Free Gay Dating Sites For Serious Relationships: Top 5 Best Gay Dating Apps & Gay Dating Websites that Don't Waste Your Time

Free Gay Dating Sites For Serious Relationships: Top 5 Best Gay Dating Apps & Gay Dating Websites that Don’t Waste Your Time

So, what exactly should singles be looking out for, when it comes to selecting the best gay and LGBTQ+ dating sites or apps for a Committed Relationship?

For starters, it’s always useful to look at the demographics of a gay / LGBTQ+ dating site.

In other words, where are their members from?

  • How many members does the site purport to have?
  • What type(s) of relationships do the members come to the site looking for? Eg. a long term romantic relationship, or a short term casual fling?

While such information may not necessarily be credible, they are arguably your best bet when it comes to selecting a Gay Dating Site of choice.

Secondly, get to know about how the payment structure is like in each of the gay or LGBTQ+ dating sites.

  • This would give you an idea of how expensive (or inexpensive) it is to maintain a profile.
  • Some Gay Apps and Gay Sites require a Paid subscription (in return for the value they give to you). What’s your “value-for-money” proposition? Do you receive a lot of value (eg. in terms of the quality, alignment of dating interests, and size of potential dates) for the amount you pay?
  • Other Gay Dating Apps and Gay Websites offer a Free subscription. Some may then have up-sells of tokens, flood you with adverts, or suffer from low-quality users (which could include spammers and scammers). Are you happy with your “free online dating” experience, or do you think you’re being “penny-wise, pound-foolish” in not investing a little to make your search for Gay Men dates easier and more effective?

That said, we know you haven’t got the time to deal with these issues. That’s why we have prepared this list for you (you can thank us later) …


Free Gay Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Directly below, we are more than delighted to share with you our top and most highly recommended Gay Dating Apps and LGBTQ Dating Sites that promise NOT to waste your time, and deliver immense value and effectiveness in your search for an exclusive and monogamous Gay companion … Enjoy!


1. Adam4Adam (

If you are looking for a clean-cut and easy to navigate website for gay men online dating, Adam4Adam’s the one for you.

With its easy filtering system, you can make selections for potential dates by indicating your preferred ethnicity, relationship status, age, body weight and even sexual position.

In your search for a long term romantic Gay male partner, do note though that some members in this website are pretty open-minded and adventurous.

For example, gay couples may be looking for another guy to spice up their bedtime routine, or gay singles may be keen on getting involved in illicit affairs or searching for one night stands.


2. Scruff (

Integrating the swiping system (made famous by Tinder), you can swipe endlessly on Scruff until you find someone you’re interested in.

Basically, Scruff Match presents to you a myriad of gay men everyday, and the more you swipe, the smarter the system gets (how cool is that!).

From there, they get to know your preferences for the type of guys you like and you’ll notice that the guys tend to get hotter and look more like ‘your type’.

Scruff’s very quick to state on their site that there are 15 million real men on their app and no time wasters like spambots and scammers there.

With their geo-location feature, you can even search for guys living nearby or for a hottie across the globe.

Registration is fuss-free, quick and easy. So why wait? Sign up for an account now.


3. Gay Friend Finder (

The name of this website sounds pretty innocent and fun, and it’s more for gay men looking for companionship, friendship or a one-on-one date.

Unlike other more promiscuous gay dating sites for flings or one night stands, Gay Friend Finder lets you write a lengthier profile description of yourself so people can get to know you a little better before chatting you up.

Besides, Gay Friend Finder also lets you organize meet-ups with other queer men to attend a local LGBTQ festival together or even head to a pub-crawl with new friends.

In this way, you get to know an online date in a safe public place before deciding to take things further.


4. Grindr ( – (Most Popular #3 Among Free Gay Dating Sites For Serious Relationships)

Boasting itself as the largest bi, gay and trans dating app, this app is a must-have if you are in the gay dating scene.

Grindr is also the first ever app to create the Tribe function for gay men, you can select your own type/category from Daddy, Otter, Twink, Jock, Rugged, Nerd, Trans and many more!

From there, you can chat with other members who are like-minded or similar to you.

In addition to that it also allows users who are attracted to your type to approach you!

It is absolutely free to download on the Google Play store and Apple app.

Don’t wait any longer, try it and you’d definitely be hooked!


5. HappyMatches

What makes HappyMatches so special for you – is that you can straight-away filter off all the Casual Dating Gay Guy daters, by indicating that you’re looking for a “Serious Relationship” in your profile.

This effectively saves you tons of time and effort, trying to personally filter those Gay Men merely out for a quickie booty call, versus those that are looking beyond mere physical interaction, and wanting to find a stable long term relationship partner to enjoy life and spend time with.

Add in an elegant and intuitive design layout, a high performance Gay Site and accompanying Gay Apps, together with the World’s First “Face Verification” process to weed out scammers and duplicate profiles – you’re seriously in for a Real Treat by getting into the dating community.

Whilst many seek “Free” use of Dating Sites, why not consider registering a “Suitor” account and paying a mere USD 1 for a full first month’s paid subscription, to gain access to the huge and quality database of Gay Dating “Date” users that HM offers?

Or if you’re confident of your charisma and attractiveness, or simply insist on not paying to use a dating site, HappyMatches allows you to set up your “Date” account anyway totally free-of-charge, wherein you have access to all “Suitor” profiles on the site.


Conclusion Insights on Free Gay Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Consider carefully the pointers we’ve given above – to help you select the most appropriate Gay Apps and Gay Websites for your personal needs.

Many Gay Sites and Gay Apps out there in the market over-promise (but sadly under-deliver). So be sure to trust our recommendations above, so that you don’t waste precious time (and of course, valuable money as well), in your Gay Romance & Relationship endeavors.

Ready to thank us? Sure, go ahead. But that won’t stop us from sourcing for even more goodies for you, in the very near future!


(Last Updated: 30 May 2020)


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