Define Sugar Daddy: Seeking Arrangement: What is a Sugar Daddy?

Define Sugar Daddy: We explain “What is a Sugar Daddy?” And share 5 Exclusive Secrets to help you Find a Sugar Daddy and Succeed in a Sugar Daddy arrangement.


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Define Sugar Daddy - What is a Sugar Daddy

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1. Define the word “Sugar Daddy”

We find interesting definitions of a Sugar Daddy appear when one does a quick search online on Google. We’ve summarized them as follows …

1. Sugar Dads are older, mature and rich men who lavish money and gifts on younger women (i.e. sugar babies) in return for their company

2. A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who brings monetary assistance to his sugar baby. Sugar Daddies provide financial support to their sugar arrangement partners which helps them with their college loans and tuition fees, day-to-day living bills, and regularly pamper their younger sugar dates with gifts, fine living and travel.

Urban Dictionary brings out the humor of things by explaining the 3 different types of Sugar Daddies which exist:-

(a) The Splenda Daddy: The lowest end form of a Sugar Daddy. Despite promising to pamper his Sugar Baby with gifts and money, his ability to do so is constrained by his income.

(b) The Sugar Daddy who budgets and sets aside a weekly or monthly amount of sugar money (from his earnings) to spend on his Sugar Baby.

(c) The Honey Daddy: He is the “crème de la crème” – the best of the Sugar Daddy crop. He is immensely wealthy and even affluent. This Sugar Benefactor splurges and lavishes good things on his Sugar Baby without blinking. He may even be in more than one sugar relationship at the same time.


2. What is a Sugar Daddy?

In essence, a Sugar Daddy relationship is a sweet romance between a wealthy mature man and a younger gorgeous lady or guy. They understand what each other wants, and do their part to pamper and be there for the person.

Sugar Daddies are usually businessmen, top professionals or high-flying corporate executives.

Being too busy or tired of traditional dating, a Sugar Daddy prefers a Sugar Romance where he can lavish his affection, attention and material wealth on his alluring Sugar Baby to make her happy.

After all, a Sugar Daddy is a rich and older man who is successful in life. He seeks the company of a young and attractive lady or guy to enjoy life with. Besides pampering his Sugar Baby financially and materially, he also mentors his sugar relationship partner with his vast life experiences, and helps them achieve their career and personal aspirations.


3. What Can a Sugar Daddy Do for You?

Still studying or having just started out in their careers, most young ladies and guys are saddled with heavy financial burdens – tuition fees, rental payments, day-to-day living expenses, and perhaps, a low starting out salary.

Being young and full of dreams and aspirations, they want to experience much more in their lives:-

(i) they want to travel widely, and enjoy a luxury lifestyle they otherwise cannot afford.

(ii) they want to fast-track their careers and achieve their own success early in life.

(iii) they want a mature and financially stable romantic partner.

(iv) they want to be free of debt and happy.

Simply put, they want the best that life has to offer.

Whether a Sugar Babe or Sugar Boy, a Sugar Daddy can offer all these and more to you:-

(a) monetary help & financial assistance

(b) a luxury lifestyle, travel vacations & fine living

(c) be your career mentor & life coach

(d) advance your career & build your professional networks

(e) be your companion, relationship & romance partner


4. How does a Sugar Arrangement work?

Before starting an arrangement, both Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby will share what they each want in the sugar relationship – their wants, needs, desires, expectations and aspirations.

With that, both arrangement seekers will discuss the financial agreement and other details of the mutually beneficial arrangement.

Most Sugar Babies will ask for a monthly allowance, whilst others may prefer gifts, shopping sprees or glamorous vacations.

Other details for discussion include the meet up frequency and duration, whether travel is required, and any boundaries of the relationship. Eg. whether it is discreet, exclusive, platonic and whether there’s sexual intimacy involved.

Generally speaking, the age range of Sugar Daddies is wide, from as young as early thirties to as old as late fifties and early sixties. The average age would be between late thirties to late forties.

Most Sugar Babies are university students, young college graduates and those still in the early years of their career. Others include single moms, divorced or separated women, and those widowed or in unhappy marriages. They turn to Sugar Daddies for financial assistance, companionship, mentoring, romance and even emotional support.


5. Difference between a Sugar Baby and a Prostitute

Besides a legal age limit of 18 and above to be in a “Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby” arrangement, and everything done having to be consensual, there is nothing illegal or immoral about being in a Sugar Relationship.

Simply put, it is a relationship on mutually agreed terms – a “willing buyer, willing seller” scenario. Neither party is in a vulnerable position nor is either party taking advantage of the other.

It is not prostitution or escorting – the Sugar Baby is not paid to have sex with strangers. Neither is the Sugar Baby paid for each session of sex with her/his Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma give monetary support and gifts to pamper and take care of their arrangement partners. It is a genuine, compatible and happy relationship, based on mutually agreed terms and boundaries.

Whilst it is a mutually beneficial relationship, this is part and parcel of the growing popular norms of modern day dating. Where more and more people are tired and frustrated about “beating about the bush” and the “many hits and misses” that revolve around traditional dating. It is no wonder that many singles these days complain about the low success rates of finding a relationship partner through conventional dating apps and sites.

Perhaps, the solution would be to embrace modern Sugar Dating instead – and let romance, deeper relationship (and even marriage) blossom from both parties being upfront with their expectations and aspirations with each other from the very start.


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