Fun Dates: Top 10 Best Fun Date Ideas to Ignite Sparks with Your Special Someone or to Refresh a Stale Relationship

Fun Dates: Top 10 Best Fun Date Ideas to Ignite Sparks with Your Special Someone or to Refresh a Stale Relationship

The following Date Ideas can be enjoyed with a lovely partner you’ve just started dating, or with your newly minted dating partner.

Such activities are equally suited for couples in stable Serious Relationships. After all, should couples not enjoy everything they do?

Sadly, no. That is just not how human physiology functions. Some people have the mistaken preconception that just because two
people are part of a couple, everything will iron itself out.

It takes effort to maintain a successful Romantic Relationship. If the people in the relationship have given up and just let things remain as they have always been, the relationship will go stale and things will take a turn and go downhill from there.

You could possibly be so comfortable in each other’s presence that it seems okay to just vegetate on the couch.

However, the constant lack of effort put into the relationship or marriage, will turn it into a boring and unfulfilling one. Cracks may then start showing between both of you.


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Fun Dates – Top 10 Ways to Have Fun, Create Excitement & Do Something Meaningful With Your Special Someone

So, take a quick look at this helpful list of activities which dating singles, a new (or even a matured) couple can take part in, to ignite new sparks or refresh an existing Committed Relationship bordering on staleness.


1. Ballroom Dancing

Other than the close physical contact involved, which would foster the closeness which might have evaporated, ballroom dancing requires a lot of teamwork.

This helps to remind a couple, who may have forgotten the importance of putting effort into their relationship, that effort is paramount to the success of everything.

You will find joy in working together towards a difficult goal – believe us, ballroom dancing is nowhere as easy as it seems.

The sense of achievement you will feel upon mastering one dance will be incomparable to anything you’ve ever felt.

At the end of it all, your mutual relationship will have become much closer knit.


2. Learn to Make Palatable Meals

Being able to turn raw food into cooked food is one thing, but learning how to make it taste really nice and pleasing is a whole other level of cooking.

Sign up for a cooking class. If you learn how to do this together, it will give you something in common, a common goal to achieve.

Best of all, after the lessons end, you can cook healthy, tasty meals for each other in the future. Kills two birds with one stone!


3. Extreme Sports – (#2 Most Intriguing & Daring Fun Dates)

Trying something like bungee jumping or skydiving, is a once in a lifetime activity which you can tick off your bucket list (unless you enjoy it so much you keep returning).

It will also be something to talk about for a long time to come.

Going for something so extreme often fosters a closer bond between the couple, especially if they manage to go through with it with the encouragement of their partner backing them up.


4. Carnivals and Amusement Parks

Return to your teenage years.

Relive the moments you were there with your first boyfriend or girlfriend, flitting about from ride to ride excitedly.

Forget your diets for a day and partake in the sinful carnival food.

Play the silly games and win yourself an asymmetrical, poorly made soft toy.

It’s a wonderful way to remember the more cheerful, lively parts of yourself you’ve forgotten while trudging through the tough, brutal years of adulthood.


5. Help Someone Out – (#3 Most Meaningful & Satisfying Fun Dates)

Offer to teach the kids at the orphanage, or run a toy donation drive for them.

Help the local pet shelter hand out fliers to find owners for the newly abandoned dogs.

Help your elderly neighbor mow their yard.

It might be a really strange way to spend a date, but the rewards are uncountable.

You will have helped someone out who really needed your help – together.

You will remember the compassionate side of your partner that may have been buried over the years you’ve spent together.

Helping others will help you out in ways you never knew.


6. Get the Blood Pumping

It’s a well-known fact that exercise is good for health.

It can even be considered general knowledge.

Which is why, getting some exercise together with your significant other, is a wonderful means of improving your health, as well as spending some quality time together doing something new.

For your next date, choose an activity which suits your fitness level and interests, and maybe have a little shower fun together afterwards. *Winks!*


7. Complimentary Community Activities

Have a quick google search of the events and activities taking place near you.

Make a list of all the free events taking place or those only charging a small fee to attend.

Make it a point to attend these events with your partner on date days.

Initially, it might be annoying to start doing something which intrudes into your daily sedentary life.

However, as time passes, you’ll realize the value and joy these activities provide.

Not only will you learn more about your community, you will learn more about yourself and your partner too.


8. Start a Mini Project

The next time it’s date night and you have nothing to do, buy a kids’ kit or something similar from the toy store.

Buy an adorable piece of furniture to build yourself.

Find a mini project of some sort to work on together with your partner.

The result of your project will not only be a cute memory in the form of a souvenir, but you’ll also take away a stronger bond between you and your partner.


9. Relive the Past – (#1 Most Romantic Fun Dates)

When you’ve been together for so long, sometimes you forget the reasons why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

For your next date, it’s time to help each other remember why.

Set up a date to mimic your first ever date – as closely as possible.

Help each other out to remember the details of what happened on that first date.

It is very likely that the magic of that initial night, will manifest itself once again on the night you try to recreate that historic event, and help you stoke the fading embers of your Committed Relationship.


10. Join a Cause

There are many events happening in the community and in the world around us.

But often, we’re simply too busy or self-absorbed, to care or simply just don’t give a damn, about things which don’t impact us directly.

All you’re doing is sitting on the couch scrolling the news beside your partner, who probably is doing the exact same thing.

The next time you hear the news of a cause you both believe in, stand up and do something about it – together.

Be it cleaning up the oceans or ending the dog meat trade, working on something of such huge significance together with your partner will be a memorable milestone in your journey together.


Concluding Insights on Fun Dates

If you’re currently pursuing someone, or just got together with your partner, you really need to emphasize the fun and excitement factor for your dates, to leave an amazing impression on her/him.

Even if you’ve been dating for quite a while, there’s still no end to the number of things a couple can do together, to refresh a stale relationship.

But, the first thing they have to do is to take that first step, and be committed to building romance and spontaneity, whilst having loads of fun with each other.

Working to reinstate your Serious Relationship, will bring the two of you closer together, and make your dating relationship all the more successful and rewarding.


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