Date Activities: Top 8 Best Cheap Fun Outdoor Romantic & Cool Date Ideas to create Great Memories Without Spending Excessively

Dating need not be an expensive affair, unless you’ve gotten yourself a partner who is pretty insensible with money!

If you’re feeling strained financially even before crossing the 1-month milestone of your Dating Relationship, you might seriously wish to re-consider if you are able to keep up with the lifestyle of this person.

Over here, we share with you some unique date ideas that will create good memories without spending excessively …


Date Activities

Here’s our Top 8 Fantastic Date Ideas (for your First Date, Second Date and subsequent dates) to create Good Wonderful Memories Without You having to Spend Excessively … Enjoy our valuable insights!


1. Speed things up at a go-kart track

Get your adrenaline pumping, at a go-kart track with your date.

Just make sure things doesn’t get too competitive, and have loads of fun!

This may not last a whole day, but it’d be a good supplementary activity for a full-day date.

Maybe then, you can speed your way into her heart.

In case you’re not aware, it’s often cheaper to purchase entrance tickets online.

So, it really is useful to plan ahead!


2. Go fruit picking at a fruit farm

Head down to a pick-your-own-fruit farm, and have an awesome time picking some seasonal fruits!

Not only would you be having an enjoyable time with your date, you can also bring back lots of delicious and nutritious fruits to eat, or to even make a dessert or fruit jam with!

The best time to head to fruit farms is when they are experiencing a bumper crop – you’re most likely to score huge without paying too much!

Definitely a great idea for the next date.


3. Snap away with a themed photo shoot

Dress up, be goofy and have a good laugh at yourselves, at a themed photo shoot.

If you’ve got the budget, you could engage a professional photographer to snap some couple-ly shots for you both.

If not, a cell phone camera or a good friend’s help would suffice.

What’s important is to capture memories of this Fun Date together!


4. Head down to a roller-skating rink

Head down to the roller-skating rink in town, and skate the night away with your date!

If you’re good at skating, you could teach your date a trick or two.

And if you aren’t, you can learn the ropes from the pro.

Alternatively, YouTube is your best friend.

What’s great about this date, is that you get to spend lots of one-on-one time with her, and the physical contact during this activity may lead you to something more by the end of the night.

Similar to Go-karts, it’s often cheaper to purchase entrance tickets online.

How exciting!


5. Choose a recipe and cook up a storm together

Google a recipe that appeals to you both, and go shopping for groceries!

After that, cook up a storm in the kitchen, so you can compete to see who’s the real Masterchef between you two!

By the end of the date, you’d have a sumptuous meal to enjoy and even if you don’t, the company will make up for it!

Besides, the grocery shopping before the cook-off is also very enjoyable – it’s a great chance to experience how life would be like if you both lived together (and how good you both are at scoring bargains!)


6. Road trip to see the milky way

Take a short road trip out in the evening to a spot where there is the least light pollution so you can view the beautiful starlit night.

It’d be a wonderful sight to behold, but remember to bring along some blankets, as well as your mosquito repellent, to enjoy the lovely view with your date.

This one’s personally one of our favorite date activities to do.


7. Plan and have a glamorous picnic

Prepare some antipasto and wine, and have a glamorous picnic by the lake.

Relax and enjoy each other’s company, as you savor your wine and talk about everything under the sun.

This would be a good time for you to bond with each other, and chat about anything without any distractions!

If you have dogs, you could bring along your canine friends, and enjoy a game of fetch too.


8. Fly some kites

When the weather is nice and windy, head out to the nearby park to fly some kites.

It’ll be a very enjoyable experience, and you could both take a leisurely stroll around the park after that too.

If you’re both up for it, it’d be a lot of fun to design, and construct your own kites together too!


Date Activities: Concluding Insights on Cheap, Fun, Memorable & Romantic Date Ideas

While it is completely normal to spend a little more at the start of the dating phase, there are tons of other dating activities that don’t require excessive spending such as the ones we shared above!

Some couples may choose to avoid the topic of money, for fear that it might jeopardize their dating relationship at the start.

However, we feel that it’s important to have an honest conversation with each other, especially if you’re serious about the relationship!

If you want a lasting relationship, such expectations have to be managed properly.

Give it some time before delving into such conversations though; you’ll know it in your gut when the time is right.


(Last Updated: 1 September 2020)

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