Virtual Sugar Baby: 4 Exclusive Secrets to Find Your Dream Virtual Sugar Babies

Seeking a Virtual Sugar Baby? Read our 4 Exclusive Secrets on How to Find and Attract Gorgeous Virtual Sugar Babies

Are you a busy man who wants a spark of excitement in your life, but your schedule or an assortment of other reasons does not permit you to do so? Do you have loads of spare cash which you won’t mind spending on a nubile young thing in exchange for her time?

Or perhaps you have never been in a Sugar Arrangement before and wish to start off with an online experience? If any of these descriptions fit you, then being a Virtual Sugar Daddy would be your cup of tea, and you are reading just the right article!

Regardless of whether you’re an inexperienced Online Sugar Daddy or a seasoned pro, this article would definitely be useful to you. So let’s get started!


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1. Being a Virtual Sugar Daddy

Since a great proportion of men wishing to be exclusively Virtual Sugar Daddies are new residents of the sugar bowl, this article will include the most basic of basics. It is unarguably quite sensible to start off something different and less conventional as Sugar Dating virtually first. To get the ball rolling, let’s talk about what being a Sugar Daddy entails. For those new to the game, you’ve probably heard of things fluttering about on the grapevine which enticed you to try out the Sugar Daddy lifestyle; but what is being a Sugar Daddy really like?

The standard expectations of most Sugar Babies in Sugar Relationships consists of the Sugar Daddy being financially able, and he takes care of his Sugar Baby by bringing her out on lavish dates, buys her high-end gifts regularly, and more often than not provides an allowance. As an Online Sugar Daddy, the first of these expectations is not expected of you. However, with the advent of online shopping and banking, the other 2 expectations can be easily met as long as you have the financial prowess.

The magnitude of gifts received, and the frequency is totally up to the two parties involved in the “Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby” arrangement to decide; as well as the “compensation” the Sugar Baby needs to provide in exchange for her daddy’s pampering. Sugar Couples range from platonic friendships or normal dates, to a relationship fueled by passion and lust. Every couple is different, and it is up to you to decide on what you seek. Sex does not always have to be a part of the equation.


2. What is a Virtual Sugar Baby?

To some men, a Virtual Sugar Baby is not as enticing as one whom you can hold in the flesh. So why does the market exist? What exactly does an Online Sugar Baby do? What can she do for the man who provides for her material needs? For obvious reasons, one component of Virtual Sugar Dating is that there is no physical relationship. One thing which needs to be made clear is that the majority of Virtual Sugar Arrangements are not sexual ones. It is no surprise that this fact might baffle some men who are highly sexual and are searching for Sugar Babies to satisfy this very need.

The bit of sugaring which remains constant is the fact that the Sugar Daddy still has to be financially capable to some extent. Spoiling a sugar baby through the web, be it in the form of gifts or cash has become increasingly easy. The emotional aspect of sugar dating is one which has to be highly ramped up when taken online. This could take the form of problem sharing, or heart to heart talks about everything under the sun; which could eventually lead to genuine emotional attachment through these bonding sessions.

Virtual Sugar Babies usually are willing to reserve more of their time for their daddy, unlike some forms of physical sugar dating which consists of meeting up, having sex and leaving after an exchange of gifts or cash within a short period of time. For girls who’re more reserved and want a Virtual Sugar Daddy without investing in the relationship physically, being an Online Sugar Baby is perfect. As such, there are no lack of girls willing to be your Virtual Sugar Baby. On the part of the Online Sugar Daddy, he is looking for an emotional connection and companionship rather than a sexual encounter.

It would not be unusual for you, as the Virtual Sugar Daddy to request one-way video calls from your Online Sugar Baby. In this way you maintain your privacy while getting the privilege of interacting with an attractive girl who you would otherwise have no relations with. How raunchy or tame these video sessions get depends largely on the parties involved, or mainly what the Sugar Daddy wants. This could range from something as tame to dining together over a video call, or a naughty strip tease. Daily texts and long phone calls are not uncommon in Virtual Sugar Relationships.


3. Why Would You Want a Virtual Sugar Baby?

A reason which is commonly touted by Virtual Sugar Daddies is that keeping the relationship online keeps the stress levels down. They have much more money to spare than the average man, but these powerful men feel vulnerable sometimes, too. More so dealing with a beautiful young girl, which is usually not their field of expertise. For a large proportion of Online Sugar Daddies, a long time has passed since they’ve dropped out of the dating game and might not know what to do in the company of someone so much younger. With a Virtual Sugar Baby, they can avoid public humiliation and slowly re-learn the ropes.

A second reason which is completely understandable is that an Online Sugar Baby simply requires less time. Some men such as yourself are busy beyond the average person’s imagination, and they don’t have the luxury of time to squander on a “normal” girlfriend who he has to regularly meet up with, with each meet wasting an entire day or so of his time. Not to mention the emotional roller coasters and drama she might put him through when her hormone levels fluctuate. An online girlfriend would cut out a lot of the unwanted things which arise from a “normal” relationship.

Some men who look for Virtual Sugar Babies are married, with a wife and children. They are bored of their marriage and their relationship with their wife but are unwilling to compromise their children’s family environment. It will surprise you how many men find it difficult to communicate with their spouse after many years of marriage. You are not alone if you fall within this group! Within the group, some men just want to bask in the attention of an attractive younger woman but are not willing to cross the boundary by entering into a physical relationship. Some relish a relationship with a woman they couldn’t have gotten without their money, but don’t want to give up the stable home environment their less attractive wife provides.

Whatever your reason might be, don’t be afraid to do something for fear that someone you know will judge you. You need to care for yourself first and foremost, with your mental health taking priority. If what you need right now is a charming young girl to take you away from the stress of your existing relationship, then so be it. Besides, if the fear of infidelity is what bothers you, by keeping it online, it is not very much different from watching porn or looking at raunchy pics on the web; you aren’t technically “cheating”.


4. Safety in a Virtual Sugar Baby Relationship

As the age old saying goes, “It’s always better to be safe, than sorry!” With the increase of online scams and cyber bullying these days, you should never rush too quickly into having raunchy video and phone chats with your Virtual Sugar Baby.

Take sufficient time (even a few weeks or a month or two), or as much time as you require, to gauge your Online Sugar Baby and to build up sufficient trust and comfort level between the both of you. Only then should you, if you want to, start to expose your unclothed self and perform any intimate acts in front of the video camera. The same goes with any “sexy” phone chats you have with your Online Sugar Baby where your personal identity can be easily identified from the contents of that audio conversation.

For the more conservative and cautious Virtual Sugar Daddies, they may not want at all to expose their “vulnerabilities” (whether via video or over the phone), to avoid any possible repercussions (including accidental leaks or criminal threats) in future. There could even be situations where a fall-out between 2 online arrangement seekers becomes acrimonious (like in any couple breakup), and either party becomes malicious or seeks “revenge” of some sort.

Once again, we emphasize, please exercise all due and necessary caution in your Online Sugar Romance rendezvous.   


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