby Bio which makes you glance and skip past it, and one which makes you linger to read on and find out more about the person? Attractive pictures are one thing, but beautiful girls/handsome guys are a dime a dozen in the sugar bowl.

Question: How then do you make yourself memorable and stand out from all the other Sugar Babies?

Answer: The secret lies in the way you write up your Sugar Baby Description, the small little endearing stories about yourself which your pictures can’t tell.


(A) Your Profile Name

Your name on your Sugar Baby Profile is the identity which the visitors to your profile will associate with your pictures. It is recommended in the sugar world to use an alias, so why not choose one which highlights your charm and makes you stick in the memories of potential Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas?

Men/Women on Sugar Dating Sites are likely to be talking to more than one girl/guy, thus you need to be that one girl/guy they remember. How do you do this?

Research suggests that interestingly enough, the subconscious mind of rich men prefer girls whose names start with an “A”. perhaps it’s because of the order of the alphabet which places the letter “A” before all other alphabets and a busy mind mind links the order of preference of girls/guys the same way.

Choose short names which are easy to remember, even better if they’re linked to a famous person or fictional character.


(B) Your Headline

The headline on your Sugar Baby Bio is a short tag which is attached to your name and is the next thing Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas will see right after seeing your name. Most girls/guys see it as a bother and don’t even give a second thought before typing something random or boring in the header space.

This little space is a blurb which represents your story, it has to be interesting enough that the potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy reader will want to continue reading!

A short eye-catching phrase which represents you would be a difficult to write but it will be worth it to put some thought into it. For example, if you are shooting for the girl-next-door persona, don’t input something naughty and overtly sexy.

You will get attention from it, but it won’t be the kind that you want. On the other hand, if you are aiming for something kinkier, the naughtier the catchphrase, the better!


(C) Quality or Quantity?

Keeping in mind that different men/women like different types of girls/guys, it would be worth considering if you want to cast a wide net to “catch” all Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mummies in general, or you want to cast a smaller net to cater to a specific niche.

Just remember that the wider the net, the weaker the bonds of your netting! Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas who are interested in a particular type of girls/guys would be confused to see you switch between personas and be turned off.

On the other side of the coin, it would also be easier for you to be consistent and play up one persona. You would be able to cater to a huge range of Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas, but it would be emotionally taxing to remember the small little untruths you told in order to make your roles more convincing. More experienced Sugar Daddies would also be able to easily tell that you’re a hoax and that you’re not what they’re looking for.

Either way, you have to make a difficult choice between the two. Whilst it is theoretically possible to create 2 Sugar Baby accounts with different personas on the same Sugar Daddy App/Site, in practice this will make both your profiles look fake and like a scam – so avoid doing this.


(D) Be a Unique Unicorn

Cheat a little and have a look at other Sugar Babies’ profiles! If you see a recurring theme or phrase in their Sugar Baby Profiles, avoid doing the same. You don’t want to be seen as another run of the mill, gold digging bore.

Don’t play the mysterious princess and write vague entries such as “ask me”, “that’s for me to know and you to find out”, or similar permutations. It rarely works! You aren’t playing hide and seek dating with a teenage boy; these men/women are here because they know what they want, and they would hate to waste their time playing games.

Find a refreshing new twist of words to express your interests and to spread the general airs as to what you’re looking for. Avoid sounding overly entitled because potential Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mummies will avoid you. Also do not reveal too much that you’re a first-timer, very inexperienced in Sugar Dating and don’t know what you’re doing, because this is where the sneaky salty or splenda daddies/mommas may try to take advantage of you.


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