HappyMatches Dating App Review (2020): Matching Dating Aspirations

Review of HappyMatches Dating App

If you’re looking for an amazing, easy-to-use and extremely effective Dating Site to find your ideal dating partners, then look no further than HappyMatches.

Happy Matches is highly-regarded and well-known to be the “World’s #1 BEST Dating App & Dating Site”.

No surprises, that it’s already huge and mammoth user base is continuously growing at lightning speeds in many countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and even the Middle East.

What differentiates HM is its understanding of the severe shortcomings and flaws of existing established and renowned Online Dating Sites and Online Dating Apps, and its ingenuity and genuine attitude to keep overcoming these issues and re-inventing itself to become better and better.


1. Quick Overview of HappyMatches

  • Website: www.happymatches.com
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS (coming soon!)
  • Dating Niche (Primary): hookups, friends with benefits, serious relationship
  • Dating Niche (Secondary): travel companion, platonic friendship, senior dating or networking
  • Users Age: 18 to 35 (90%), > 35 (10%)
  • Gender Ratio: 55% (female); 45% (male)
  • Orientation: heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi curious
  • Database Size: > 30,000 users (and rapidly growing)
  • Countries: Global site (particularly U.S., U.K. and Canada)
  • Year Established: May 2018
  • Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (strong in every aspect, but still growing user numbers)


2. Key Exciting Features of Happy Matches

Amazing differences which HappyMatches boasts of include:


(A) Direct and Straightforward Dating Concept

With its “don’t beat about the bush” and “be upfront about what you want” concept, members avoid wasting time and effort figuring out the Type(s) of Dating Relationship(s) the other party is seeking.

i.e. If you’re seeking “Casual Dating”, “Open Relationship”, “Serious Relationship”, “Travel Companion” or merely to “Make Friends”, you can make this clear upfront with your profile settings. This ensures that Casual Hookup Booty Call seekers are not shown profiles of Romantic Serious Relationship seekers – since both categories of dates are indeed worlds and worlds apart in their dating aspirations and dating objectives.


(B) Open-for-All, yet Nicely Categorized Dating Approach

Everyone can use HM (except those looking for Sugar Arrangements and Compensated Dating, which the site strictly prohibits).

However, this potentially creates the problem of a dating site becoming “open to everyone, but not being useful at all to anyone”. Many of you would thus have encountered this exact issue with lots of dating apps and dating websites, even the very popular and large ones who get themselves mired into the ambiguity of “General Dating”. You have to fight vigorously through the crowd, and use the “law of large numbers”, to find the needles in the haystack.

Besides Feature (A) above, HM allows you to select whether you’re a “Man” looking for “Women”, other “Men” or both. Similarly for Ladies, whether you’re looking for “Men”, other “Women” or both. This allows clear differentiation between people wanting straight Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating or Bisexual Dating.

Add in Tags and Preferences to your profile for increased clarity: For example, a “friends with benefits” is different from a “one night stand” or “fling”. You can indicate which cities you’re located in or frequently travel to. You might or might not be open to dating someone who’s currently “attached” or “married”. You may or may not prefer to date a “transgender”. You might or might not be open to “senior dating”, a “long distance relationship” or “nsa relationship”. Or you can indicate whether you’re a sapiosexual, demisexual, pansexual or omnisexual.


(C) World’s First Face Verification Process

Its Face Verification process is a FIRST in the World for Online Dating: Everyone knows that almost every Online Dating Site and Online Dating App is fraught with lots of scammers, spammers and inappropriate profiles.

Many (even a number of the most famous and strongest Dating platforms out there), are inundated and swarming with unethical vultures out there to lure you to buy them gift cards, reveal your bank accounts, threaten to blackmail you to your family and friends, cause you (or people dear to you) personal harm, or steal your personal information for wrong uses. They’ve all given Online Dating a “very very bad name”.

Enter HappyMatches! We believe that Dating through the Internet MUST be Safe, rather than Sorry! Simply verify yourself with the Facial Verification, to confirm that you’re a real human (and not a bot). Plus how many scammers and spammers are “adventurous” enough to leave traces of themselves (behind a fake profile) and expose their true person and identity?

Being open about who you really are (and likewise having other Users do the same), at least to the administrators of Happy Matches, significantly (and very materially) reduces scammers, spammers and fake profiles to a bare minimum. Any remaining “bad eggs” or abusive users are then easily reported by the user community to HM’s moderators to remove/ban their offending profiles.


(D) Incredibly Cheap (or even Free) Usage to Browse/Interact with Unlimited Profiles

Its Ridiculously Affordable and Cheap Membership Subscription to interact with Unlimited Profiles: How often have you come across Users complaining about Dating Apps and Dating Websites charging an arm and a leg for using their Dating Sites? Or limited daily profiles served (or available for swiping), to under 20+ or less (perhaps even just a handful)?

That happens way too frequently, with in-app credits costing quite a few US dollars merely to indicate a “like” to another profile (which is just as “likely” – pun intended – to end up in the black hole of “NO” response). Or very high recurring monthly subscriptions of 20+ to 30+ US dollars, or even up to 70 US dollars?


3. “Date” Account Profiles on HappyMatches

Happy Matches comes to the rescue! All “Date” accounts use the entire dating platform “Completely FREE”! Why? Because these persons have no lack of suitors and admirers, and can pick and choose who they want to date.

And perhaps, lots of people think of themselves these ways (and genuinely are attractive and desirable in their own right). Nothing wrong with that, or perhaps you just believe in not paying to use a Dating App or Dating Site.


4. “Suitor” Account Profiles on Happy Matches

So that leaves the equally intelligent and desirable persons, who believe in registering a “Suitor” account instead to do the “chasing” and pursuing the BEST dates and partners for themselves. Why leave things to chance and fate, when you can easily pay an incredibly small subscription fee (only USD 1 for the first month; we repeat a meager 1 United States dollar!!!) to gain access to all the most alluring and desirable “Date” profiles in the huge HM database? Surely not doing so would simply be “penny wise, but pound foolish”.

Inevitably, without flooding and spamming users with mass unwarranted and irritating ads, Happy Matches needs to sustain its operational costs and continuous research and development to improving your user experience. Forking out a small USD 1 for a first month’s subscription is incredibly “Value-for-Money” and insignificantly cheap, right?

(However, you’re still highly encouraged to sign up for a “Date” account if you feel otherwise, and expect to use the site absolutely Free. In this way, you still get to experience HM’s enchanting Online Dating experience, and have a glimpse of what’s on the other side as a “Suitor” account.)

To help you succeed even more easily in finding your ideal attractive and gorgeous Casual Dating matches and Serious Dating prospects, at any point in time, you can upgrade your basic monthly membership to a higher level, to leverage on the increased prominence and visibility of your profile to land your dream dates with ease.

Clearly, that’s a minuscule and ridiculously small price to pay, for your best Casual Sex experiences of a lifetime, to lay your ever-adventurous and exciting Casual Flings and Friends With Benefits, or to fulfill your heartfelt dream of finding that ideal Romantic Relationship partner for a Long Term Relationship finally.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

About the Author

Kelvin Kevin is the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Content Editor of the World-Renowned HappyMatches.com Dating App and Dating Site. An avid writer since young, he is an Expert Dating and Relationships Coach for Casual Dating, Serious Dating and General Dating. You can follow him on Twitter (@HowToDateBetter), and also check out his personal Dating Blog, for the latest Dating Advice and Dating Tips to help Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Singles and Couples find and enjoy Fulfilling and Intimate Dating Relationships.

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