Gay Dating Sites: Top 8 Must-Try Best & Free Gay Dating Apps & Gay Websites for Gay Dating in 2019

Gay Dating Sites: Top 8 Must-Try Best & Free Gay Dating Apps & Gay Websites for Gay Dating in 2019

The advent of technology has afforded us the comfort of looking for love from the coziness of our homes.

You don’t have to head to the most populated bars and clubs and spend tons of money on drinks in your quest to seek out a relationship partner.

Dating Websites and Dating Apps have mushroomed all over the web, but which are the Gay Apps & Gay Sites you want to use as a Gay Man?

Dating Sites mostly cater to heterosexuals, and the Best Dating Sites out there often lack options to sift for Gay Men, which can be really annoying for you.


Gay Dating Sites: Introducing the Top 7 Best & Free Gay Apps & Gay Dating Sites …

Have no fear, this list of the Free and Best Gay Apps, Gay Sites & Gay Websites is here to help you out!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Most Popular and Top Gay Dating platforms, to help you hunt down your Mr. Right with ease and effectiveness … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (World’s #1 Among Gay Dating Sites) promises to “Match Aspirations & Expectations” of the parties involved, as its slogan states.

The developers behind this mobile friendly site are constantly working on improvements which are aimed at making the user experience straightforward and effortless.

The technology supporting the site is sophisticated, allowing the site to offer features not available on other established Gay Dating sites.

One such feature is the real time chat function, which dispels the anxiety and annoyance of waiting for replies while the message box lags and refreshes itself.

This time saving addition to the site is sure to be welcome amongst the busy Gay Men and impatient Gay Guys.

The site is best known for attracting a user base who are sincere in seeking a Gay Relationship.

The classy design of the site reflects the kind of users which flock to the site. Selections on your profile allows you to view Gay Men exclusively, and all users are likely to find a match due to the ever-increasing site traffic.

It is not unusual for Gay users on the site to find a serious long-term relationship.

HappyMatches advocates the new paradigm of Gay Dating where the chemistry, connection and compatibility of the Gay Lovers is paramount.

More and more people are frequenting this Gay Site these days, looking for charming and attractive Gay Partners whom they build something deeper with.

Others use the site to find casual dates, a Hook Up, Friends With Benefits, One Night Stand, Travel Companions, Platonic Relationship, Make Friends and even to expand their professional networks.

Whatever it is, Gay Dating these days has taken on a completely new definition, and embraces the crossroads of change with conventional/traditional dating merging with modern dating and relationships.

For those tired of time wasters, duplicate accounts, fake profiles and scammers, you’ll be amazed by the site’s World’s First “Face Verification System”. Simply use the HM Dating Apps to verify yourself as a real human, and also prioritize your interactions on the site with similarly “face verified” profiles.

Besides using advanced A.I. algorithms, the moderators of Happy Matches also work tirelessly all day long to weed out the bad eggs in its huge User database.

Continuous improvements and new functions are being implemented, with the aim of providing better verification features for the site’s sugar crowd.

These will ensure that the site’s performance is optimal, and user experience is top notch, as well as giving Dates the option of selecting the minimum level of Suitors they desire to interact with to enhance the quality of the Suitors they interact with.

Cost: Absolutely “FREE” for all “Date” accounts

Membership Subscription for all “Suitor” accounts: a mere USD 1 for the first month’s trial, thereafter only USD 10 a month (unless you decide to upgrade to a higher membership subscription to stand out from the crowd!)


2. Grindr ( – (Highly Popular #2 Among Gay Dating Sites)

Grindr surely has a place on this list since it is that app which everybody knows about, even those who aren’t gay!

Grindr claims to be the largest online dating app for GBTQ men worldwide, but users of the site have an unwritten agreement that all relationships forged on this site will ultimately lead to sex.

The profile start up is simple, all you have to do is upload a profile picture and fill out some statistics about yourself and wait patiently for DMs!

Other than the dating feature, Grindr has launched its very own specialized digital magazine named Into. You can now multitask between hunting for a partner while updating yourself in news related to the gay community.

Cost: Free

Membership Options: $19.99/month (with a free 7-day trial)


3. OutPersonals (

With a user base of over a staggering million members, has taken the liberty of calling itself the globe’s biggest gay site for Gay Dating and Gay Hookup.

