Relationship Sex: 15 Ways to Spice Up Sex & Physical Intimacy with Your Lover

Sex in a Relationship … 15 Things to Spice Up Sex & Physical Intimacy with Your Partner

Many people like you are asking for advice and guidance on this interesting and stimulating topic on sex and intimacy with your Partner. By popular demand, we are happy to help and have done our best to share various enriching insights and practical pointers on this topic.

To keep any Dating Relationship healthy and lasting, one needs to be pro-active and do the things which keeps her Partner happy.

She should also speak with him gently to understand his needs, wants, desires and fantasies in a romantic relationship.

Typically in a dating relationship, most Partners look for companionship, romance and emotional support. You can pamper him with surprises, attention, your affection, be a good listener and be supportive of him in what he does.

Saying which, regular sexual intercourse and physical intimacy are important. It brings you and your Partner together, and builds strong bonds between them. Being adventurous and spontaneous in bed helps too.


In this article, we share with you the 15 Things that a young and beautiful Lady like you can do, to spice up the romance and your sex life with your Partner …


(A) Frequent Sex: How to Make Intimacy More Stimulating & Exciting

1. You go out of your way to do the little things which you know turns your Partner on.

2. You’re a good kisser and you enjoy french kissing with your Partner.

3. You’re a good dancer and knows exactly what your best physical assets of your body are.

4. You take your time with intimacy and foreplay, and you do it with significant care and consideration to give him the most pleasurable experience.

5. You are provocative in your dressing. You like to dress your best (and wear what he likes) to seduce him.

6. You give your Partner seductive looks. You’re confident not only in your looks, but also in your personality.

7. You discuss about intimacy openly with your Partner. You know the importance of two-way active communication: knowing what he wants in bed, and sharing with him what you like as well.

8. You enjoy touching and playing with his body.

9. You’re spontaneous and get “into the moment” when making out with your Partner.

10. You make your Partner feel that he is sexy and desired.

11. You’re adventurous and always willing to try something new.

12. You’re good at making your Partner feel comfortable and at ease in bed.

13. You have a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself and the romantic and intimate things you do together.

14. You make your Partner feel awesome about his body.

15. You are engaged, passionate and eager about physical intimacy with him.


Physical Intimacy is a mutually enjoyable and mutually beneficial process. As much as you need to please your Partner in bed, your Partner needs to pleasure you in bed as well. This leads to a most fun, exciting, memorable and fulfilling intimacy for both parties in a mutually beneficial arrangement.


(B) Fulfilling Sex: 5 Things that Ladies Wish Their Partners Would Do in Bed

In the same way, you should engage in open discussions about physical intimacy with your Partner. Let him know explicitly how you would like him to please you in bed.

Why is it important that you do this? Well, many ladies like you are not always great at telling their Partner what you wish that he would do or learn or get better at in bed.

Sometimes that’s because it’s not the right time in the heat of the moment. Sometimes you don’t want to say hey a little bit less, a little bit more, look at me.

Sometimes you just don’t want to hurt your Partner’s feelings and sometimes you just plain don’t have the words.

For a lot of ladies, it’s really challenging to describe what is it that they are looking for.

So today, we are going to share with you 5 main things that you can share when discussing Relationship Sex issues with him.


1. Make Eye Contact

Sex is intense – Eye Contact matters!

Almost all ladies wish that their Partner would make eye contact with them in bed.

We’re not talking about so much eye contact that the men is staring you in the eye.

But enough especially at those crucial moments during intimacy like during foreplay, checking in ever so often, when they first penetrate or enter to let you know that he’s there with you, and when switching sex positions.

You can learn so much about a person through their eyes and what they’re expressing with their eyes.

And if he is burying his head into your chest, then it could just be any guy. It doesn’t really matter who he is.

You could be any woman. He’s not looking at you. How do you know? He’s not even looking at your face.

How do you know that he’s there with you? Yes, we get it that sometimes he has to look away to distract himself, or looking in your eyes is really intense.


2. Enjoy More Foreplay & Slow It Down

It takes the average woman 20 minutes to reach orgasm. Whilst it only takes the average man between five and seven minutes.

So in order to make up for the disparity in time, your Partner has got to slow it down when making out with you.

This means more foreplay that starts with light touches. And stimulate your whole entire body.

Also when he starts penetrative sex, going slower from the very beginning allowing your body to warm up and really get used to having a foreign object inside of it.

Guaranteed that moving slowly throughout the entire process will get you more orgasms, more joy and more pleasure as the end result.


3. Your Partner Can Use His Hands to Pleasure You

There’s so much your Partner can do using his fingers not only just on the inside of her vulva, but on your entire body.

Using his hands to caress and lightly touch and get you sexually aroused. Touch your face and pull your hair.

His hands are his greatest tool. They really are!

Not to mention that the g-spot which is a really sensitive and delightful space on the anterior or inside tummy side wall of a woman’s vagina. It’s super-sensitive and it feels really great to be stimulated.

It’s way easier to stimulate it with your Partner’s fingers making a “come here” motion, then it is to stimulate your “G”-spot during penetrative sex.

He can also use his hands whilst giving you oral sex. You may think it’s cramping like his neck will hurt. But the sum of those two parts of his mouth and his hands multiplies to equal way more than either one of them alone.

So he should use his hands, use them all over you, and use them everywhere. Your Partner can learn what you like when it comes to using his fingers.

So that he can use them as an additional tool in foreplay, to last extra time, to get you warmed up, or to get you to a g-spot (aka squirting orgasm).


4. Let You Know that He is Enjoying Himself

This may seem really obvious, but a lot of Partners don’t make a lot of noise or show their emotions, or let you know that what she is doing is working.

So if he��s silent and he’s so focused on your pleasure, your moaning, your feedback, then he’s not letting you know that he’s also having a good time.

And just the same way that it matters to him that you’re having a good time, it matters to you that he’s having a good time in bed as well.

This is a give and take. Both arrangement seekers are there to please each other. So your Partner should let you know that it feels good, and you will be more into the experience.

You’ll like when he gives you feedback so you’ll know what’s working for him. And you can do more of it for him.

We’re not saying that he needs to pull on a full porn star style – moaning and heaving. No he doesn’t need to do anything that is beyond his comfort zone. But doing something like little moans, biting his lips, making eye contact and just letting you know that that feels good right there will do wonders for your sex life with your Partner.

It also takes a lot of pressure off from you to always perform, to be the one who’s the center of attention, to be the one who’s being pleased.

Your Partner can let you know that his pleasure in bed matters too. That he is touching you for his pleasure, and you’ll be able to enjoy your experience that much more.


5. Ask Questions, Check In and Communicate with You

A lot of Partners think that they are somehow supposed to know everything there is about sex before they ever start.

They watch porn videos, they talk to older brothers or their cousins or even their dads. And they get this idea that they should know everything and there’s nowhere to go for help.

This is nonsense. Your Partner should ask you questions about sex and whilst having sex. Like do you like this pressure, do you like when he touches you there, do you want him to do this, do you want him to do this again.

It doesn’t seem that you are liking this, what can he do differently. He can work with and discuss this with you – since a lot of ladies have trouble coming up with the words to describe what it is that they want and need in bed.

He should be patient, be communicative, tell you what works for him, ask you what works for you.

Your Partner should not be afraid to ask you questions about sex. Asking questions doesnt’ mean that he’s a failure.

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to please you. It means that he’s so invested in pleasing you that he’s willing to communicate about it and do the hard work to figure out how to do it right.

This, Guys, is the hall mark of a good lover and a great Partner – so don’t forget that there’s plenty of help out there he doesn’t have to know everything. No one does.


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