Sugar Daddy Sex: Here's 6 Exclusive Tips to Please Your Sugar Daddy in Bed

Sugar Daddy Sex: Wondering how to please your Sugar Daddy in bed?

Affection and Physical Intimacy are very pleasurable activities, and something that most Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies share in a Sugar Relationship.


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Sugar Daddy Sex - Sugar Baby Sex

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Guidance for Sugar Daddy Sex: Today, we share our Top Exclusive Tips on “How You Can Please Your Sugar Daddy in Bed“. These are the Top Things that EVERY Sugar Daddy wants in bed. So that your Sugar Dad will feel out of this world and be the happiest person around!


1. For You to Take The Initiative

He wants his Sugar Baby to make the first move to initiate. He wants you to “want it” – i.e. intimacy and sex.

Be spontaneous. Your Sugar Daddy loves being surprised by the unknown of what could happen.

The novelty factor drives up dopamine in his brain. Make him feel wanted, safe and loved in your arms.

He loves it when you say his name. Moan naturally and make some noise during sex.


2. To Enjoy Good Foreplay

He wants his Sugar Babe to enjoy and make foreplay last.

Your Sugar Daddy wants a massage. Touching him all over intimately usually leads to something more fun.

Shower him with kisses all over his face and body. Touch his lips with your lips and fingers.

Rub his back, touch his face, run your fingers through his hair. Whisper in his ear.

Nibble on his neck. Touch his skin. Tease his fingertips and feet. Notice his nipples. Gently grab his legs.

Touch yourself and masturbate in front of him. It makes a guy’s digital fantasy become a reality.


3. Communicate Sexual Wants & Fantasies

Tell him what you want – what to do and how to please you in bed.

He wants you to listen to his fantasies in bed – and for you to tell him yours.

Engage in dirty talk with him. He loves hearing a play-by-play of what’s happening.

And what you want to happen next when you both make love.

Your Sugar Daddy wants feedback that he is doing it right making out with you. He wants you to experience your orgasm.


4. Be Adventurous & Try New Things In Bed 

Have a “game for anything” attitude towards sex and physical intimacy.

Wear sexy lingerie and dress elegantly or provocatively for him.

Leave the lights on, let your Sugar Daddy look. So he can admire your beauty when making out.

Have fun! Explore new sex positions, places to make love and do other exciting stuff in bed.

Sometimes he can take control. And sometimes you can take control.


5. Have a Sense of Humor

When things go wrong in bed, it can either be hilarious, or devastating.

The ability to laugh together with your Sugar Daddy makes the difference.


6. Accept “ALL” of him

For his good parts and not-so-good parts.

He may not have the best body or not be the best lover in bed.

Exercise with him. Guide him in bed and he will get better.

Accept your Sugar Daddy the way he is. Help him improve.

Give him praise when he does well. Tell him you enjoy sex and making out with him.


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