How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money - Sugar Daddy Allowance & Gifts

How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money? Here are 5 Proven Ways to Ask for Your Sugar Daddy Allowance & Gifts

You’re here because you’re new to Sugar Dating and all girls/guys who enter a Sugar Arrangement are after one thing! Money, and Gifts (in various forms). But maybe, you have no idea how to bring up the subject of money without sounding needy or pushy.

Of course, everyone knows there’s definitely so much more to any Sugar Relationship (i.e. companionship, mentorship, romance, fun, adventure). However, when the reality of one’s finances hit (and if opportunities permit), inevitably one understands that money matters, and that a luxury lifestyle is an incredible experience!

To get the ball rolling, let us first understand the mindset of a Sugar Daddy, which will ultimately help in your approach to asking your Sugar Daddy for money (whether it be a Sugar Daddy Allowance or other Gifts you desire).


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How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money - Sugar Daddy Allowance - Sugar Baby Allowance

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1. Looking Through a Sugar Daddy’s Eyes for Money & Gifts

If a Sugar Baby has a need for money or a gift, it would give the best outcome if this negotiation were to be done in person. Social networking apps are perfectly awesome for daily correspondence, but asking for money or gifts requires a different level of communication. Think of it as respecting your Sugar Daddy as an ‘employer’ of sorts. You would never ask your boss for a salary raise over a text, would you?

In fact, showing up in person when trying to strike this deal (for your Sugar Daddy Allowance or Gift) plays in your favor, since Sugar Daddies are soft to gestures such as acting cute and a pleading tone of voice. You can also express how much you really need what you’re asking for much better in person, and your Sugar Daddy can see you’re being sincere and will thus be more likely to grant your request.

You need to know when the right time is for him. If he’s reading an important email or responding to work calls/messages on his phone, it will be insurmountably annoying for you to be whining beside him about how much you want your money or gift. Not only will you not get what you want, you will be unlikely to ever see him again. You need to let some time pass for the Sugar Romance between both of you to blossom, but not so much time that you drop out of the novelty zone. Keep in mind what you want when your mutually beneficial relationship seems to be developing, since a genuine Sugar Daddy will be likely to touch on the topic of your Sugar Baby Allowance before you do. Try to ask for your Gift (or drop subtle hints) shortly after a meaningful event has taken place between the two of you.

If he avoids the topic or gets angry when you bring it up, drop him and find someone better, no questions asked. This is a sure-fire tell-tale sign that your Sugar Daddy might in reality be a salt daddy or splenda daddy. No ifs or buts, there is no lack of pretentious men who join Sugar Baby Websites for the precise reason of taking advantage of naive young girls. Don’t let yourself fall victim to them. A key way of protecting yourself is to use quality Sugar Daddy Websites like where you can choose to only allow Sugar Daddies of a minimum membership level to contact you.


2. How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money & Gifts

Next comes the part that we’re all waiting for! A Sugar Baby’s compensation can come by various means; traveling to different countries and cities, luxury goods, daily expenses, or a business investment. A majority of Sugar Babies mistakenly assume that what they get is all they’re worth, and neglect the prospect of asking for more, or asking for what they really need.

Some don’t ask for more Sugar Daddy Allowance or Gifts because of a fear of rejection, or they are simply too shy or think they don’t deserve more. It is totally normal to feel that way! Here are some pointers you can think about when you next need your Sugar Daddy to provide you with money or a gift, minus the awkwardness and anxiety.


(A) You should “Look Good, Feel Good”

It is in human nature for one’s inner feelings to bleed out and affect those surrounding them. If you look your best when making the request for your Sugar Baby Allowance or Gift, you are likely to ooze with confidence, and people find that sexy. In addition, your Sugar Daddy is paying for an attractive companion and that’s what you have to be!

You don’t have to be decked out all fancy, but you have to look well put together and pay attention to every last little detail, from your hair to your toenails, from your body language to your scent. Make preparations before the meeting so that everything is perfect, and it will go better than you expected.


