Black Sugar Daddy: Here's 3 Proven Ways to Find & Attract Black Sugar Daddies

Black Sugar Daddy … Here’s 3 Proven Ways to Find & Attract Black Sugar Daddies

If you’re here, you must love black men. Well what’s not to love? They are rugged, dauntless and charismatic. If you’re already in love with a black man, there are some things which you must take note of.

If you love the idea of being with a black man, there are a few things for you to contemplate. The advice you’re about to read may not be 100% accurate and the list is certainly not exhaustive, but the following will certainly help you in making your ebony king feel more appreciated and loved.


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Today, we share with you 3 Exclusive Secrets that ALL Black Sugar Daddies find extremely irresistible in their Sugar Babies …


1. Always Have Your Black Sugar Daddy’s Back

First off, you need to realize that black men, above all other races, are compelled to be leaders, be it in the work place or in a relationship. Your black sugar daddy is likely to need to wear the pants in the relationship and feel like he has a good grasp of control over the relationship to some extent.

This is probably due to the stereotype in our society that places black men on a lower rung in the social ladder, and they are often undermined and generalized simply based on their skin color alone. They are sometimes downtrodden and even expected to be not as bright or capable as their white counterparts. Your Black Sugar Daddy will want a partner who will not join the ranks of those who demean him. He needs a woman who empowers him and reaffirms his competence.

Be the pillar behind him. As they say, behind every successful man there is a woman. You must be that woman he can lean on. Even if you’re not likely to fully understand what he’s telling you, be there for him. Listen and try to empathize, sometimes this will be all he needs.

Having his back is not limited to the relationship between the two of you. You have to stand up for him when someone makes a snide remark or speaks ill of him under their breath when you’re present; Be it out of ignorance, malicious intent, or simply racism. Show him that the two of you are a team. Speak up for him and educate the ignorant if you have to. He just has to see that you’re on his side.


2. Your Relationship with Your Black Sugar Daddy

Just looking at the statistics available online, black men are not the first to jump on the marriage bandwagon. Most of them have some deep-seated fear of commitment for a multitude of reasons, usually either due to being hurt or having hurt someone in the past. They tend to be careful and take baby steps in relationships.

What more in a Sugar Relationship, you do not want to pressure your Black Sugar Daddy into an exclusive relationship where he’s stuck with you and you alone unless he suggests it first. This will just lead to him fleeing or making decisions which you or he himself might regret. Definitely do not push him into one of those “Choose me or … situations” because that will make him flee. Be accommodating and do not pressure him with ultimatums or subliminal messages (which most men won’t get anyway). If you are patient and he likes you, rest assured that he will do what is necessary to keep you around.

Keeping the past in the past is something you need to learn. Based on market data, most black men over a quarter of a century old are bound to have at least one offspring. The number of children might increase especially if he’s older or more desirable. You don’t have to force yourself if this is a situation you’re not comfortable with, but it is only right to be realistic. You don’t have to get involved with his previous exes or cause drama surrounding that, but you do have to relinquish some hope that your attractive black man is childless. Your Black Sugar Daddy has also perhaps had some history with the law. As long as his life is currently on the straight and narrow, you shouldn’t let this affect you too much.

Black men are undeniably attractive and sexy. To be in any form of relationship with a black man, you first need to throw away your insecurities. It is not fair to berate him when other girls show their attraction towards him when he is just being himself. After all he did catch your eye and be proud in the fact that he chose you instead of those other girls eyeing him. You just have to believe in yourself and in him, and it’ll all be under control.


3. Showering Your Black Sugar Daddy with Love

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cliché, but true. All men in general enjoy eating. Black men in particular, are like the culinary maestros when it comes to eating food. They. Love. Food. Learn how to cook!

You might not be the best chef in town but there’s something really heart-warming about coming home from a stressful work day to the smell of something lovely cooking. If he loves to cook too, all the better. It can be a really awesome bonding activity. Even better if you do that cooking with nothing else under the apron. *Winks*

Somewhere along the history of relationships, it became a man’s role to pamper his partner. Drop that nonsense because in a relationship, almost everything is reciprocal. Do unto your partner what you wish done unto you! Give him a long relaxing massage after a tiring day at work; prepare his bath; have everything ready when he needs it to be.

Bottomline is: Make your Black Sugar Daddy feel appreciated and loved for the King that he is, if you want to be his Queen.


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