Anniversary Ideas For Her: Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Dating or Wedding Anniversary & Make Her Feel Extra Special

Anniversary Ideas For Her: Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Dating or Wedding Anniversary & Make Her Feel Extra Special

Racking your brain for an anniversary celebration idea? We feel you.

At some point, the procrastination has to stop.

Usually, this happens when you’re a week away from your deadline if you’re self-disciplined enough.

For most of us, procrastination stops when the anniversary is approximately 2 days away.

That’s when we go on a frenzy and assume panic mode.

We seek the help of our best friends for suggestions, only to be flooded with cliché ideas that are doomed to fail.

You google for “anniversary ideas” and end up here.

Congrats, because we think you’re going to find some decent help here … Enjoy this fantastic and insightful anniversary date ideas article!


Top 5 Best Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Her


1. Time-travel back to your first date again – (#1 Most Popular Among the Anniversary Ideas For Her)

Get butterflies in your stomach, and the sweet taste of first love, by reliving your first date, at the restaurant or café you first met at.

Dine there, and reminisce how you both fell in love, and how far you both have come.

The evening would leave the both of you, smitten with each other again.

Remember to re-enact your first kiss, before this romantic night draws to a close.


2. Reminisce your wedding day

Play your first dance song in the car, on your way to your wedding venue.

Hum and sing along, as you recollect the happy memories of your wedding day.

If it is possible, wine and dine at the same special venue, where you both made your vows to one another.

This would be a significant gesture, and would surely leave a memorable mark on this special occasion.

Be sure to take a photo (or lots of them!), to keep as a memento for future memories.


3. Stay away from home for a bit – book a staycation! – (#2 Most Practical & Romantic Among the Anniversary Ideas For Her)

Book a relaxing weekend getaway or a staycation, where the both of you can spend time together.

Being undistracted, and only in the company of one another.

Go to the spa for a relaxing essential oil massage for couples.

Sunbathe in the sun or take a slow relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi.

Make it hopelessly romantic, and take it as your mini-moon (short honeymoon).

Sometimes, we just need some time away from the rat race, and the mundane routine.

And, this would definitely take her mind away, to celebrate this special occasion with you.


4. Start a new practice or tradition together

Creating special rituals on your dating or wedding anniversaries, can be a fun way to commemorate this very special occasion.

One way is to start a new tradition, on your dating or wedding anniversary.

Perhaps, you could take a photo during your dating or wedding anniversary, and add it to a collage, or your dating/wedding album.

This way, you can look back, and see how much you have both changed and grown, over the years.

Or write a love letter to each other, during your dating or wedding anniversary.

You could even renew your (relationship or marriage) vows with each other – when you reach the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th or even 10th year mark, of your dating or wedding anniversary.


5. Write a song for her

It’s probably too late, now that you’re 2 days away from your dating or wedding anniversary.

But hey – you can always save this idea for next year, right?

Not musically inclined or can’t sing? It really doesn’t matter.

Regardless of how untalented you are, she will be so touched that you’re doing this for her.

It’s really about the effort, and showing that you’re doing something really special just for her.

Rather than showing off how well you are at it.

In fact, you get double (or even triple) the brownie points, when she clearly knows you’re not much of a music person!


Concluding Insights on Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Her

Many would think, that planning an anniversary entails lots of spending.

The fact is, the most memorable anniversaries are those, which are the most thoughtful!

Try mixing and matching the above ideas.

And, you’re well on your way to impressing your loved one, all over again.

Just remember not to share the glorious anniversary tips and ideas from this magnificent website and apps with her! 😉


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