Cool Date Ideas: 7 Super Fun, Outdoor, Romantic, Exciting & Great Top Activities to Plan for an Impressive First Date or Subsequent Date

Cool Date Ideas: 7 Super Fun, Outdoor, Romantic, Exciting & Great Top Activities to Plan for an Impressive First Date or Subsequent Date

It’s always tough when it comes to planning a first date (or even a subsequent date).

Unfortunately, more often than not, the pressure tends to fall on the guys to plan for an impressive first date (and second date, third date and more).

While some ladies might experience the pains of planning one, not many would have had such an experience (so much for gender equality!).

In any case, if you’re looking for ways to impress your potential partner, you might find the following suggestions helpful …


Cool Date Ideas

Here are our Highly Recommended 7 Super Cool Ways to Plan for an Impressive First Date or Subsequent Date to Impress Your Partner … Enjoy!


1. Try out aerial yoga

Take it up a notch and try out aerial yoga where you both would be suspended in the air with hammocks hanging from the ceiling.

Not only would it be a great workout, you would both have lots to talk about after the session.

Give it a try and one of you might discover your hidden talent!

Besides, it’s a great way to get some adrenaline rushing into your veins – don’t underestimate what the hammocks can do!


2. Be a tourist

If you’re both city dwellers; head out to the smaller suburbs and become tourists for a day.

Explore the quaint towns and be immersed by the hidden gems (like the hole in the wall café or that small family run souvenir store).

The things you will discover during this expedition will definitely intrigue you!

Furthermore, head over to some touristy spots like the zoo or even a popular tourist attraction (like the viewing tower or a theme park) and have loads of fun right here at your backyard.

The options are endless and it’ll surely be a memorable date!


3. Binge out at a food truck festival

The casual atmosphere at a food truck festival would be such a cool date idea.

And you know as the saying goes ‘food brings people together’.

Thus, this would be a great and more unique alternative, from the usual restaurant dinner date.

You can hop around from truck to truck, and try out a variety of delicious food, at an affordable price too!

Really, what’s not to love at these food truck festivals?


4. Gaze at the milkway at the planetarium

Inspired from the romantic Hollywood movie ‘Lalaland’, you can also bring your date to the planetarium to gaze at the stars.

Not only is it romantic, it is super cool too, because it is such a unique location for a date!

Imagine standing beneath the starlit night, with her huddled up close to you!

Nothing would even come close to this – try it and you’ll know what we mean.


5. Rock-climb your way up to the top

Step out of your comfort zones and try out rock climbing with your date.

Put your physical fitness to the test, and sweat it out while climbing up to the top.

It would be a great workout, for both your mind, body and soul.

Just be sure to condition yourselves physically, before trying out this activity.

Whenever possible, sign up for a beginner’s course, where ample professional guidance will be provided.

The last thing you’d want. is to injure yourselves in the process!


6. Go to an art museum

Head to a local art museum, to appreciate art or interact, with some of the interesting art installations.

You’d have a ton of fun, talking about the art pieces, while enjoying a leisurely walk around the museum.

This is a great way to spend one-on-one time together on a date too, instead of the typical dinner date.

Definitely a great choice if she enjoys art, or if you’d like to have the chance to flaunt the literary side of you.

Mmm sexy!


7. Visit a cat café

If you’re both cat lovers, drop by a cat café, and chill with the adorable felines.

Over here, you can lounge the entire afternoon away with your date, while you sip on some coffee and tea.

Cat cafes are the perfect places to unwind.

Once you’ve experienced the effect of cat therapy, you’d definitely want to head back there again and again.

Chat about anything under the sun in this relaxing environment, as you get to know more about her.

The soft purring of the cats around you, would be so comforting to listen to.

Who knows, one of you might end up adopting one of the kitties at the café!


Concluding Insights on Cool Date Ideas

Now that the internet is at your fingertips, it’s really not that difficult to find novel and cool first date ideas.

However, always understand that there is no one-size-fits-all method!

Whatever ideas that have worked well for others may not necessarily work for you!

For instance, if you know your partner dislikes cats, bringing her to a cat café, will definitely turn into a disaster!

At the end of the day, you’re in the best position to determine if an idea is plausible for both you and your date.

Have fun, and we hope the list we have compiled for you has been helpful!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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