Date Night Tips: Best First Date Advice - Top 6 Proven Ways to Stand Out & Impress Your Partner on Valentines Day

Date Night Tips: Best First Date Advice – Top 6 Proven Ways to Stand Out & Impress Your Partner on Valentines Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches each year, it’s time to start preparing for your first date with someone you might be testing the waters with.

First impressions are huge and first dates with that special someone can be the leading spark to something great.

However, they can go south if you’re not prepared ahead of time.


Date Night Tips: Top 6 First Date Advice, First Date Tips & First Date Ideas

In order to get the most out of your First Date experience, be sure to follow our First Date Tips and First Date Ideas below on how to stand out from the crowd and make a true impact on your date … Enjoy!


1. Ask Interesting Questions

A first date is a great benchmark for starting a connection with someone, and with that comes getting to know them personally and on a deeper level.

Depending on the person, they may go on many first dates in order to figure out their needs and desires and it can be easy to get categorized as “just another date.”

However, with preparation and intellectuality, you can easily make yourself stand out from the rest by bringing interesting conversations and topics to the table.

Start with talking about hobbies and interests you may have interest in.

Whether that be sports, traveling, or music, there must be a way you and your date can connect about something that makes you both tick.

As you become comfortable with each other, start asking the deeper questions, things like their background, what makes their world spin, and where they see their life going.

While some may find this intimidating on the first date, being vulnerable and open to these discussions demonstrates confidence and the desire to live your best life.

The key to this is being prepared.

Coming to the date with questions in mind is never a bad idea, but also don’t be afraid to let the conversation flow freely.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these these five first date questions that will be sure to make you stand out.


2. Look and Feel Your Best

To no surprise, a huge way to stand out to your Valentine’s Day date is to dress up and look your best.

Physical attraction is a key factor in lighting that initial spark, so being comfortable in your own skin and looking your finest certainly helps.

When it comes to your look, you want to make sure you are comfortable because that can affect your mental state. If you look good you feel good.

For men, be smart when it comes to things like grooming and your hygiene habits.

Many women are a fan of facial hair, however, deciding on your look is totally up to you.

If you decide to go with a clean-shaven face, be sure to look into shaving with quality razors a few days before your date to avoid cutting yourself.

If you’re opting for a longer beard, however, look into trimming down with an electric razor to remove the frizzled ends.

Match this look with a stylish haircut and drop of cologne and you will be more than ready to tackle the first date.

Likewise for women, focus on what makes you feel beautiful.

Whether that be a a makeup regimen that makes you feel gorgeous or popping on a dress that makes you feel sexy, there’s nothing wrong with going with your favorites.

Add in some accessories too to give your look a little pizzazz and glamor that will have you looking sleek and classy.


3. Try a Unique Date Idea

A great way to spice up the first date and make it memorable amongst the rest is deciding on a unique first date spot that can help you two connect.

For example, if you two bond over sports, head out to the local basketball game for a date night out or if music is your connection, pick a concert or local bar with live music and dance the night away.

Standard dinner and coffee dates are fine, but can often be forgettable.

Many times, since the man is the one setting up the date, pitching a date idea catered to the interest of your date can show that you’re genuinely interested in exploring the similarities in interest between you two as a couple.

Being bold in this way expresses confidence and an openness to exploration, which can be seen as sexy, so consider getting creative!


4. Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

No matter what you have in mind for your date, it’s important to remember that this time should be spent focused on each other.

This means staying off your phone and avoiding distractions in order to get to know your date better and have a more enjoyable time.

If you’re visiting somewhere cool and feel the need to snap a picture so be it, but for the most part, keeping your phone stashed away is the best idea.

As a first impression goes, this shows focus and dedication to your date, two traits that don’t go unnoticed.

It can be easy to get caught up in your technology, especially if a first date doesn’t go as planned, but diverting to your electronics instead of focusing on the person you are with can be seen as immature and disrespectful.

Power it off and try and have your best time.


5. Show Some Intimacy, But Not Too Much

Since you and your date are looking to build a connection, that means expressing some sense of intimacy, without going over the top and appearing too aggressive.

A great way to start off is hugging as soon as you meet each other.

A hug is a simple and nice gesture that won’t send off red flags, and it can start the date on a good note.

While on the date, add some intimacy by locking eyes while you engage in conversation.

This shows that you’re truly listening and are attracted to them.

If you are at a dinner or coffee date, consider sitting next to each other instead to create a closer bond.

Be smart and tactical in how you portray this side of you because this can make or break a first date.


6. End the Date on a High Note

As the date comes to a close you have to think about how you’re going to move forward.

Whether the feelings are there or not, it’s best to leave the end of the date with a bit of mystery. Keep this goodbye short and sweet in order to see how after the date plays out.

As a man, thank her for getting together and go for a kiss on the cheek, if she allows it.

This is a great stepping stone if things went well and don’t express over-intimacy on a first date.

For women, if your date is on the shorter side, it can allow you to charm him and have him feeling great right as you send him on his way.

Plus, this will usually lead to a follow-up text message from him which can lead to a second date and more.

The ultimate goal of the goodbye is to bridge it into the potential next date.

If done right by both parties, each person will be left thinking about each other in a mysterious way.

Did they have fun? Are they interested in me? Will I get to see them again?

These questions are a great segue into conversation topics, for the next time you meet!


Concluding Insights on Date Night Tips

As Valentine’s Day approaches and you’re getting prepped for your first date, be sure to remember these tips.

Don’t forget to be you, express your feelings, and be open to exploring where the date goes, as it could be the start of something great.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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