(B) Form Strong Bonds with Your Sugar Daddy

Lust can and is usually is an important component of a Sugar Relationship. However, if that’s the only thing you have going on between your Sugar Daddy and yourself, you should be hearing alarm bells ringing. If it’s purely sex that your Sugar Daddy wants, with the amount of money he has he can easily hire the classiest escorts and prostitutes for cheaper than the upkeep of a Sugar Baby; so why is he in the market for a Sugar Baby?

If sex and physical intimacy is the sole connection you have with your daddy, it would mean that you’re easily replaceable and you WILL be replaced when your novelty wears off. He would not invest too much of his finances in a Sugar Baby, who he knows is not going to stay around for long. What can you do to set yourself apart then?

You have to build yourself a home somewhere in a corner of his heart. Sounds silly, but this analogy truly works. You have to be that one Sugar Baby he thinks about, when he’s surrounded by a bevy of other attractive women. You can start by treating him as a friend and find out more about him, then work yourself into his interests. Drop him an occasional text even when it’s not scheduled for you to meet him. Not the kind of text comprising lengthy essays, rather a cute or flirty pic, preferably if you can show off somewhere in the picture a gift he has given you previously.

Build the chemistry, romance and emotional connection with him. If he genuinely finds you endearing, it is likely that you won’t need to make requests for money gifts, rather, he will see to it that your needs are met – whether it be your deserved Sugar Daddy Allowance or other Gifts.


(C) Honesty is the Best Policy

Both you and your Sugar Daddy knew what kind of mutually beneficial arrangement you both were entering into. There is no need to be ashamed about asking him for something you need, be it money or gifts.

Just don’t play games. He is a busy man, he will appreciate it if you state outright what you need (eg. your desired Sugar Daddy Allowance) instead of dropping hints like a teen romance, and being upset if he doesn’t get it. The worst thing which can happen is that you’ll reach a compromise.

Just a word of advice: You should work out the terms of your Sugar Arrangement early on in the relationship, so that neither party ends up wasting the other’s time, if you find out that neither party is willing to compromise.

Read up on Sugar Dating blogs and forums like the HappyMatches Blog to find out if what you’re asking for is reasonable. Then again, every Sugar Relationship is different, and money and gifts is not always the most important, so you can always give it a try if you feel like you aren’t requesting for something unreasonable or ridiculous.


(D) Ask & Agree on a Regular Monthly Sugar Daddy Allowance

Entering continuous negotiations with your Sugar Daddy for money can be really tiring for both you and him. A better way you might want to consider is to discuss and agree on a regular monthly Sugar Baby Allowance with him. A steady flow of money would help bail you out of the awkwardness of having to constantly ask for money, gifts or compensation. You can then know how much effort you want to put into pleasing your Sugar Daddy when you know what you’ll be receiving.

Make a list of your monthly expenses to decide how much to ask for your Sugar Daddy Allowance. Be careful to make sure you factor in “treats” such as a gym membership, clothing/accessories/makeup, spa and salon trips, since you will need to take care of yourself better now that you have a Sugar Daddy. You can even show him the list to prove that you aren’t making unreasonable demands. He’ll appreciate that you can plan out your expenses like an adult, and you are not squandering away the money he gives you.

The essence of receiving more sugar allowance and gifts from your Sugar Daddy, is to show your sincere appreciation for every little treat and present he gives you, even if it’s just a simple dinner and drinks. Make him feel the man that he is, treat him like a king (whether in or out of the bedroom). If he feels like you genuinely treasure and cherish him, and that you care about his feelings and needs, then there won’t really be much necessity for you to ask for money and gifts, he will willingly give you what you need.

Every happy and successful Sugar relationship takes 2 hands to clap. Be committed, spontaneous and adventurous. Work your magic, and your Sugar Daddy will work his! Trust us on this.


Now that you know the tricks, let’s put them to the test with your Sugar Daddy! These are our 6 Exclusive Secrets on “How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money and Gifts”.


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