Gay Online Dating: Top 4 Best Gay Dating Apps & Free Gay Dating Sites for LGBTQ+ Relationships Legit, Effective & Safe to Use

Gay Online Dating: Top 4 Best Gay Dating Apps & Free Gay Dating Sites for LGBTQ+ Relationships Legit, Effective & Safe to Use

It can be such a torture to locate a safe gay or LGBTQ+ Dating App and Dating Website.

It really doesn’t help that so many of these Gay Apps and Gay Websites are listed all over the internet (many of which are junk or contain malicious code aimed at stealing your password or hijacking your email).

At some point, it becomes impossible to determine which are the legitimate and safe Gay Sites to use.

For that reason, we have scoured through a massive list of LGBTQ+ Dating Sites, Gay Dating Apps and Gay Dating Websites.

And, we finally arrived at the following superb recommendations.

Only the VERY BEST ones are featured here in this article, since we definitely don’t wish to bust your computer or waste your precious time …


Gay Online Dating

Legitimate Gay LGBTQ+ sites that will NOT mess with your computer … Enjoy!


1. OkCupid (

Although OkCupid isn’t exactly a dating site exclusive to gay men, it is an extremely popular dating site used by both straight people and people of the GBTQ+ community.

Ask any millennial which dating site they are using currently and OkCupid is sure to be the top on the list!

Whether you are a gay man looking for your soul mate, or a bi-curious guy looking to hit it off with a fling; you are bound to find someone on OkCupid.

Furthermore, OkCupid is on the forefront of embracing the LGBTQ community.

It is one of the first few online dating platforms to let users choose their gender and sexual orientations.

Offering a wide range of choices, they allow users to identify with 22 gender and 13 sexual orientations.

What makes OkCupid even more attractive is that it is completely free to sign up for an account with.

After which, you can browse and chat with members whom you take an interest to!

You can even choose to upgrade your account to enjoy more features that OkCupid offers at an affordable price range too.



Super easy and fuss-free to sign up an account with, SCRUFF opens you up to a large community of 15 million gay men from all over the world.

Search for men living nearby or if you prefer someone from a more exotic descent, you may be able to find him on SCRUFF too!

Updating you with a stack of guys everyday, you just gotta swipe till you find a suitable match.

And what’s awesome is that the more you swipe, the smarter the system gets in identifying your ideal partner!

Understanding that wanderlust in all of us, SCRUFF let’s you upload your travel itinerary on your profile, so you can connect with local guys before you are even there!

Message and chat with locals and fellow travellers going to the same destination as you are.

If you enjoy interacting and meeting new people, you could even sign up as a SCRUFF Ambassador, to introduce and bring people around in your home country.

Attend the latest GBTQ events and even see who else is heading for the same event as you.

RSVP for SCRUFF Recommends events and achieve the SCRUFF Pro status to use special features on the platform.


3. GayFriendFinder (

Finally, an online gay dating platform that doesn’t have a provocative or sexually charged name.

This site would be perfect if you are searching for your soul mate, a serious relationship or even a friend here.

Fill in your profile with a detailed description of yourself as there is no character limit unlike typical dating apps and sites.

This allows potential matches or partners to get to know you better before they approach you and this raises the chance of you finding someone who complements you well.

Make use of the geo-tagging feature to search for matches who live nearby!

Moreover, participate in their forums to immerse yourself and mingle with other members on GayFriendFinder.


4. HappyMatches

Whenever anyone thinks of Gay Dating, they automatically think of “HappyMatches“.

Why so? Despite being new, has built up such an impeccable and distinguished excellent reputation for itself, that most (if not every other Dating App and Dating Site) can only marvel at and be envious of.

The KEY to HM’s success is two-fold: (a) Innovation and (b) Daring to be Different.

Understanding (and perpetually trying to gather more feedback and insights from Users and the LGBTQ+ community), Happy Matches has listened to such valuable comments, and made them become reality.

It’s direct, no-holds-barred “state-what-you-are-seeking” concept is a direct challenge to most existing Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites. Simply indicate on your profile whether you are a Gay Men looking for “Casual Dating”, “Serious Relationship”, or “Open Relationship. You can then search accordingly as well, and your profile will also only attract Gay Guys searching for similar type(s) of relationships like yourself.

Unlimited Profiles (matched to your Dating Preferences). With its sophisticated and extremely user-friendly Search Function, HM gives you full access to ALL the profiles in its database, but only prioritizes and shows those relevant to your location, relationship type, sexual inclination, age and other search fields (which you’ve selected).

Gone is the irritating “swipe left, swipe right” waste time actions, where you end up swiping yourself into the big black hole” conundrum with no replies.

And also, into the thrash bin goes the restrictions on the number of profiles you can access (and receive) on a daily basis. Besides limiting your ability to “fish” to find suitable dates (to only the few miserable profiles per day which have been “released” to you), you end up having to “settle for less” since you’re not able to sieve the entire database and be able to “Choose from the Very Best”!

Now you know why HappyMatches, despite being a new kid on the block, has skyrocketed to “Super Star Online Dating Status” in an incredibly short period of time.

Besides its rapidly growing database (which is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day), it’s simple philosophy of “Accessible Dating for ALL” means that using the site is extremely affordable (UNBELIEVABLY affordable, in fact). Only USD 1 for the entire first month for its highly recommended “Suitor” accounts, whilst “Date” accounts use the site entirely Free-of-charge. Try to beat that!

Most other Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites offer their paid monthly memberships at much higher prices. Others even worse, expect you to pay a few USD just for the “meagre chance” to indicate your interest in another profile (in the slim hope that that person would miraculously “like” you back superficially, so as to even be able to start your conversation to see if it takes off beyond the initial “Hi!”). Total waste of time, effort and money using such Dating Apps and Dating Sites, no matter how reputable and renowned they claim they are, isn’t it?

Why not expand your chances of landing your preferred Casual Date or ideal Serious Date, by being given full access to ALL potential profiles you might be interested in. Thereafter, you can message as many of these “A-list” profiles of your choice, and based on those who respond and can click well with you, you can take things forward easily in your dating relationship with them.

NOW then you know and appreciate the POWER, EFFECTIVENESS and ALLURE of Happy Matches – And also what makes this incredible Dating App and Dating Site “TICK“, where most other Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites have FAILED miserably.


Conclusion Insights on Gay Online Dating

The last thing you’d want is to end up on a website that ends up stealing your passwords, or scams you unnecessarily.

It’s important to be sure which are the legitimate ones, so be sure to check out those 4 that we have featured here!


(Last Updated: 30 June 2020)

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