Good Date Ideas: Top 8 Cheap, Cool & Fun Date Ideas that are Memorable Yet Not Cringe-Worthy

Good Date Ideas: Top 8 Cheap, Cool & Fun Date Ideas that are Memorable Yet Not Cringe-Worthy

If you’re freaking out because you’re running out of decent Date Ideas, let us help you out.

We’ve been in your position, so we know exactly how you’re feeling.

It’s hard to make a date memorable, at the same time non-cringe-worthy.

But perhaps this list we have prepared would change your perspective a little …


Good Date Ideas: Cheap, Good & Fun Date Ideas for Memorable Dates

Enjoy our Top 8 suggestions for your first date, second date, or even your subsequent dates with that special someone!


1. Bring her somewhere Insta-worthy – (#1 Most Popular Among Good Date Ideas)

Perfect for: Ladies who are active on social media

Most of these pop-up artsy shows are free, but even if they require a fee, it usually wouldn’t be too expensive.

These would be perfect:-

  • If she adores posing for Instagram, and loves to show her followers something intriguing.
  • Or perhaps she just loves to share such shots on Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social media platform or chat app.

A date to the super instagrammable Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror, or her world of polka dots, would definitely gather her lots of likes and put her up on a pedestal – whether with her fans, or with her friends (*pun intended!*).

If there is an ongoing carnival, you can consider bringing her there.

There are many fun and exciting rides, lots of yummilicious food and intriguing games with soft-toy rewards.

And of course, the carnival background (with her happy face in them), whether in the day or at night, is extremely photo-worthy too!

By the end of the day she would be beaming with delight. And bring back with her, awesome memories of your wonderful time together.

With this, you would have already gotten into (or further into) her good books!


2. Head to the bowling alley

Perfect for: Ladies who seek an active lifestyle

If she likes something classic, a date at a bowling alley would tick all the boxes.

No chances for awkward silence as well, because you would both be immersed in the game.

Under the neon lights, with great music playing at the background!

It would be an awesome night, with lots of fun and good cheer.


3. Venture out for a mini-winter expedition

Perfect for: Ladies who love the outdoors (and cold)

If she loves nature and the wilderness, head to the mountains for a winter hike.

The beauty of the snowcapped mountains, as well as the ever-changing snowy landscape, would mesmerize you both.

It would also be a great chance for you both, to get to know one another.

As you immerse yourself in conversation, during the trek up the mountains.

Just be sure not to pick an excessively challenging hiking trail, because you’d definitely want to enjoy it at a leisurely pace.


4. Have a few drinks at a barcade (or simply go to the arcade) – (#2 Top Among Good Date Ideas)

Perfect for: Ladies with a competitive streak

Whoever said girls are bad at games?

Challenge each other to games at the arcade, while having a few drinks at the same time.

It would be a ton of fun, and you may find yourself being impressed by her top scores!

Or simply head to the arcade to have a couple of hours of fun, if either of you wants to skip the drinks.


5. Try indoor rock-climbing

Perfect for: Ladies who love exercise but hate the sun

If she loves something thrilling and is game to try anything, why not scale some heights at a rock climbing wall?

This adrenalin pumping date would best suit her, and you could also get some exercise done (i.e. kill two birds with one stone!).


6. Have brunch at a cat café

Perfect for: Ladies who are obsessed with pussies

She simply adores her pet cat, and also cats and kittens in general.

So, a visit to the cat café, would definitely be a worthy afternoon spent for her.

Who knows, you may also realize you are a cat person too, at the end of the date.


7. Go camping in the woods

Perfect for: Ladies who are adventurous

It is probably time for her to take a break, away from her work or school.

To unplug, unwind and relax, in the quiet peacefulness of the woods.

Choose a far-flung place, without any phone reception or wifi.

So you would both be able to spend some undistracted time there together, without her having to pick up calls, or answer to work (or school) emails.

This respite would be good for her overall well-being and health, and she would be so thankful to you for that.


8. Sign up for a cooking class – (#3 Most Fun-Filled & Rewarding Among Good Date Ideas)

Perfect for: Ladies who are foodies

Sign up for a cooking lesson in an exotic cuisine, which she’s always wanted to try!

It would be a great experience for you both, as you learn to whip up some dishes.

And, you even get to taste them at the end of the lesson!

How fun and satisfying!

You may be able to pick up, a few tips and tricks from the professional chefs during the lesson.

And whip up a delicious feast for her, in your own time in future for subsequent dates with her too.


Concluding Insights on Good Date Ideas

Helpful eh? Be sure to reserve some ideas for a future date!

And don’t remember to bookmark this page, so you can come by again, when your memory fails you.

You can also check out a lot more Date Ideas and First Date Ideas here at

Good luck, and have lots of fun!


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