How To Get A Sugar Daddy: Here's 5 Exclusive Secrets to Find & Attract Your Dream Sugar Daddies

How To Get A Sugar Daddy? Here’s our Top 5 Exclusive Secrets to Find & Attract Your Dream Sugar Daddies

Do you want to know how to get a Sugar Daddy? Well you aren’t the only youth with these thoughts. First off, to be able to get a Sugar Daddy all to yourself, you need to be able to understand the rich men who are your target. After all, understanding your “Target” is half the battle won.

Sometimes, you will need to step out of the box that is your comfort zone, but in the end it’ll all be worth it if your reward is a caring Sugar Daddy who’ll shower you with the companionship, affection, romance, gifts and pampering, that you desire.

This article will give you some pointers which will help you in understanding the demographic of men under which your potential Sugar Daddy falls, as well as give a general overview of the women which are their cup of tea.


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1. Who is Your “Target” Sugar Daddy?

Have you ever wondered what are the chances of you getting a Sugar Daddy for yourself? After all, there is no lack of women with the same aim as you, with each of them being more attractive than the next. However, have no fear! There is an increasing number of rich men, and the number continues to grow daily.

How “rich” someone is depends on the person who is judging. If you are targeting a Sugar Daddy on the Forbes list, yes, it will be insurmountably difficult, and the average woman will probably never make the cut. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a man who could care for you above and beyond your worldly needs, your playing field will open up significantly, and there is less pressure on you appearance wise. You may not make the list of the most beautiful faces, but you can still be well above average and desirable to many men. Even setting the benchmark as a man who has a million dollars in assets, the odds are still extremely favorable in the United States as every household in 13 has at least that amount in assets. The odds are still reasonably good even if you raise the benchmark a hundredfold; you will reach an odds ratio of 1:100.

What you need to know is, who are these men? They are obviously not evenly dispersed in the population, their numbers getting concentrated in fields such as finance and investment banking. Some are business owners, raking in the dough both online and offline. Not to be forgotten are the men who are specialists in medicine or are lawyers or engineers.


2. Learn to Recognize Them in a Crowd

Rich men certainly don’t go around wearing a nameplate proclaiming how rich they are, so how would you pick one out in a crowd of people? It would be a grave mistake to assume that the wealthy all squander their money in dressing themselves in branded goods from head to toe. On average, the truly rich aren’t clout chasers and would never buy something just because it has a luxury label attached. In fact, men who act as such would be those with a little spare change to show off, and not very much to spend on you.

You have to open your eyes wide and scrutinize the crowd flocking around high-end places. Judging them by their appearance alone isn’t a particularly good idea; the best way to identify these men would be to initiate a conversation with them, and ask strategic, leading questions. These are some pointers as to what you should aim to find out; Generally, these men excelled in school or came from prestigious academies. They have a goal in mind, set for the future and they don’t do things which will only help them to succeed in the short-term. When you get to know them better, you will realize that they are not very good at spending long hours texting with you or calling you since they work very long hours.

In a group of people, they usually stand out in a pleasant way. They will be brimming with confidence with a hint of narcissism, but not overbearingly so. When you talk to them they will make you feel as though you’re telling them the most interesting things they have ever heard. They are humble and don’t toot their own horns. They are aware of chips in their armor and look for companions who can mend these chips. Sadly, many of them feel entitled since they have worked so hard to achieve their success.

You can also occasionally do a google search to find an updated list of locations where rich men congregate; Think of it as your personal Sugar Daddy “heat map”. Loitering in areas dense with the type of men you seek would mean that you have an improved chance of meeting one of them.


3. Understand the Kind of Woman that They Seek

To get yourself a Sugar Daddy, you have to be the kind of woman they want. No sugar coating, no excuses; You have to be attractive to them. Of course, not every man has the same taste in women, but here are some general rules of thumb to guide you along.

They tend to love physically fit women with a pleasant face and a superb sense of fashion. In short, a woman who invests time and effort in herself and looks well put together. It seems to be a given fact and taken for granted that their partners have to be attractive, so don’t let your looks make you arrogant when dealing with these men. However, in a recent survey, it was found that men are starting to gravitate towards women of intelligence rather than beauty alone. The four most desirable features for women to have in the eyes of these men were youth, beauty, intelligence and humor.

These men love pampering their ladies, but they have a general dislike for gold-diggers. Ironic (or not really), but true. They have a discerning eye when it comes to spotting gold-diggers so if you are only in it for the money it’s best that you wipe all traces of your intentions or take some acting lessons because if they identify you as one, your chances with them are as good as gone.


4. How to Get a Sugar Daddy Online?

Without a doubt, hanging around classy residential neighborhoods, upmarket eating/drinking and entertainment spots, attending exclusive events and charity invites, and venturing into careers that interact with the wealthy and affluent, can obviously increase your chances of finding your ideal Sugar Daddy and dream Sugar Romance.

But that does take quite some effort, time, patience and planning to execute. What if there were a much easier, efficient, cheaper and effective way of meeting a lot more potential Sugar Daddies at a fraction of that investment?

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including dating. Gone are the days where one has to “go out in person to fish” for your possible Sugar Daddy. Established and reputable Sugar Daddy websites/apps like,, and are now available for your use free-of-charge. They make interacting with and meeting eligible and genuine Sugar Daddies living nearby, so easy and hassle-free.

Go ahead to register your FREE “Sugar Baby” profile with these Sugar Baby apps/sites right away. Remember to spend some time writing your Sugar Baby bio and description, and upload a few charming and appealing pictures of yourself for your Sugar Baby profile. Be sure to monitor your account regularly so as not to miss a good Sugar Daddy catch.


5. Impressing Your Potential Sugar Daddy on Your First Date

It’s probably anxious times for you when meeting any potential Sugar Daddy for the first time. Don’t panic, don’t be anxious. Let us guide you through …

(a) Dress up elegantly and wear that big smile. Don’t look like a slob. You want to be charming and look at your best to attract him.

(b) Ensure that you’re well-rested before the date. So you can interact with him intelligently and playfully to establish rapport and chemistry with him.

(c) Be well-mannered and courteous, not just to him but to everyone around including the serving staff. Remember your Ps (“please”) and Qs (“thank you”).

(d) Be confident of yourself and your looks. You’ve done your meet up preparation, so just go out and enjoy your date. Be totally yourself, and be genuine and sincere.

(e) Size him up discreetly during the entire meeting, and decide if he’s someone you’re keen to know better and consider a Sugar Relationship with. If he is, drop hints in a ladylike and subtle manner to let him know you’re keen to meet him again, in case he misunderstands and thinks you aren’t interested and moves on to someone else.

(f) Safety first. Always meet in a public place for your first date, and take time and even a few dates to know him better. Avoid going to his home or to secluded places unless you both have worked things out and decided to proceed with your Sugar Romance.


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