Gay Romance: Gay Relationship vs Straight Relationship - What’s the Difference?

Gay Romance: Gay Relationship vs Straight Relationship – So What’s the Difference?

There are certain key differences when venturing into a Gay Relationship as compared to a Straight Relationship. Because of these differences, Gay Couples often end up in couples’ therapy due to differences in expectations.

This article aims to highlight the key issues and differences that may affect a Gay Romance … Read on!


Gay Relationship vs Straight Relationship

So here’s our Top 7 Insights about a Gay Relationship and Gay Romance which you should be aware about …


1. Money & Finances

Money tends to be an issue when it comes to Gay Couples. Usually, both men in a Gay Relationship have their own careers and goals. As men generally earn more than women, conflict may arise in a Gay Romance when there’s argument over who is the breadwinner. Competition is common in Gay Couples, and in monetary terms, often the higher-earner is the more dominant one.

In almost all Gay Relationships, there is apparent power and passive-aggressive power, and how these are expressed can greatly affect the dynamics of the relationship. Psychologically speaking, Gay Men are socialized to think more individually, so the idea of merging both men’s income into a joint account not unlike that of a straight couple becomes a psychological hurdle that takes time and a lot of trust.

In a serious Gay Romance, it’s always healthy to have a mature conversation about this topic in order to understand each other’s point of view. Planning, evaluating and implementing specific money management plans helps both men feel like they are contributing equally, decreasing the chances of future conflicts arising.


2. Family

Taking care of parents and in-laws in a Gay Relationship can be an issue. Sometimes, there can be differences in how parents and in-laws react to the Gay Romance so approaching and coming out is a delicate issue that takes time and understanding. There are some in-laws that seem a little hostile towards the man or woman their family members marry, but the stakes are higher for Gay Relationships.

In order to avoid such hostilities, it’s best to confront the issue and set limits towards any issues with their partner. However, such problems are rare and most often than not the son-in-law is treated as a member of the family.


3. Children

Unlike straight couples, society doesn’t have such expectations for Gay Couples. However, more and more options are now available for Gay Couples, such as fostering, adoption and surrogacy. Gay men have strong paternal instincts, so having kids is certainly not an issue for them.

However, when it comes to traditional gender roles, conflict may arise. As there are no gender stereotypes for certain chores, division of duties must be carefully discussed and planned to ensure that the child receives the best from both fathers. There are support groups specifically tailored for Gay Fathers online, and they are an invaluable resource when the need arises.


4. Work

It is very common and generally accepted in Gay Couples that work comes first, especially when both men have careers. Whether straight or gay, it is commonly accepted to work overtime, on the weekends and even during vacations.

Unlike straight men who can take advantage of their situation and take time off from work to attend to family matters (maternity issues, child’s performance etc.), Gay Men are generally more submissive and give more time to their work and bosses due to a very subtle form of internalized homophobia in the office.

Time management in work and personal life is very important for both partners to achieve a healthy relationship, thus planning and allocation of certain chores should be done to capitalize on each other’s schedule.


5. Appearance

Unlike straight couples, Gay Men a certain form of male competition when it comes to appearance, as men in general are more “visually-oriented” as compared to women. Even in a loving Gay Relationship, Gay Men will subtly compete with each other and their peers.

This is a biological trait, not unlike males in the animal kingdom. Healthy competition helps keep the relationship going, but too much jealousy towards their partner may lead to problems. In a straight relationship, both the male and the female are compared outwards with other men and women, but in a Gay Romance, comparison is done internally (between each other), so there is pressure in being a “handsome couple”.

Thus, for Gay Couples, it’s very important for both Gay Partners to love and accept each other for their strengths and flaws, and to motivate each other to bring out the best in them.


6. Fun

When it comes to fun, Gay Men are the best at it. Liberal thinking drives them towards trying out new and exciting activities, whether with peers or with each other.

Gay Couples consistently demonstrate a sense of youthfulness and playfulness, and there is no lack of activities that are great for Gay Couples to keep the fire going. This could be due to the fact that both men have salaries and no kids (in general), so there’s an economic privilege when it comes to Gay Relationships.

Finding common interests and seeking out new activities with the support of their Gay Partner helps bring both closer together.


7. Politics

Gay Couples are more affected by politics compared to straight couples, and they tend to be more politically aware because their Gay Rights are challenged almost every day. In general, Gay Men are very active and very vocal about same-sex marriages, and they would most definitely fight for equal rights for all.

These issues might put on additional stress to their day-to-day lives, so it is important for Gay Couples to find others to create a social support group in the face of such negativity so they will have peers to depend and rely on emotionally.


Just like any other relationships, Gay Relationships are smooth sailing when both Gay Partners fully trust and listen to each other, but when all else fails and external help is needed, there’s always professional Gay Couple therapy and coaching services online and offline.


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