More Than Friends with Benefits but Not a Relationship: Top 7 Signs Your FWB is Falling For You

Key Takeaway: We go into FWBs to keep it light and casual. But sometimes it can take a different route and you start catching feelings. Here are the top signs to look out for when you are more than friends with benefits.


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  1. Are We Friends with Benefits?
  2. What are More Than Friends with Benefits Then?
  3. Top 7 Signs Your Friends with Benefits is Falling For You
  4. Are We More than Friends with Benefits Quiz?
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More often than not, when we get into friends with benefits, lines can tend to blur. 

If you’re noticing a shift in how you look at your friends with benefits (FWB) partners, you’re not alone. 

You may not be able to put a finger to it but you can feel it. 

Maybe it’s how you look at them in a whole new light. 

Or that you feel differently when they touch you. 

First, we need to understand what is the definition of friends with benefits. 


Are We Friends with Benefits?



Friends with benefits are when two friends decide to be physical with one another with no promise of something more. 

There’s no romance or intimacy so basically two friends who have sex with one another once in a while. 

Before getting into a FWB, you do need to spell out what the relationship is to avoid confusion and not lead them on. 

This will only cause heartache and may cost your friendship or even more. 


What are More Than Friends with Benefits Then?



This is where it may start to get a little messy. 

As time goes by and you spend time with a person you like, you may catch feelings or may even get confused on whether what you’re feeling is more than just a friendship.

When sex is brought into the mix, that level of intimacy does lead to some people develop feelings towards the other. 

Also as you get to know more about them and also spend more time with them, it’s normal to start to harbor feelings as you begin to care about them more. 

And with that, we bring you the top signs to look out for when you are more than friends with benefits or how to tell when a FWB is catching feelings.


Top 7 Signs Your Friends with Benefits is Falling For You


These are ways to tell if your friends with benefits want more or you want more from them. 

There are telltale signs that will tell you if they’re into you and how you can tell if your friends with benefits want more. 


1. When you start to romanticize the relationship



Do you remember how you felt when you were on a rollercoaster ride in a theme park?

You get butterflies in your stomach, your heart starts racing and you start to get giddy. 

It’s similar to what you feel when you start developing feelings for the person. 

You start to romanticize about the person and the relationship with thoughts of going out for a candlelight dinner or something as simple as spending more time together, minus the sex. 


2. Jealousy starts to come into the picture



Jealousy starts to seep into your relationship and sometimes it’s more prominent in FWB relationships, because they may be sleeping or seeing other people.

You start wanting them for yourself as you care for them more and you’ll start asking about who else they are seeing. 

If it’s the other person developing feelings for you, you’ll notice the change in their demeanor and expression when you tell them you’re seeing other people.

This is one of the signs your friends with benefits are falling for you. 


3. You can’t get enough of them



You start to want to spend more time with them, without sex in the picture and this is one of the signs your FWB is falling for you. 

You can’t get enough of their presence and miss them when you’re apart. 

Or they express to you that they miss you when they don’t see you. 

When they’re not around, they come into your mind often. 


4. They want to know more about your past



When you were FWBs, both of you didn’t bother asking about each other’s dating past. 

But now both of you want to know everything and start asking more about it. 

This is one of the signs your FWB has feelings for you and you to them. 


5. You talk everyday



You even share photos of what you guys are up to on a daily basis.

 And both of you call each other and must talk a couple of times a day. 

FWBs usually keep communication to a minimum and only have very light conversations such as setting a time and date on when to meet next. 


6. They introduce you to friends and family



People keep their FWBs hidden because it’s a casual relationship.

So if they start bringing you for gatherings with friends and family, that means they are showing people that they recognise you as someone important enough to bring you into their lives. 

Before going for these, do clarify with the person on what their intention is so that you know what is expected.  


7. You start to argue about couple stuff 



This could happen over things regarded as trivial such as you being late. 

You’ll feel that you are arguing just like couples in a relationship and you feel like things are taking a turn to being serious. 

You know what that means. 

Time to sit down and talk if you guys are still on the same page as being FWBs or more. 


Are We More than Friends with Benefits Quiz?



