Cheap Date Ideas: Top 7 Good, Cool & Fun Date Ideas & Date Activities that Don't Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Cheap Date Ideas: Top 7 Good, Cool & Fun Date Ideas & Date Activities that Don’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

On a budget but wish to have a good time still?

The good news is, dating shouldn’t be an expensive affair!

What’s more important is for the both of you to create wonderful memories together, and you definitely don’t need a deep pocket to do that.

Over here, we share some pocket-friendly ways to engage your date – Enjoy this insightful article!


Cheap Date Ideas


1. Night cycling at scenic spots –

Imagine the cool evening breeze blowing against your face, as you cruise along the cycling track by the river.

Take a leisurely ride with your date at night, and enjoy the peace and tranquility it offers.

Take in the beautiful evening and night views, as you both watch the world go by slowly together.

You can even pretend, that it’s just the both of you in the world.

Such a relaxing activity, and it’s pretty good exercise too!


2. Movie marathon with home-made popcorn – (Best #1 Among Cheap Date Ideas)

Are you both movie buffs? Or have a penchant towards horror movies?

Organize a movie marathon in the comfort of your own homes with a movie genre you both like.

You can rent movie DVDs. Or subscribe to Netflix.

You both can watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or even line up a series of StarWars, to binge watch the entire evening away!

Be sure to make (or simply buy) some freshly-made popcorn, so you can munch on these treats, throughout the entire movie marathon.

Because what’s movies, without popcorn – which you can even feed each other with? Awww…


3. Board games with mutual friends

Bored? Play some board games (pun totally intended)!

Invite a couple of friends over, and engage in some fun with board games!

Participate in some intellectually stimulating game-play, such as Cluedo.

Where you can solve a murder mystery, or flaunt your luck with a game of Monopoly.

This way, you get to spend time with each other, in the good company of friends.

It will certainly be a great night of fun and games!


4. Tour your own city for a day or two – (Most Interesting #2 Among Cheap Date Ideas)

Explore your city with a different set of lenses, and roam around like tourists.

Visit the museum that you walk by everyday, after work.

Take some selfies and photos, with the sights and scenery of the cityscape.

Splurge like how you would when you travel. And try some exotic Japanese sushi at the restaurant you’ve been thinking of trying; but never had a chance to.

You both would discover and realize, that your city is not just a concrete jungle.

But a place worth discovering, and delving deeper into.

You’ll never know, as you may learn of some hidden gems, in an inconspicuous nook and cranny.


5. Take online personality tests together

Get to know each other better, by doing some online relationship tests together.

We recommend the Five Love languages test, because this lends insight into which love language your partner speaks.

And how we can speak it more often, to breathe love into your relationship.

Essentially, this will lead you to understand more about your partner, and also to understand yourself better.


6. Keep fit and do sports together

There are many Youtube videos where you can buddy up, and do some exercises with your partner.

Or you could join a yoga class, and go for a tennis class together.

Fundamentally, participate in an activity that you both like.

So you can keep yourselves trim and fit, while being active together.


7. Cook together – (Best #3 Among Cheap Date Ideas)

Set yourselves a $10 budget and go grocery shopping for ingredients for pizza crust and toppings.

Make your own pizza with your favorite ingredients, and bake it in the oven.

And enjoy it with some beers over dinner.

Great company and delicious food, what more could anyone ask for?

Be sure to tidy up your home and room beforehand. Decorate it a little, add some flowers and dim the lights to create a romantic ambiance.

And after dinner and beer, it’s up to both of you what you like to do.

Whether you want to go for a walk outside, or enjoy some cuddling and snooze time together.

In short, just chill and unwind together. And let whatever sparks roll!


Concluding Insights on Cheap Date Ideas

Our personal favorite? Date Idea #10, i.e. making Home-made pizza!

That’s because, you could do some grocery shopping before that.

And, grocery shopping can be MIGHTY FUN!

In the end, your pizza might end up with a tad too much ingredients.

But hey, it’s the entire process that matters right?

Good luck! Try out all our suggested good and cool date ideas above – and enjoy a most fulfilling and romantic time with your date!


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