How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You: Best 10 Foolproof Detection Methods on How Do I Know If He Likes Me

How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You: Best 10 Foolproof Detection Methods on How Do I Know If He Likes Me

So there’s this particular guy that you really really like. Many ladies and girls end up fretting about the question: How do I know if he likes me?

Since we’re not fortunate enough to be able to read minds, we have all come across this dilemma – does the guy like me? Or does he not? You’ve spent countless house pondering over this “how can i tell if he likes me” question, trying to formulate your response based on a recollection of your past encounters and recent conversations with him.

Just because he smiled at you that one time, it doesn’t mean that he likes you. Things are always way more complicated than that. You have to look out for a couple of signs, and tabulate them before you can conclude he likes you. You even have to get the list of signs right. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out with the latter. Let’s get started! Enjoy!


So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Pointers on the topic “How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You” to help you know if he treats you more than just a friend (or merely as a good friend) … Enjoy!


1. He focuses on you

When you’re in a group and you’re talking, he isn’t zoning out, looking elsewhere or staring at his phone. He’s got his eyes on you, and he listens to whatever you’ve got to say. If you make a joke and no one laughs, he laughs to diffuse the silence. Guys can be attracted to someone sexually, but when they pay that much attention to a girl, he likes her for more reasons than pure lust clouding his judgement.


2. You’re his first and foremost

If his buddies ask him to hang out after he’s made plans with you, he turns them down. He finishes his assignments ahead of time so he’s available to make plans with you. He lets you choose where to go, where to eat and what movie to watch. What are you waiting for girl? You guys are practically dating already – all you’ve got to do is make it formal.


3. Physical chemistry

Now don’t let your mind roll down the gutter and think of naughty things. I mean, if you’re at that stage already you don’t need to be reading this, right? We’re talking about the innocent type of contact here. He stands close to you when you’re walking together. He sits within close proximity to you and moves closer to you when you talk. They’re not trying to be a perv or something; It’s involuntary on their part – guys just want to be physically closer to someone they like!


4. He makes you feel special

There are other girls around him, but he treats you, and you alone differently. When you’re in a group he gets you your drink, or takes heavy things off your hands when he sees you need help. He offers to send you home or pick you up on your outings together in a group of friends. Normally he may be loud and brash when he’s with his other friends, but when he’s with you he’s polite and gentle. These are all signs which indicate he likes you as more than a friend.


5. He remembers everything about you

Of course, there’s the possibility that he might just have a very good memory and remembers everything about everyone. However, not many people have a photographic memory like that. They just have that special ability for someone they like, because they’re constantly focusing so hard and paying so much attention to that person.

He remembers the foods you love and hate, he knows about your fear of heights though you’ve only mentioned it in passing. He knows what toppings you like on your cuppa. These are the little things which show he’s been paying extra attention to you.


6. He doesn’t ask you questions for the sake of asking

There are just too many guys who remember to ask questions but forget to listen to the answer and it’s honestly annoying. Love forums and such recommend that they ask questions to show interest, but forget to clarify that it’s equally important to listen to the answer.

If you notice that he listens carefully to your answers and remembers them out of his own accord, then tries hard to keep the conversation alive, he’s definitely into you.


7. He does a 180

He stumbles over his words and can’t seem to find the right words to express what he wants to say when he’s around you, though he’s perfectly eloquent when conversing with other people. He might be really quiet as well, when he’s otherwise noisy.

He’s just not himself when he’s around you. he’s not a weirdo, don’t worry about that – the poor boy is just head over heels for you and doesn’t know what to do with all these newfound feelings!


8. Skinship

He finds excuses to touch you. We don’t mean this in a perverse sense of course. It means that he’s more inclined to touch your arm to call you rather than yelling out your name.

He touches your back to guide you out as you exit a doorway together. He touches your hair to tell you how nice it looks today. It’s just part of human nature to feel inclined to act as such with someone you’re attracted to.


9. He wants to know your relationship status

Trust me, no guy will ask you this for no reason. Girls may ask the same question out of curiosity or just to fill the space in the conversation, but guys don’t. They just don’t.

If a guy asks you this, there’s a reason behind it. If he’s exhibiting some or most of the other signs listed here, he wants to know because he wants to be that special guy in your life!


10. You spend a lot of time together alone

If you look back in time, you realize that the two of you used to be part of a large group of friends hanging out together. Somehow, as time passed your group shrank, and now it’s down to just the two of you.

And neither of you seem to mind it! You really enjoy spending time together, and you see that he makes obvious efforts to ensure that the two of you end up alone on what was supposed to be a group outing, or he asks you out alone. He’s practically yours already!


Concluding Insights on How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You

If you follow our genuine advice, then DON’T waste too much time trying to reverse engineer all your past interactions and conversations with him to figure out the question “How do you know if a guy likes you“.

The easiest and most accurate way to figure this out, is to remember the above 10 pointers and make a mental note when you observe them in your subsequent interactions with your favorite guy. If you get enough “ticks” and “re-ticks” in your check boxes, then you can be relatively sure that he is very much into you, and is keen for things to progress further between you.

So our lady friends, this is the simple way to find the eagerly awaited answer to your burning question: “How do i know if he likes me”.


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