Dating Tips For Women: Top 5 Signs that Suggest You're a Committed Relationship & Not a Casual Dating Type of Girl

Dating Tips For Women: Top 5 Signs that Suggest You’re a Committed Relationship & Not a Casual Dating Type of Girl

Now, before you start getting jealous over your girlfriends who seem so carefree all the time.

And always hanging out with a different hot guy each day, you might want to be certain about yourself first.

That’s because not everyone is cut out to be a Casual Relationship kind of person.

Who knows, you might be glad you aren’t in any such Open Relationship arrangements after reading the following.


Dating Tips for Women

Enjoy our Top 5 Dating Advice on whether you’re more suited for a Serious Relationship, than Hooking Up and Casual Encounters … Enjoy!


1. You’re a Jealous Monster

Having emotions tied to a Casual Relationship can make things very complicating.

Especially if you are someone who often experience jealousy and envy over other ladies.

When a couple is involved a Casual Dating, they frequently have other partners and lovers at that point in time, because a Casual Relationship is usually non-exclusive (i.e. a Non Monogamous Relationship).

This is a common arrangement in Casual Dating. If you therefore go green with jealousy over the slightest things, you may have to reconsider if a Casual Relationship is the thing for you.

He may be spending time with, or even sleeping with another woman, while he is seeing you.

Due to the nature of the Casual Relationship, it would be awkward to have a conversation about this and it may make or break the Dating Relationship you have with this man.

Having a zen temperament and a detached attitude, would be key to mastering an Open Relationship.


2. You’re Not that into Sex

You are just bored with watching Netflix everyday on your own, or even getting a Hookup so you can forget that cheating ex-boyfriend, or to take your mind off your stressful workplace.

But you would realize that Casual Hookups and having a booty call, may be slowly making you become someone you are totally not –  because, Friends With Benefits (or sometimes, strangers, a Fling or a One Night Stand) ain’t exactly your cup of tea.

However, you are just onto it because you know it takes your mind off things (well, at least for awhile).

The orgasms are at best, okay – and you just don’t get addicted to sex with casual partners.


3. You Need to Know Everything about Your Dating Partner

Expecting too much from your partner can take a toll on both of you, as well as on your relationship.

Even more so if you are someone who expects total transparency, honesty and faithfulness from your partner 24/7.

This expectation does not go in tandem with a Casual Relationship, as Casual Dating is thought to be light-hearted, non-committal and flippant.

If you expect full transparency and utmost honesty in a Non Monogamous Relationship, it is best to go for a Committed, Serious and Exclusive relationship – rather than a Casual Open Relationship, where everyone is just out to have some fun without any strings attached.


4. You Need Constant Affirmation

Perhaps you are the victim of a bad break-up and you have been cheated on and have lost faith in love.

Coupled with a never-ending sense of insecurity, this may spell a bad ending if you decide to be in a Casual NSA Relationship.

You could spiral into a dark abyss where you totally lose all faith and hope in finding real love, and this may be irreversible.

These personal insecurities of yours will breed, and can change you and your Romantic Relationship and love life forever.


5. You Believe that True Love can Change Things

It is often an enticing idea to get into a relationship with a “bad boy” in hopes that you can change him forever.

However, this is hardly ever the case and more like a case of “a leopard never changes its spots”.

Men in Casual Relationships can separate love and sex, unlike women.

No prizes for guessing, who would be the one ending up with a broken heart in the end!


Concluding Insights on Dating Tips for Women

If you fit most or all of the above, you’ll be glad you aren’t in any Casual Dating relationship currently.

Otherwise, you will probably become a very unhappy person.

Heed our advice. You should definitely be considering a Serious Relationship with a committed partner instead.


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