First Date Conversation: Top 10 Dating Tips to Become an Engaging Conversationalist & Impress Your Dates

First Date Conversation: Top 10 Dating Tips to Become an Engaging Conversationalist & Impress Your Dates

When you meet someone for the first time, the best way to leave a good impression is to make sure that their first ever conversation with you is pleasant and smooth sailing.

You can conclude that life gets a lot easier when you know how to hold a decent conversation with anyone. No matter what line of work you’re in, or in most aspects of your daily life, communicating with someone is part of it.

A very crucial point where striking up a scintillating conversation is of the utmost importance is during your first date.

What should you talk about that will keep your date enraptured? People will first resort to googling lists of questions to ask their date, and unsurprisingly, the conversation can still turn out dry and bland.


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First Date Conversation

What most people don’t know is that while it’s true that the substance of the conversation might be important, the means by which you carry out the conversation is equally important.

Let us now explore the skill of conversing in further detail … Enjoy!


1. Choose your topic well

Before you start a conversation with someone, you have to roughly know what their areas of interest are.

If you’re talking to a super feminine lady and you start a conversation revolving around engine oil changes, chances are she isn’t going to be very interested in what you’re saying.

They will also struggle with coming up with something appropriate to say in return, which will grind all communication to a halt.


2. Make links

What you have to focus on next is linking your topic of conversation to the person you’re talking to.

People are interested in pieces of information which involve them in some way or other.

Ask questions to push them to respond, and make it seem like as though what you’re talking about will impact them sooner or later.

The next link you can make is between yourself and them.

Choose a topic that you think they’ll be interested in, but at the same time you have to feel engaged in this topic as well.

There’s nothing worse than rambling on in an unmotivated manner about something you have no clue about, to someone you just met.

If they bring up a topic you have no interest in, or have no idea about, ask questions so that they’ll tell you more about it.


3. Don’t ask questions which inspire monosyllabic answers

You have to word your questions in such a way so that they have room to answer, and that it’s almost impossible to answer with a simple “uh-huh”, or “nope”.

If they do answer in that manner, continue on the same topic by asking your questions in a different way, so that they’ll eventually open up to you and give a more in-depth answer about the topic in question.

This will open up your path to carrying on a discussion with them, and to future dates!


4. Be genuinely interested in what you’re talking about – (Top #1 First Date Conversation Advice)

Remember that in a conversation, you’re the one who’s most interested in what you have to say.

If you find yourself babbling in an uninspired way, you can rest assured that your conversation partner is nowhere near interested.

Cut short the complaining as well, no one is there on a first date to listen to you whine and gripe.


5. Backup plans

This is where your earlier frantic googling will come in handy!

To be frankly honest, there is no point in memorizing long lists of “100 questions to ask on the first date” because you’ll just make yourself more anxious, and you’ll end up not remembering anything at all.

Read through the lists you can find online, and choose five to ten topics which resonate with yourself.

Remember to come up with answers to your own questions, because these prepared answers will be useful for when your date asks you the same questions in return.

Or, if they answer and keep quiet, you can always carry on the conversation using your answers as a kickstart.


6. Practice in front of the mirror

Try sitting in front of a mirror and emulating how you would go about talking to your date the first time you meet them. Do you look inviting and interested? Or do you look tired and bored?

Often, the impression you give off boils down to the body language you’re portraying.

Make sure your shoulders are back instead of slumped, and keep your eyes open and not droopy. Smile more to give off an inviting and positive vibe.

If you’re looking tired, scary and like as though you don’t want to be there, your date will probably feel the same way.


7. Look them in the eye, sometimes – (Top #2 First Date Conversation Tip)

Imagine someone who memorized enough from the “first date list of 500 questions” to go on talking for three hours.

Imagine that person is someone who’s shy, and therefore refrains from making eye contact.

They look down at the table and ramble on for three hours, not realizing their date got bored in the first 10 minutes and has already left.

This is not the image you want to give on the first date – you need to make eye contact, to make the person feel involved in what you’re saying, and to check out how interested they are.

Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it though – you don’t want to creep them out by staring them down.


8. Let things go with the flow

With a first date, there is no need to feel like you need to be in control of where the conversation is going so that it’ll adhere to your prepared list of questions.

Let the conversation go where it will.

Sometimes, the natural flow of conversation will bring about a level of closeness that a forced one will never come close to.

Make sure you listen to what they’re saying, and go along with that to lead the next point of conversation instead of sticking to your list and firing questions at your date in interrogation style, without listening to what they actually said.


9. Try to keep it light

Inject a bit of humor here and there to keep the flow light and easy.

People are most attracted to those they can laugh along with, so in other words, people who laugh together, stay together.

Don’t force it though – that can get really cringy.


10. Keep the anxiety at bay – (Best #3 First Date Conversation Advice)

If you’re constantly worrying about this thing or that other one, there’s no way that you’ll have enough mental power to keep up with the conversation that’s going on in real time.

You’ll be nervous, which will make you jittery and jumpy – not the best companion you’d want to have on a first date.

Let your mind rest assured that you’ve done adequate preparation, dress well, look good, and let things take care of themselves.


Concluding Insights on First Date Conversation

The skill of conversing is one that many people lack.

Hopefully, after browsing through this list you have picked up on some useful tips to carry out a successful first date conversation.

If things go well and you end up with a new lover, don’t forget to thank us!


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