Best Date Ideas: Top 7 Date Activities for a Fantastic, Good, Fun, Romantic, Cool, Cheap & Great Happy Time Together

Best Date Ideas: Top 7 Date Activities for a Fantastic, Good, Fun, Romantic, Cool, Cheap & Great Happy Time Together

A Good Date is mostly determined by the chemistry you have with your date.

There are ways to plan the date, to foster and boost any existing chemistry you might already have.

The idea is to do something fun, yet provides lots of opportunities for physical contact and conversation.

Here are some excellent First Date Ideas (and subsequent Date Ideas) to help you out.


Best Date Ideas

In this article, we are happy to share our Top 7 Fun, Great, Romantic, Cheap & Good Date Ideas with You! … Enjoy!


1. Throw a die and flip a coin

This sounds like a gambling move, but it’s a legit idea for a fun date!

Throw the die and make a mental note of the number you get.

Next, head out! Wander down the road with your date, and when you reach the first crossroads in your path, use the coin.

Flip it, and let it decide which path you go down next!

Stop, when you reach the number, your die had shown you earlier.

That area you stop at, is the destination for your date!


2. Foodie tour

Plan out a trip through your town, which involves stopping at different places, for each course of the meal.

Take turns pinning down a favorite restaurant or food haunt, so that you can ultimately show each other, your favorite places to hang out before you met each other.

It’s an exciting way to stay on the move, while keeping in each other’s company.

You also get to enjoy the night out sampling a huge variety of dishes, instead of sitting in one place waiting for the courses to be served!


3. Question ping pong

There’s nothing better, than getting to know more about the person you like (or whom you’re in love with).

You might think that you know nearly everything about the person you’re dating, but that isn’t necessarily true.

This is a good chance to put together a list of questions, that you’ve always wanted to know about each other, and take turns answering them.

The answers to these questions will no doubt, be the kick-starter for many more interesting conversations to come, with the plus point of you getting closer emotionally to your significant other.


4. Attend all of the sales

From garage sales to flea markets to farmers’ markets and pop up stores, there’ll always be a bargain to be found somewhere, if you look hard enough.

If shopping is something you both enjoy, have a go at finding the best bargains, at these discount center-points.

Pack a light lunch to go with, so that you don’t have to stop halfway!

If you’re not too big on spending money on other people’s preloved knick-knacks, there’s nothing wrong with just browsing visually, without making any purchases!

You can even end the day, by going window shopping at your standard shopping mall, and pick out ridiculous things which you think would look terrible on each other, all for the fun of it.


5. Museum date

Which museum haven’t you been to in the city you live in?

It doesn’t really matter if you’re not much of a history buff, museums always hold some form of interesting relic, which excites people universally.

Besides, museums are not restricted to historical ones.

There are museums of art and science, dedicated to inventions which you use on a daily basis, and never gave a second thought about.

Being in love is about growing together as a couple, and you can do so by sparking your intellectual side and cultural knowledge, during these museum tours.

It doesn’t have to be an overly academic date – once you’re done with the learning, head out together for a “normal” night out together so you can discuss the day’s findings!


6. Huddle together in a kiddie pool

The fact that a kiddie pool is a “pool”, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fill it up with water!

Instead, stuff a bunch of cozy things inside, such as your warmest comforter and your fluffiest pillows.

Squeeze in together with your lover, and cuddle under the stars.

If you’re not one for the outdoors, you could always bring the same idea indoors, and move the setup to function equally well in front of the television.


7. Fabricate lies together

It is a universally known fact, that people choose snippets of their lives, which might not be a true representation of their real lives, to portray on social media.

Some people take it a step further to post misleading photos to illustrate that they’re leading a great life which they want people to believe they’re living.

Why don’t you join the ranks of these people, and intentionally create photographic evidence of scenarios or adventures, which obviously never happened?

Throw in a hilarious caption as the icing on the cake.


Concluding Insights on Best Date Ideas

Going on a Fun Date does not mean, that you have to spend a ton of cash, just to make your partner happy.

A Good Date constitutes having fun in a way, where you get to know each other better.

Throw in some physical contact, and there you have a Perfect Date!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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