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Reforming Online Dating & Community Building

Spending hours swiping left and right but still no partner in sight? Sounds like you? It’s time that the world gets a dating app/website that jumps off the bandwagon, and creates a genuine and safe space, for communities of different sexual orientations to thrive without fear.

Many dating apps have tried and failed in the most fundamental element when providing a product or service- listening to the customers.

Simply put, existing apps aren’t directly addressing the pain points users are facing. And this is where HappyMatches.com comes into play, to find your next flame and more!

App Profile

Happy Matches is reforming the online dating landscape.


What differentiates HappyMatches (HM) is its understanding of the severe shortcomings and flaws, of existing established and renowned online dating sites and online dating apps, and its ingenuity and genuine attitude to keep overcoming these issues through innovation, and re-inventing itself to become better and bigger.

We can all agree, that many of us have run into redundant problems again and again, with various dating apps and dating sites. This ranges from wasting precious time in finding potential matches, unsure of what kind of relationships the other is looking for, to poor users’ experience on an app or website.

With each pain point we’ve identified through intense analysis, HappyMatches was born in hopes of providing a no-nonsense online dating platform (for casual dating and serious relationships) that would well, just get straight to the point. By “Matching Aspirations & Expectations” of individuals, HM lets people embrace their freedom in finding the Type of Dating Relationships people want upfront and who they want to date by being an open, safe platform and supportive community, where all will feel welcomed.

Each problem is solved by HappyMatches creating simple, yet very effective solutions in nipping the problem in the bud.


Before that, here are some quick facts on HM …

Quick Facts on HappyMatches

Website: www.happymatches.com

Mobile Apps: Android, iOS

Dating Niches (Primary): hookups, friends with benefits, serious relationship

Dating Niches (Secondary): travel companion, make friends, senior dating or networking

Users Age: 18 to 35 (85%), > 35 (15%)

Gender Ratio: 55% (female); 45% (male)

Orientation: heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi curious

Database Size: > 50,000 users (and rapidly growing!)

Countries: Global Site/App covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia & Africa. Key Countries include U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and New Zealand.)

Year Established: June 2019

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (strong in every aspect, rapidly growing its user numbers, plus always innovating and improving.)


What Sets HappyMatches Apart?

Remarkable key differences which HappyMatches boasts of include:


1. “Let’s Cut to the Chase” Dating Concept

By simply indicating in one’s profile, and also refining the search profile function, the Type of Dating Relationship(s) which one is seeking in HappyMatches, users save a tremendous amount of precious time and effort, trying to second guess what sort of relationship(s) the other party is looking for. These include “Casual Dating”, “Serious Relationship”, “Open Relationship”, “Make Friends” and “Travel Companion”.

So Casual Hookup seekers aren’t shown profiles of Committed Relationship seekers, and vice versa – since both categories of dates are indeed worlds and worlds apart, in their dating aspirations and dating objectives.

Add in more Tags and Preferences to your personal profile for increased clarity: For example, a “friends with benefits” is different from a “one night stand”, “fling” or “booty call”.

Other categorization you can pursue includes which cities you’re located in or frequently travel to, whether you want to date someone who’s looking for an open relationship, interested in an “NSA Relationship”, or even a “Casual Relationship”. Or you can indicate whether you’re a Sapiosexual, Demisexual, Pansexual or Omnisexual. The more tags and preferences, the better chances of you getting the preferred matches you’re seeking in a jiffy!

The more tags you add, the better the results in finding your right matches!


2.  Universal yet Clear Dating Categories

HappyMatches is open to everyone! (except those looking for Sugar Arrangements and Compensated Dating, which the site strictly prohibits).

We know many have encountered the issue of a dating site, even popular ones, becoming “open to everyone, but ending up not useful to anyone” while also fighting your way through the crowd to find the needles in a haystack.

To counter that, besides the tagging feature, HM allows you to select whether you’re a “Man” looking for “Women”, other “Men” or both. This applies to ladies as well. This allows clear differentiation between people wanting straight Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating or Bisexual Dating.

Clear differentiation between people wanting straight Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating or Bisexual Dating.