A free subscription gets you access to basic functions such as profile viewing, real time and video cams, and a blog detailing useful info for users.

One downside is that with the basic signup you are unable to start a chat with a user who caught your attention.

To enable the chat, you have to purchase a gold membership and this comes with the additional benefit of searching with advanced options and you will stay at the top of the list of recommendations when a user searches for criteria which you fall under.

There is a “warranty” that you will receive 3 months’ worth of membership if you fail to secure a hookup after upgrading to the Gold class.

Cost: Free

Membership Options: $29.96/month (Gold)


4. Adam4Adam (

A veteran in the field of gay dating, has been around since 2003, when then gay dating market availability was still far and few in between.

All services offered on the site are free of charge, which sets it apart from most other dating sites.

Men on the site come looking to widen their social circle with like-minded people, for romance or just a one-night stand.

Adam4adam earns profits from a range of advertisements displayed on the site instead of profiting from its users, so bear with the ads playing!

The site comes equipped with a cam site where you can watch live shows from attractive model-esque men, and even a specialty sex shop to obtain items to use to spice up your relationship with your newly found partner.

Cost: Free


5. Scruff (

When the site took off initially 9 years ago, it was supposed to cater to burly gay men looking for one-night stands, not so much the gay pretty boys.

As time passed, the site evolved to be all inclusive and now pretty boys and burly macho men alike roam the site, with a user population of approximately 12 million.

Other than the standard dating app layout and functions, Scruff has a travel segment which helps users get acquainted with potential destinations, in addition to a section which updates you on festivities in your area involving the LGBTQ crowd.

There is a safety measure equipped to the site which causes pictures you send to vanish within minutes of chatting if you only have a basic account.

The flip side of the coin is that you can’t revisit pictures you have received to fine tune your decision making in the case that you have more than one match.

You can always upgrade your account to gain access though. The cost of membership decreases progressively as the duration bought increases.

Cost: Free

Membership Options: 1-month access: $14.99, 3-month access: $13.33/month, 1-year access: $9.99/month


6. ManPlay ( is so sure of its services that it comes attached with a warranty of sorts, since their users have previously had such great success in landing the type of man they were searching for while using the site.

ManPlay boasts a huge variety of gay men amongst its user base, thus the guarantee that no matter what kind of man or relationship you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it sooner or later.

When you first sign up to the site, browsing and having a wander around is free of charge, but if you find someone you like and wish to send a message expressing your interest, you have to purchase a paid membership.

There are two levels of subscriptions, both allowing you to correspond with other users but the Gold puts you at an advantage by pushing you up on the search rankings.

Cost: Free

Membership Options: $29.95/month (Silver), $34.95/month (Gold)


7. Gays ( allows users to search for men with similar interests via toggles in the profile, so that you can land a date who you already know will click well with you.

Just like Scruff, you can look for festivities in your area (or anywhere in the world, really) involving the LGBTQ crowd. You will get matches with men attending the same events, be it gay bars, clubs or sex parties.

The site also encourages your creative mind to craft literotica or fanfics in an open forum, and also comes equipped with a digital magazine detailing the latest news in the queer community.

You’ll be pleased to know that most of the site’s functions are complimentary to all users!

Cost: Free


8. GayFriendFinder (

One of the oldest pioneers in gay online dating, the site has been around for a whopping 23 years; Which might be older than some of the guys signing up for the site really!

A sad thing to note is that it seems that since then the user interface and site design seems to have reached a standstill and remains largely unchanged since its launch.

Ignoring the aesthetics, the site is a good platform to meet other men without being distracted by the side functions and Easter eggs which are characteristic of other sites.

A noteworthy fact is that the dated design seems to be deterring new sign-ups, with the user base comprising mostly of more mature men and a lack of the younger crowd.

At any real time access timing, only a handful of users will be online, which would decrease your chances of finding a mate.

A basic account also prevents you from engaging in most of the functions available on this Gay Site, so you would be obliged to upgrade to a higher level of membership.

Cost: Free
Membership Options: $22.99/month (Silver), $34.99/month (Gold)


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