Gay App: 8 Best Gay Dating Apps to Hook Up with Gay Men for Gay Relationships while Travelling

Gay App: 8 Best Gay Dating Apps to Hook Up with Gay Men for Gay Relationships while Travelling

With the rise of technology, it’s getting easier and easier for gay men to look for other like-minded individuals around the world.

As travelling becomes more and more affordable, we see a rise in the trend of Gay Men Hooking Up on their travelling adventures.

It’s much easier to find and meet suitable Gay Partners, if you are visiting a more liberal and open-minded LGBT-friendly country.

However, in countries where homosexuality is frowned upon or not openly accepted, even if you are able to find Gay Saunas while travelling, you will find it hard to connect with the Gay Community over there.

Thankfully, there are clever ways to navigate these underground Gay Communities. With the growing popularity of Gay Apps and Gay Sites like for Casual Dating and Gay Hookup, finding your Gay Casual Encounters partners whilst overseas in any city has become so effective and easy.


Here’s our Top 8 Best Gay App recommendations for Gay Relationships which you should use when travelling in foreign cities and overseas countries … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches (

Top on our list, but the undisputed champion of “Online Gay Dating Apps”, is Happy Matches. Whilst HM is still a considerably newer dating platform, it has proven already itself to date to be an extremely explosive entrant to the Gay Dating market.

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, the HM Site and App functions seamlessly in real-time. It is extremely easy to use and navigate with an elegant look-and-feel.

Simply search for “Men” looking for other “Men”, and you’ll be brought into the distinct world of all types of Gay Relationships. Choose “Casual Dating” if you’re a traveler in a foreign city looking for Casual Relationships (eg. a Fling, NSA Relationship or One Night Stand).

HappyMatches differentiates itself with its huge database of real and genuine high quality Gay Users. Its uncanny ability to remove bots, scammers, fake profiles, duplicate profiles and other time-wasters from its Dating Platform is remarkable.

This is done through its World’s first Facial Recognition Verification System, coupled with intelligent A.I. algorithms which are constantly upgraded to police its site for inappropriate profiles.

Add in the admin team who manually scans profiles round-the-clock, and deals with any User reports of suspicious profiles.

For its quality, user base and ease of use, HM is extremely cheap and affordable to use. “Date” profiles are entirely Free, whilst “Suitor” profiles pay a mere USD 1 for the first month (and only USD 10 per month thereafter).

Of course, you can update your “Suitor” account anytime to stand out from the crowd and further enhance your chances of snagging your attractive Gay Partners anytime and anywhere.


2. Grindr (

Grindr is one of the biggest Gay App around the world, so no matter where you’re going, you’ll definitely be able to meet other gay singles to hang out.

However, it is banned in certain countries like Qatar, so if you’re planning to meet people there, be sure to use a VPN to circumvent the ban.


3. Taimi (

Next up is Taimi, an app designed for Gay Men. Unlike other Dating Apps, Taimi is specifically designed for men seeking real connections with other men.

This all-in-one app combines the features of Gay Dating with a social network, allowing you to form quality connections and expand your social network.

Within the app, members can create groups (not unlike Facebook) that cater to their interests, launch discussions and even plan events for the Gay Community.


4. Hornet (

Hornet, a rather new player in the field, seeks to invade the Gay Relationships space by taking what Grindr does, and taking it up a notch.

This Gay Dating App is much smoother compared to Grindr. Based on user reviews, there seems to be lesser ads popping up, providing a much more seamless user experience.

Profiles are verified to give users a peace of mind. Hornet is great for Gay Travelers as it goes beyond the Gay Dating and Gay Hookup scene.

There’s a plethora of community features built-in, allowing users to search for events happening around them.

You can even follow others for updates, providing great insight into the local Gay Scene of the countries you’re visiting.


5. Blued (

If you’re travelling to China, where internet censorship is rife, then you’d want to bring Blued with you.

It is currently the largest gay social network app in the world, and majority of its users (about 27 million) are based in China.

The founder is a strong advocate for LGBT rights, and he is committed to the legitimization of same-sex relationships in China.

Blued has recently partnered with Hornet, so you’ll be able to get the same social networking and safety features (such as verified profiles) that makes Hornet a safe community.

Blued also comes with the ability to live stream with followers, allowing you to share key moments and also watch streams of other guys nearby.


6. Growlr (

For bears, Growlr is the Online Gay Dating App for you.

Its global network allows you to find local bears wherever you’re travelling.

There are also up-to-date bear runs and bear bar listings, allowing you to plan a night out socializing whether you’re at home or overseas.


7. ManAboutWorld (

Planning your travels as a gay man might seem daunting and scary, especially if you’re unsure of the openness of the country.

Luckily, the folks at ManAboutWorld have created the perfect travel companion for gay travelers, a travel magazine and guide all rolled into one app.

Boasting high-resolution images, well written articles and videos made by their team of 75 global correspondents, you’ll find a wealth of local recommendations and insights for your destination.

At 10 issues per year, ManAboutWorld steers you to the people, places and experiences that are worth your time and money.

They even recommend travel gear so you’ll be well equipped for your next trip.

The e-magazine is also available for download so you can read it offline anywhere and everywhere without needing an internet connection.


8. MisterBnB (

Gay Men looking for accommodation on their travels can check out MisterBnB (, the LGBT equivalent of AirBnB.

Gay Travelers can feel at home knowing their host is Gay (or Gay friendly), and their hospitality network spans across 135 countries.

As a result of the booming niche of Gay Travel, the Gay Website also serves as a platform for the Gay Community to connect and collaborate, serving as a social networking service and travel guide.

What’s more, hosts are friendly and welcoming, and they are likely to point you to the local Gay Scene, so you’ll feel less like a stranger when abroad.


Conclusions: Using Gay App/Gay Sites to Hookup with Gay Men When Travelling

The LGBT movement is going global, and society is becoming more open to equal rights for everyone.

Leverage on the Gay Apps and Gay Websites mentioned above, because wherever your travels take you, chances are there’s a thriving gay scene, and it just takes a little homework to find the community and have an enjoyable holiday.

It might even turn into a life-changing Gay Dating experience where you meet your dream Gay Men dates and ideal Gay Partner.


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