3. A Safe & Warm Dating Community

HappyMatches aspires to be much more, than just another typical dating app or dating site, where people come solely to look for their next beau. We’re promoting a culture of “ownership” and identity amongst our users, a huge sense of belonging, and a strong affinity and intimate connection with the HM Community. Now, HM Users can have everything they’ve ever wanted in a dating and relationships portal, all under ONE Roof!

We at HappyMatches envisage ourselves as an open and accessible dating smorgasbord, where people can connect, find support, and express themselves authentically. They can share useful information, dating advice and personal experiences with others. Such valuable insights are often extremely helpful to others going through similar situations and struggles, to uplift them, and also serve as a source of comfort and edification to one another.

With this in mind, HM has just started a general “Dating & Relationships Facebook Group“, which anyone can join. We’re currently in the midst of conceptualizing a vibrant “Dating & Relationships Community Forum“, which will be integrated into the HappyMatches.com main portal when ready. We aim to create separate categories such as General Dating, Straight/Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Bisexual Dating, and Senior Dating, to cater to the specific needs and unique circumstances of the different groups of individuals. After all, we see every person as a unique individual, and a treasured member of our HM Community. We want everyone to succeed, in their individual dating journeys and relationship endeavors.

This HM Community Concept is truly a place for all HappyMatches users to share their dating challenges and relationship issues, ask any questions they have, and be heard. It is a safe harbor to give encouragement, socialize and get to know one another better. One can be discussing anything as diverse as their failed dates and bad relationships, virtual dating ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic, safe dating tips, happy dating stories and recipes for successful relationships, or even pouring out their best and funniest dating experiences. As well as allowing members easy access to the HappyMatches team, to provide any feedback and suggestions they may have to further improve the HM portal, and make it a better community for everyone.

We seek to provide a solid support network, where everyone feels at home, and is warmly accepted by others. We don’t tolerate any hurtful, malicious, harassment, spammy or discriminatory behavior. We want our users to connect freely, and interact meaningfully with one another. Yet always remaining polite, respectful and supportive towards each other at all times, and accepting differing views and personal inclinations towards dating and relationships.

Another huge and unique feature is our HappyMatches Blog section, which is a rich and diverse resource for dating tips and relationship advice. Tap into the opinions, wisdom and insights of dating experts and relationship gurus, as you navigate through the intriguing and complex world of dating and relationships, human emotions, psychology and behavior! Find articles ranging from choosing the best dating apps, knowing the most fun and romantic date ideas, to managing a long-distance relationship, understanding a sapiosexual, getting out of the friendzone, dealing with a heartbreak, and many more.

In summary, what is the HappyMatches Community? No bashing or hating, just loads of love, and know that everyone is here for one another. Think dating support group and relationship advisers on the go!

More than just a typical dating app, HM strives to also provide credible information to the dating community.


4. World’s First Face Verification Process for its Dating Apps (Coming Soon!)

To provide a genuine, credible and safe dating environment, HM’s Face Verification process will be the FIRST in the World for Online Dating. Everyone knows that almost every Online Dating Site and Online Dating App is fraught with lots of catfishing, scammers, spammers and inappropriate profiles.

Many dating platforms out there are inundated, and swarming with unethical vultures out there, to trick victims into sending money, providing personal and financial information to the scammers. They’ve given Online Dating a very bad name.

This is where Happy Matches comes in! We believe that Dating through the Internet MUST be Safe.You can simply verify yourself through the Face Verification process, to confirm that you’re a real human (and not a bot). The ingenious process will be a huge step up from what other dating apps and dating websites are offering to verify the authenticity of their users and a verified tag would be given to them!

Being open about who you really are (and likewise having other Users do the same), at least to the administrators of HappyMatches, significantly (and very materially) reduces scammers, spammers and fake profiles to a bare minimum.

Any remaining culprits or abusive users, are then easily reported by the user community to HM’s moderators to remove/ban their offending profiles.

Besides banning the offenders, we’ve taken the extra steps in prioritizing the safety of our users from people misusing HappyMatches. Soon, users will be able to Report any suspicious or fake profiles with a tap of a button while remaining anonymous.

HM users will also be able to Block those who are displaying inappropriate behavior, using offensive language, unpleasant encounters and even harassment. This will further pave the way in improving the online dating experience of our users!


