Gay Dating Apps: 7 Types of Gay Men & Gay Guys You’ll Definitely Encounter on Most Gay Apps, Gay Sites & Gay Websites

Gay Dating Apps: 7 Types of Gay Men & Gay Guys You’ll Definitely Encounter on Most Gay Apps, Gay Sites & Gay Websites

These are things you should know before you enter the online Gay Relationship dating space.

There’s no lack of personalities that you’ll encounter when delving into online Gay Dating, but finding one that is compatible is no easy task.

You’ll have to sieve through different Gay Profiles and also, when it comes to interaction, some people are much easier than others.

To simplify your search for a Gay Match, you should use an established, credible and effective Gay Dating Site like


Gay Dating Apps

Across all Gay App and Gay Site platforms (including Grindr, Blued and Growlr to name a few), you’ll definitely encounter these 7 types of people … Enjoy!


1. Gay Imposters – (Top #1 Type of Person on Gay Dating Apps)

These Gay Profiles are the ones who pretend to be something they’re not. It could be a Catfish,

Impersonating someone else in order to have some “fun”.

There’s no concrete way to identify if someone is an imposter up front, but common sense and a little bit of interaction may help produce traits that allow you to identify them.

As a general precaution, using apps and sites with verified profiles can be the first step against these people. When things become too good to be true, it normally isn’t.

Taking some time and precautions with your images and information will aid in keeping you safe online.


2. Clingy Gay People

These Gay People thrive on interaction.

They are always ready with a compliment and things may seem all nice until you figure out that they do not know when to stop.

It may sound lovely and perfect at first, but constantly requiring interaction and validation may affect your mental health in the long run.

Everybody wants to be desired, but too much or a constant need for it may be telltale signs of low self-esteem, and/or compulsive behaviors that make them unsuitable for a Gay Romantic Relationship.

When you realize that the Gay Guy you’re interacting with might be a clinger, it is ideal for both parties to let him down gently.

Being too aggressive or nonchalant may end up making matters worse.

They can be a great friend to have, but do exercise caution when exploring something deeper.


3. Gay Enigmas – (Frequent #2 Type of Person on Gay Dating Apps)

These are the Gay Profiles that appear without a photo of themselves, but there’s no lack of art, scenery or something abstract.

There are many reasons for such profiles, ranging from low self-esteem to the fear of going public about their sexuality.

In general, these types of Gay Guys are often good talkers, and they are very good, emotionally available people.

It’s wise to practice caution with these guys, because the last thing you’ll want is to have deep, meaningful conversations with them only to find out that they are always afraid to meet up or are unable to come out.


4. Gay Flashers

Gay Flashers are the ones who are proud and comfortable with their own skin.

Too comfortable, it seems, for there are lots of flashers who greet you, without warning, with a selection of NSFW pictures and/or videos.

When things become too uncomfortable for you, it’s time to take action.

Some of them do stop when you actually ask them to, but for those who are oblivious to it, you should use to the Gay Website’s or Gay App’s report function to escalate the matter to the site’s developers and to safeguard future users from such abusers.

If all else fails, blocking the user is an efficient way to curb harassment.


5. Gay Stalkers

No matter the Gay Platform, you’ll bound to have a brush or encounter with the Gay Stalker.

They will often appear on your profile’s visitor list, looking through your photos and they may even comment in an uncomfortable manner.

When confronting them, they may not even reply or block you.

Consider blocking them from your profile or reporting them when things become too uncomfortable for you, but do beware, Gay Sites or Gay Apps that have a much more relaxed safety and security policy may allow them to stalk you again using another fake profile.


6. Gay Hookups and/or Gay Swingers

If you’re looking for a deep and serious Gay Relationship, then you’ll have to be wary of these Gay Hookup and Gay Swinger guys.

They are generally looking for a “no strings attached” kind of NSA Relationship, and some may even already have a Gay Partner and are just looking for Gay Friends.

Tread carefully when meeting these people, as things can get messy really quickly if their Gay Partner finds out about it.

If however you’re like them also looking for a casual Gay Hookup or fellow Gay Swingers, then no worries – get to know them!


7. Genuine Gay Partner: The One You’re Looking For

This is the end goal: a perfect male Gay Guy candidate that ticks all boxes and you both click well.

Be sure to state specifically the type of Gay Relationship you are looking for in your online dating profile, so as to attract the right type of Gay Matches.

Gay Sites like Happy Matches allows you to select the “Type of Relationship” you are looking for to facilitate you finding your ideal Gay Romance easily and without much hassle.

While it might seem like it’s a long shot, the Gay Man of your dreams may very well be on the Gay Dating App or Gay Dating Site you’re using.

While the main perception is that such Gay Apps and Gay Websites are only for hookups, there are those in the Gay Community who wholeheartedly use it just for making friends or to look for love and serious relationships.

Do not be put off by those inappropriate types of Gay Guys mentioned above, because truth be told, they only make up a very small percentage of Gay Men who use a Gay App or Gay Website.


Conclusions on Using Gay Dating Apps

Enter and use Gay Dating Apps with an open mind. You’ll never know – with some persistence and in using the right Gay Dating App and Gay Dating Website like, you’re likely to find the right one.

Whether you’re a greenhorn or a veteran in online dating, there’s no harm in taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself online.

Look for trusted Gay Apps or Gay Websites to minimize your risk, and never divulge your personal information until you’re really confident and sure that the person you’re talking to is genuine.

And, always remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.


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