Best Gay Dating App: (2020 Hall of Fame) Top 6 Free Gay Apps & Gay Sites for Casual Dating & Serious Relationship

Best Gay Dating App: (2020 Hall of Fame) Top 6 Free Gay Apps & Gay Sites for Casual Dating & Serious Relationship

Looking for the best dating app to find like-minded Gay Men or Lesbian Women? That can be a really uphill task given the sheer number of choices out there!

That said, it is still relatively simple to spot gay dating apps which really work – often, these are apps that have loads of good reviews on the iOS and Android app stores.

Without further ado, consider this the 2020 hall of fame top and free Gay Dating Apps list which you would be so glad to have come across …


Best Gay Dating App

Here’s our heavily researched compilation of the 2020 Hall of Fame for Gay Dating Apps and Gay Dating Sites.

Whether you’re looking for a Casual Relationship or Committed Relationship, you can definitely find your ideal Gay Relationship and Gay Romance through one of these Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites … Enjoy!


1. HER (

First on the list is HER, a queer women dating app where the ladies can meet other lesbians living nearby and stay abreast of the latest LGBTQ news and events.

The website’s super easy and fuss-free to navigate and it’s great for queer women looking for a serious relationship or even a casual hookup.

Men are also not allowed on this site because this is a strictly women’s only dating platform.

HER thrives as a community because they post lots of upcoming LGBT events happening near you and users also share LGBT’s latest happenings and recommend shows and movies to each other.

You also don’t have to worry about fake accounts or scammers as most users are linked to their Facebook accounts on HER (thus, eliminating the chances of scammers and trolls on this app).


2. Chappy (

Chappy’s the new kid on the block for gay dating apps, but don’t be too quick to pass it off because this app is definitely worth checking out!

Backed by the popular dating app ‘Bumble’, Chappy is definitely a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Launched in 2017 in 3 big cities; Los Angeles, New York and London, Chappy targets gay men who are looking for 3 types of people; their Mr. Right (a committed Exclusive Relationship, a soul mate), Mr. Right now (Casual Encounter or a One Night Stand) or Mr. Who knows (those who aren’t exactly sure what they want).

All you need is a Facebook account to sign up for Chappy (this is to ensure all members are legit users in order to verify accounts and eradicate fraud and fake members in their database).

Why not try it out yourself? Signing up for an account is completely free!


3. Tinder (

With its ever-booming database (current count 50 million users), Tinder also caters to queer, gay, lesbians and bi-curious people.

In fact, since 2016 Tinder has included close to 40 different types of gender options to cater to everyone’s needs (talk about being an inclusive community)!

So, have fun swiping and looking for someone who’s the right match for you!


4. OkCupid (

Understanding that there is a gap for queer and trans-specific apps, OkCupid was actually the first mainstream dating app to include more gender and orientation selections on their site (today they have 22 gender and 13 orientation options).

Since 2014, they have integrated these into their systems and even written a brief description for each of these options in case people are new to them.

What’s awesome on OkCupid is you can customize your profile with a write-up about yourself; answer questions about random and mundane things; to discussing about your personal values and worldview.

In addition, we think the site’s done pretty well even though they’re not an exclusive LGBTQ app!

Check it out and you can thank us later!


5. Grindr (

If you’re gay and in the online dating scene, you would definitely know Grindr.

It boasts itself as the largest dating app for gay, trans and queer men so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll certainly find a big pool of these people here!

Also, if small talk’s not your kind of thing because you’d rather get down to some action right away, Grindr would be a great app for you!

Do prepare yourself for dick pics galore here though, as well as tons of photos of sexy men. Feast your eyes and have some fun!


6. HappyMatches

No surprises that HappyMatches is TOPs on the list. This amazing New Comer has taken the LGBT dating niche by storm.

With its “No Bull-Shit” direct and straightforward dating concept, this is the dream Gay App and Gay Site of everyone in the Gay Dating and Lesbian Dating community.

Besides being able to easily refine your search to only view fellow “Gay Males” or “Lesbian Females”, HM goes even further to allow you to sieve profiles based on the Type of Relationship they are looking for, eg. Casual Dating or Serious Relationship.

Clearly, you want to avoid someone looking for a long term romantic relationship, if you’re merely looking for a Casual Fling or Hook Up (and vice versa).

HappyMatches goes the extra mile to verify through its advanced “Face Verification” technology that real people are behind their profiles.

Inappropriate profiles which violate the site’s policies are easily reported by fellow site Users, and taken off the Dating Platform to ensure a safe and enjoyable use of the site.

Be sure to register your “Suitor” account, since it opens access to the huge pool of “Date” profiles with a crazily cheap subscription of USD for your entire first month.

Otherwise, if you want to use the site entirely Free-of-Charge, and are confident your profile will easily draw attention from Suitors, you can register a “Date” account instead.


Conclusion Insights on Best Gay Dating App

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(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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