5. FREE “Unlimited Profiles” to Browse

Finding your match doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket! How often have you come across Users complaining about Dating Apps and Dating Websites charging an arm and a leg for using their Dating Sites? Or with limited daily profiles served (or available for swiping), to under 20+ or less (perhaps even only a handful)?

That happens way too frequently, with in-app credits costing quite a few US dollars merely to indicate a “like” to another profile (which is just as “likely” – pun intended – to end up in the black hole of “NO” response). Or very high monthly subscriptions?

HappyMatches doesn’t conform to the homogenous way of matching like most dating apps but instead deploys a unique “Suitor” and “Date” concept.

You will be amazed that HappyMatches allows you to interact with Unlimited Profiles – either entirely FREE, or at a Highly Affordable and Ridiculously Cheap Monthly Membership Subscription after a free trial.

Specifically, “Date” profiles use the HM site and app Entirely FREE. However, registering a “Suitor” profile will unlock access to ALL the desirable and gorgeous “Dates” in HappyMatches.

The Suitor profile is for those who enjoys the thrill of pursuing the best dates and partners. This allows those who are adventurous and are not afraid of putting themselves out there, to find the most alluring and desirable “Dates”!

The Suitor membership has several levels. New Suitors, who just sign up, are given a basic account, and can chat with any Dates whose minimum Suitor interaction is set to “Anyone”, for free. 

Suitors can upgrade anytime, and choose a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Star, or Ultimate membership to enjoy advanced dating features, and reach more exclusive dating circles. A 14-days free trial is available for each of the Suitor levels, to give you a taste of the additional Dates and enhanced features you can unlock.

HappyMatches keeps the range of paid membership options very affordable, to help Suitors get their desired results without exceeding their budgets. After enjoying the free trial, the monthly membership fee ranges from $4.99 for the Bronze level, to $34.99 for the Ultimate level.

“Suitor” Subscription Fee in HM According to Levels

  1. Basic: FREE
  2. Bronze: USD4.99/month
  3. Silver: USD 9.99/month
  4. Gold: USD 14.99/month
  5. Platinum: USD 19.99/month
  6. Diamond: USD 24.99/month
  7. Star: USD 29.99/month
  8. Ultimate: USD 34.99/month
App Chat

Simultaneous chat to get to know each other fast


Differences between HappyMatches and other Dating Apps & Dating Sites out there


Problem #1: Time-consuming and frustrating to identify possible potential matches.

Solution: “Live Chat” allows real-time interaction between Suitors and Dates to get to know each other better quickly, to move on the next phase of meeting up.


Problem #2: Lack of clarity on the type of relationship(s) these potential matches are looking for and their expectations as well as restricted access to profiles each day.

Solution: Clarity (and customized recommendations of potential matches) based on the Type of Relationship(s) you’re looking for and matching expectations.


Problem #3: Low quality and unverified profiles: lots of scammers, bots, spammers, fake profiles, time-wasters and duplicate accounts.

Solution: World’s First “Face Verification” (coming soon) process for all Suitors and Dates to ensure real and authenticated profiles, and eradicate scammers, fake profiles, bots and timewasters.


Problem #4: Poor design, bugs, performance issues and irritating advertisements.

Solution: State-of-the-art mobile-friendly website and apps deliver real-time information, optimal performance, with a highly intuitive, elegant and user-friendly design.


Problem #5: Prohibitive costs: costly paid memberships offering little “value-for-money”, and overpriced “likes” or “super likes” merely to indicate one’s interest in a profile.

Solution: Absolutely FREE usage for all “Date” profiles and a “BASIC” Suitor account is free and can be upgraded at an incredibly low first-month entry subscription. Suitors can upgrade anytime to stand out from the competition.


(Last Updated: 21 September 2020)

About the Author

Kelvin Kevin is the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Content Editor of the World-Renowned HappyMatches.com Dating App and Dating Site. An avid writer since young, he is an Expert Dating and Relationships Coach for Casual Dating, Serious Dating and General Dating. You can follow him on Twitter (@HowToDateBetter), and also check out his personal Dating Blog, for the latest Dating Advice and Dating Tips to help Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Singles and Couples find and enjoy Fulfilling and Intimate Dating Relationships.

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