Cheap Dates: Top 10 Best, Cool, Fun, Romantic, Adorable, Great, Fantastic & Yet Unforgettable Easy Date Ideas on a Small Budget

Cheap Dates: Top 10 Best, Cool, Fun, Romantic, Adorable, Great, Fantastic & Yet Unforgettable Easy Date Ideas on a Small Budget

Going on interesting dates can be really difficult, especially if you’re on a budget.

Perhaps this may even be your very First Date, Second Date (or initial couple of dates) with someone new.

Or perhaps you’ve been dating each other for quite a while already. If so, doing the same old things continually can be extremely boring, and might take a toll on your relationship.

Thus, if you��ve been together with your partner for a long time and have been doing the same old things, what is the incentive for you to make a change all of a sudden?

Adding something new into a tired dating routine can spice up the romance and rekindle the feelings you had when you started dating. It’ll be like a second honeymoon period!

You might find it difficult to think of something new to do that doesn’t cost a bomb. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

That’s what this absolutely amazing list is here for, to give you a list of cheap date ideas that are adorable and romantic at the same time.


Cheap Dates Ideas for Cool, Fun, Exciting & Great Dates

Entertain yourselves, and have an incredible time with your date (whether new or not-so-new), with these affordable, simple but yet romantic First Date (and Subsequent Date) Ideas … Enjoy!


1. Pretending to be Picasso

Have a run over to the arts supplies store and grab a bunch of things to create your own paintings.

It doesn’t matter if you’re terrible at it, it will be a fund bonding experience for you and your partner.

There is no need to grab top of the line arts supplies which will put a huge hole through your wallet – even the stuff kids use is sufficient for this date night.

It will be a cheap, fun way to spend time with someone you love!


2. Pillow forts and chill

Netflix and chill is so overrated, and if you’ve been together for some time, you’ve probably overused that idea anyway.

Why not take a creative spin on that, and return to your childhood by adding a pillow fort to it?

This activity is not only fun, it’s also practically free! In addition to that, it gives you an excuse to cuddle up to your partner in a familiar yet foreign environment.

There’s nothing better than that.


3. Paintball wars

If your partner is more of the competitive sort, playing paintball together, is a good way to get it all out of the system.

Sure, it hurts quite a lot when you get hit, but teaming up with your partner and trying to defeat random strangers, can be that trigger to push your dating relationship to the next level.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, it will be a rewarding experience to go through with your new date or loved one.


4. A midnight dip

For the cowardly or those who can’t swim, this probably isn’t the best idea.

Swimming together basking in the moonlight is the most surreal experience any couple can have.

For those less inclined in the water, perhaps you can switch it up to a walk outdoors under the moonlight.

You’ll be out alone in nature, with a beautiful ambiance.

Nothing beats that – and the sexiness which comes with it.


5. Crowd watching in a busy place

How many couples can say that they’ve sat together on purpose in a crowded place, doing nothing but watching people?

You will be that couple who can say they’ve been there and done that.

It isn’t one of the first things which will come to mind when you think of an adorable date idea, but that’s because you haven’t tried it.

You can try making up conversations for people whose voices you can’t hear, and make up stories for people rushing past you.

It’ll be a new experience for you surely!


6. Play in the cold

In the winter, going out of your comfort zone to play with your lover in the snow, can be a nice change from staying indoors and watching shows.

Build a snowman in each other’s likeness.

Pick your favorite cartoon character and see who can build a better snow version of it.

Show the results to friends and family, and see who wins!


7. Game night

You can choose to create a game night on your own as a couple, or join one organized by others, such as those organized by the community center.

You can choose to have game night with just you and your partner, or you can involve your entire group of friends!

The possibilities are endless with this one.

Just don’t get overly competitive, and end up in a fight over a board game, or get injured while overly engrossed in a game of twister.


8. Pretend strangers

Go out to a local drinking spot or a pub and take turns arriving.

Use all the pickup lines you’ve ever wanted to try using.

It’ll remind you of the good old days when you were trying so hard to impress each other, yet with a twist of familiarity knowing that your partner isn’t likely to give you a slap regardless of what you say.

Best of all, you can be amused by other people’s reaction at how your terrible pickup lines seem to be working.


9. Story tag

Throw a dice or play some other simple game to decide who will start first.

The way this game goes, someone starts off with a sentence, and the other person continues, and this repeats till the entire story is complete.

It will either be a really funny story, or you might find out sides of your partner which you’ll never be able to just by asking them.


10. Down memory lane

Try to remember as many details as possible from your first date, and try to recreate it, even down to the details such as the outfits and accessories you had on.

Proceed to carry out the same activities, and try to recreate the conversation from that first magical moment of your lives together.

For couples who’ve dated a long time, it’ll be a fun walk down memory lane which could help to jog your dulled feelings for each other.


Concluding Insights on Cheap Dates

If you find yourself in a never-ending loop of repetition when it comes to dates, you’re probably a prime candidate to give the activities on this list a go.

You’ll grow closer to the love of your life in a fun, cute way.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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