First Date Conversation Tips: Top 15 Questions & First Date Conversation Topics to Break the Ice on a First Date

First Date Conversation Tips: Top 15 Questions & First Date Conversation Topics to Break the Ice on a First Date

One important element of a First Date is the conversation involved.

Even if both of you loves the way the other person looks, there can be no genuine chemistry, when you can’t carry out a decent conversation together.

Most people are not able to talk to a stranger flawlessly, on the first meeting.

It is okay to be nervous on the First Date, but if your nerves make you unable to speak, your partner might mistakenly think that you aren’t interested.

You need to show that you’re making an effort to initiate conversation, so here are some Top 15 safe First Date Conversation Starters for those of you who tend to get tongue tied.


Best First Date Conversation Tips & Top First Date Conversation Topics to Break the Ice with Your Lovely Date


1. What’s your beverage of choice in the daytime?

This question seems simple and superficial, but it can help them show you a side which people don’t normally see on a First Date.

Some people are really particular about the type of coffee or tea they drink, and this is an interesting nugget of information to hold on to and remember to impress them for future dates.


2. What do you enjoy doing?

This question will help you to find out more about their daily lifestyle or hobbies.

It’s also a clue to help you suggest activities for subsequent dates.

If they’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and you bring them on a museum tour, they might not be very happy with the date.

Likewise, someone who prefers staying indoors is not likely to enjoy a mountain hike.


3. If money was not an issue, where would you want to live?

Their answer to this question will allow you to glean an interesting insight into what kind of person your date is.

Are they satisfied with their lifestyle and wish to stay in the same place?

Or do they have bigger dreams and wish to pursue a racier lifestyle?

You can compare their answer with yours, and see if you have the same aspirations.


4. What’s your worst first date story? – (No.5 Interesting Question for First Date Conversation Tips)

You can find out what are deal breakers for them from this story.

You can also tease them about it for the duration of your date, which will help you remember what they dislike.

Of course, if it was a traumatic experience then you can console them instead.


5. Cinema or TV?

Some people love the big screen when watching movies.

Others prefer to wait some time till the hype has died down, and watch it from the comfort of their homes.

Some people prefer series over movies, and vice versa.

Ask them what they prefer and find out why.

It might lead to a promise for a Second Date, or an extension of your current First Date.


6. What is something memorable from your childhood?

This might seem like a sudden and odd question to ask, so make sure you were talking about something relevant prior to this.

Childhood is an important time in shaping an individual’s personality, and is a huge part of who they are.

Knowing more about this time in their lives, might help you understand them better, in the way they think and act.


7. How have you changed since you were young?

You may link this question to the previous one, or ask it on its own.

Milestone events could have happened in a person’s life, which may have heavily influenced who they are.

Knowing about these events in a person’s life, can help you get closer to them more easily.


8. What do your friends call you?

People often have cute (or embarrassing) nicknames.

Learning the story behind the nickname, can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Often, you can get a good laugh out of this topic.

And their walls will fall away faster, after revealing something like that to you.


9. What’s a goal you’re working towards now? – (No.4 Good Question for First Date Conversation Tips)

This is an indirect way of asking them if they’re looking for a Serious Relationship right now.

If they’re working towards way too many things in life, it’s very likely that they want to postpone a long term Committed Relationship, for later on.


10. What would you tell the younger you from five years ago? – (No.3 Interesting Question for First Date Conversation Tips)

This question can help you find out about their regrets in life, and their outlook towards life in general.

It will tell you about how they deal with problems, and whether they learn from mistakes and move on.

Or, if they wallow in regret and self-pity and remain in a swamp of past events.


11. Which three words would your friends use to describe you?

This is a far better question than asking someone to describe themselves.

Because you’ll get a more wholesome overview of their personality, and more honest answers.

As they say – if you want to get to know someone better – ask their friends!


12. What annoys you? – (No.1 Top Question for First Date Conversation Tips)

This is a useful question to ask, because it’ll help you avoid landmines in interacting with them.

It also shows part of their personality – are they calm or easily riled up?

Besides, if the same things annoy you, you could relate to each other, and have a good laugh over it.


13. What do you do in your free time?

How someone spends their time away from work, can say loads about them as a person.

It will also help you decide, if they’re someone compatible with your lifestyle.

For example, you don’t want to be dating someone who spends all their free time on computer games when you don’t game. And, you’d rather be doing something else entirely.


14. What cartoons did you love (and might still love) as a kid?

This might sound like a silly question, but people can bond over the silliest of things.

Recalling that you used to watch the same cartoons, and recounting which characters you loved or hated, can be a heart-warming experience.


15. Name something you want to know about me, and me about you – (No.2 Popular Question for First Date Conversation Tips)

Pay really close attention to their answers on this one.

While it shows that you really want to know more about them, this question will at the same time reveal what your date feels is really important to them in a prospective partner.

And also something they really want people to know about themselves.


Concluding Insights on First Date Conversation Tips

Whether or not both of you can converse well together, and enjoy each other’s company in the process, is the “make-or-break” for your First Date.

In order to feel relaxed and engage your date attentively in an interactive conversation during your First Date, you need to sufficiently prepare and equip yourself before the date.

Besides sourcing for the best First Date Ideas, you also need to know the right First Date Conversation Starters and First Date Conversation Topics so that you can start and move the conversation along smoothly (without long awkward moments of silence).


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