If the signs we have listed are not enough for you to know how to tell if you are friends with benefits, this quiz will help make things clearer for you if you want more from you or each other. 


1. Do you make an extra effort to see each other?

If you and your FWB are making more effort to spend time together, it’s an indication that both of you are open to taking things to a whole new level. 

If you guys are meeting up more often without the sex, this is one of the clear signs that signs your FWB is falling for you or you to them.


2. Do you guys buy gifts for each other?

Men are not known to give gifts and even among friends and family, it doesn’t happen often. 

So if your FWB is buying you gifts for special occasions or even anytime, it’s a sign that you care about the person more than a usual FWB would. 


3. Do you or them get jealous of them spending more time with others?

This happens more often than you think. 

People in casual relationships don’t care who they’re seeing so if he starts getting jealous about you meeting even male friends, it’s one of the signs your FWB likes you. 

If this is the case, then it’s worth sitting down and talking about it to see if both of you want to change the dynamics of your relationship. 


4. Are both of you holding hands or showing affection in public?

When you have sex and you show some form of affection during then, that is something that comes pretty naturally along the way. 

In a FWB relationship, any kissing should be done on closed doors and out of the public eye. 

They don’t announce it to the whole world and usually prefer to keep things hidden so that people know that you guys are not an item. 

But if both of you are physically showing affection when you guys are out and about such as holding hands and kissing in public, especially if they initiated it, this is how you can tell if your friends with benefits want more. 


5. Do you or your FWB partner hint about starting a relationship?

If one of you is lightly talking about how it would be if both of you are in a relationship, it’s a good time to sneak in the question if they are into it. 

It could be a small hint such as a passing joke but if it’s being repeated, it’s a sign that they may be looking for something more from you. 




1. What are the signs that he wants more than a friends with benefits relationship with you?

(Other questions could be: What are signs you’re more than friends with benefits? 

All the above that we have highlighted are all signs to look out for. 

Do you catch yourself in cuddles with the person after sex or are having heart-to-heart talks now?

If you’ve never broached the subject of whether you want a relationship together or even define it clearly and you see some of these signs, it is high time to have an open conversation about it now. 


2. Is it more than friends with benefits? 

It could be. 

There have been instances of FWBs developing into a more intense form of relationship. 

The person may tell you directly about it but may not in fear of rejection. 

You can feel the vibe changing if there are romantic feelings involved. 

Some examples of things the person may do are ask more in-depth questions about yourself, wanting to hang out more often outside of sex, texting you constantly, and asking you if everything okay. 

If your spidey senses are tingling and telling you that this is more than a FWB, it’s really important to keep the communication open and tell them you’ve been getting the sense that something has changed. 

See where it goes from there. 

It’s also important to evaluate what you want as well before bringing it up so you know if you want it to grow into something more. 

One thing you should never do is keep silent about what you’re feeling and hope for the best at the end of the day. 

You’ll only open yourself up to deeper wounds and risk getting heartbroken. 

Plus, if you want to remain friends with the person, tell them that too. 


3. What are the signs he only wants to be friends with benefits?

The signs for these can be obvious if you take the time to be observant. 

These are some of the signs you can tell that he doesn’t want to budge from being friends. 


  1. He doesn’t call to check in – He doesn’t keep in touch with you and is not concerned about your well-being. 
  2. He disappears from time to time– He is not there when you need him. He may even disappear for some periods like not texting you or replying to your messages. 
  3. You only meet to have sex– If he wants something more serious with you, he would spend more time with you, outside of sex. If he’s only coming to see you have sex, it’s a sign that he’s not interested in something more. 
  4. He has told you he doesn’t want a relationship– If he has repeatedly told you this or that he’s not ready for one, believe him. Don’t overthink his actions if he wants more than a FWB relationship. 
  5. He doesn’t put much effort into anything– This includes only contacting if he wants sex or calling you for a booty call on a Friday night. You’re not on the top list of his priorities. 


If all these are true in your FWB relationship but you want more, then let go of the FWB relationship. 

Don’t make the mistake of holding on to the relationship because you think he will change his mind. 

There are plenty of people out there who are looking for a real relationship but you just need to be patient and know that they will come to you at the right time. 




(Last Updated: 2 June 2021)

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