Dating Profile: Top 10 Exclusive Secrets & Proprietory Tips to Make Your Online Dating Account Profile Simply Irresistible

Dating Profile: Top 10 Exclusive Secrets & Proprietory Tips to Make Your Online Dating Account Profile Simply Irresistible

Most people make the mistake of skipping past their dating profile, and focusing on uploading what they think are the most flattering pictures of themselves.

However, they forget that they’re but just one in a sea of equally attractive people on the Dating App or Dating Site.

Also, fret not! You don’t have to be the most eloquent person or the best writer, to create that enchanting profile which literally attracts hundreds or even thousands.

The substance of a profile is more in its content rather than how flowery the language used to write it is. If you find difficulty getting matches on your dating profile, try a few of these tips below to spruce up your profile’s image.


Dating Profile

Here’s our Top 10 Most Impressive Dating Tips & Dating Advice on Creating the Best & Most Irresistible Dating Profile for your Online Dating Account … Enjoy!


1. Don’t Be a Copycat

What often happens in Online Dating is that a boring, uninspired individual sees something which looks “cool” written on someone else’s profile.

They then decide to copy that description, without any consideration as to whether or not, that phrase would aptly describe themselves.

This leads to copies of the same profile floating around everywhere in the Online Dating sphere, on different Dating Apps and Dating Websites. Or more commonly, very similar reading dating profiles on the exact same Dating App or Dating Website.

When truly interesting people come across these repetitive profiles, there’s a snowflake’s chance in July that they’ll be interested enough to pay them any attention.

Don’t add to the collection of copycat profiles out there.

Don’t be lazy, write your own profile.

Don’t copy something someone else wrote just because it sounds “cool”. Instead, it makes you look stupid.


2. Drop the Vulgarities

This isn’t elementary school anymore where the potty-mouthed bully is the cool kid.

No lady or gentleman appreciates a crass counterpart.

Not only does it leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth of the reader, it brings across a terrible first impression.

Why do you want your potential dates to hate you before they even meet you?

Instead, opt for words which carry across a polite tone and make people want to associate with you.


3. Good Grammar and Spell-check is Sexy

The 5 seconds you use to skim your profile for spelling errors and proper English, can make a world of difference.

These minor errors are often a turn-off for intellectuals, so you’re in for a bad time if you post a badly edited self-introduction.

Say what you may, but anyone would prefer to get to know someone with a bit of substance in their heads rather than an empty, beautiful receptacle.

That all starts from leaving a good impression with good English.


4. Don’t Write Walls of Text

While the types who write “ask me more” are really annoying and are bound to hardly get any matches, the same goes for the extreme opposite.

Most people don’t have a very long attention span. You’re just one of many profiles – no one is going to read your self-introduction if it’s ten pages long.

Keep it short, sweet and succinct.

Aim for approximately 150 words or thereabouts.


5. Inject a Dose of Humor

Instead of writing long walls of text promoting how awesome you’d be as a partner, go right on ahead and prove it.

Everyone likes funny people.

Well, except for some boring old stick-in-the-muds. But it’s highly doubtful, that you’re on an Online Dating Site, to attract that demographic anyway.

Let a friend or two have a read at your attempt to be funny. It’s got to make them laugh without sounding like you’re trying too hard.


6. Don’t Let Your Profile Revolve Around Sex

Doing this never ended well for anyone.

Unless you’re looking for a Hook Up (even then, focus on doing so subtly and be charming instead) or looking to get ignored, this is something you should never, never do.

While it’s true that good sex is important in a lasting Dating Relationship, that is not the first thing you should write on your dating profile, much less let your profile revolve around it.

Focusing so much on sex makes you seem desperate and needy, and that isn’t attractive at all.


7. Don’t Toot Your Own Horn

Okay, so you want everyone to know you’re extremely eligible and that you’re the best catch in the online dating crowd.

You do this by listing down your achievements and brag about how good looking and successful you are.

Even if everything you wrote were true, it’s unlikely that arranging your profile in that manner is going to garner you any extra matches.

If there’s something everyone universally hates, it’s a braggart.

So, don’t be that person!


8. Tell Them Who You Want, Not What You Want

This is another common mistake new online daters make.

It might not be your intention, but stating the exact physical features of your perfect partner is going to paint a picture of shallowness.

While you may not be that shallow person looking for a good-looking accessory to boost their ego, that’s exactly what you come across as if you write your profile as such.

Instead, focus on the personality of your ideal partner.


9. Don’t Be Rude

After a period of time spent online dating, people tend to develop a borderline toxic personality which allows them to get offended when people who “aren’t their type” makes contact with them.

No matter who talks to you, either ignore them or let them down nicely.

Don’t be rude and write lists on your profile to exclude particular groups of people.

Let’s face it, no matter how “popular” you are online, you came to rely on online dating because you weren’t doing that well in real life.

You’re all in the same boat – don’t sink it with such toxic behavior.


10. Keep It Real

It’s much easier to tell lies online, and paint a wonderful picture-perfect version of yourself, in the eyes of your potential date.

However, it is to be remembered that eventually, you will meet up with them one day.

No matter how good you are at lying or acting, there will be cracks in the seams and the real you will show through.

You don’t want to ruin a potentially good match by littering the relationship with needless lies.


Concluding Insights on Dating Profile

It’s not easy getting attention while online dating, especially amongst a sea of attractive people who seem way more interesting than you.

You can’t do anything about other people, but you can change your own profile, so that it’s more eye catching and enticing towards people looking for a genuine relationship.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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